Friday, January 26, 2007

Being the Best in the World at What One Does

For everyone, that is being the person one is -- and discovering what that is, all one’s life. Political leaders are one kind of leader -- but it is possible to be a world leader in anything one does, if one is doing the right thing -- for oneself. That is the secret of success.

I believe that to be true for Linda Lingle as governor of Hawaii, and George W. Bush as president of the United States. I never voted Republican before 2002, and was glad I had the opportunity to vote for President Bush in 2004, after dropping out for several years. I just didn’t like the partisanship -- being more important than the leadership.

In 2000, I thought Al Gore should have no problem winning the presidency -- as it was his to lose, but lose it he did -- and then he tried to blame it on George Bush, which became fixated as the only idea in the Democrat Party to this day. In exploiting that hatred, it poisoned the remaining thinking persons in that party -- but drove most of them out, as thinking people cannot tolerate hate -- and particularly the blind unquestioning hatred of political correctness. We know it as mob-think -- which is the terminal stage of group-think. Then there is no leadership that does one’s thinking for the group anymore but only this blinding hatred that overwhelms for nobody knows what reason anymore.

One sees it in the perpetual sneer and contempt of many politicians' and commentators' faces -- in the painful look of being pulled in a thousand different directions at once. How people can be around people like that all day without being totally poisoned is wonder to me. That kind of cynicism and pessimism I happily only occasionally encountered on the campaign trail, made me tentative in thinking I wanted to be the representative for people like that. Elections cut both ways.

People can decide they don’t want to be the representative -- as much as the people also make that decision, so it is a happy mutual one that both can abide, and see the wisdom of. I wondered at times, if an elected official truly had more power -- than a private citizen does, who cannot be reigned in by the caucus and protocols. Because every individual has the ultimate highest right to speak their own truth -- for themselves. Speaking as a representative for the people, limits that -- especially these days when “other people’s opinions” is on a rampage.

I don’t think that it is a “disturbing” fact that less than half the people eligible participate in the outcome of elections. What of those other people? How do they feel and how are they represented? What part of their lives are really impacted by government -- or is that simply the news that is easiest and most convenient to report on?

Otherwise, the newspapers have to send reporters out to find out what is going on out there -- rather than sitting back and letting the lobbyists come to you, with their finely prepared statements ready to add one’s own byline. One only has a glimpse into that world as a losing candidate -- because the hold one has on the winning candidates seems to overwhelm, if not destroy many -- as far as the world of sanity is concerned. I never liked people telling me what to do and what to think.

People who aren’t lawyers, don’t like to argue all the time.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

District 21-23 Newsletter (Kapahulu-Kakaako)

Bob Kessler, District 23 Chair (Waikiki-Kakaako), would like to restart our joint (District 21- Waikiki-Kapahulu) monthly meetings on the 4th Wednesdays of each month, beginning with January 24, 2007, at 6 pm, 725 Kapiolani Blvd at Cooke Street.

It is a very personable and informal meeting at which to get a lot of big-picture insight on what is happening politically and in the Hawaii Republican Party particularly -- rather than attending one of these seemingly endless forums topics of interest often generate.

Then next month, we'll be having the caucus meeting at McCoy Pavilion, as sort of a magnet event for most of the city districts -- because these things are always a lot more fun when more people show up, although in any event and circumstances, we do the best we can with what we have. That's the hallmark of the alternative party in Hawaii -- which appreciates not having the luxury of wasting resources.

While it would be nice if we could replicate the Linda Lingle Campaign Committee fifty times, the fact is we don't have that sheer mass of numbers -- but we do have the best talent of the whole pool that if shared, creates a greater effectiveness. Republicans don't have that redundancy of everybody being the same; everybody is different -- and that poses a greater challenge in mobilizing and organizing, rather than the cookie cutter campaign committees that the Democrats excel at with their union and other powerful and well-organized narrow self-interest groups.

Obviously we're not going to be able to beat them at their own game -- for that would be a certain defeat of everything we stand for. So we have to design creative ways of combating that very mentality -- of winning at any cost, which is the problem of government and society in Hawaii. We even see a few people in the Democratic Party waking up to that -- and we should be encouraging those efforts to rid their party of the self-serving interest which are the corruption and problems of Hawaii.

Otherwise, it's Paradise -- but self-serving interest can make it a nightmare for everyone. Fortunately, we have a few unwavering voices of rationality and integrity in government -- while not the majority, have always been those rare voices of real leadership that eventually turn things around. So not to despair -- but to keep on meeting and talking with like-minded people who are not in denial over the obvious.

The good has always been the few -- but those are the ones who managed to change history, rather than the many who just went along with the injustices hoping to convince everybody that "everybody else is doing it -- so why not they?"

Mike Hu
3123 Esther Street
Honolulu, HI 96815
Districts 19-30 (Kaimuki-Kalihi): Tuesday, Feb. 20
McCoy Pavilion, Ala Moana Beach Park
Contact: Bobby Gocong
Anne Stevens 222-2964

Friends – At this year’s State Convention we elect party officers. In preparation, you host a caucus for your respective district. To respond to a question typically asked at your caucus, please inform your district members that I am running for Party Chair.

I know many of you and have informed you of my willingness and desire to be our next chair. I am humbled by your positive response. I look forward to meeting those of you who I have not met. I will attend as many caucus meetings and county conventions as possible. My contact info is below to answer questions.

I encourage you to increase the number of attendees to your caucus and to assist delegates to attend the State Convention. Join us at the Maui Convention ready to have fun and to work. Please select your best grassroots operators for district and county leadership positions and begin the process to win your respective seat in 2008. Please ask your most committed leaders to step forward as officers on the state and county executive committees.

I appreciate your passing this information to your delegates. I seek your support and I look forward to personally asking you to support my candidacy. I ask now that you inform your caucus that I am running for Party Chair.

Thanks, Willes
Willes Lee

Serve Dinner at the Next Step Kaka'ako Homeless Shelter

Summary: We have been providing dinner each month to the shelter so please join us for this great cause. Please call us to volunteer!
When: Wednesday, January 31, 2007 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm
Where: off Forest Avenue in Kaka'ako
Honolulu, HI
Who: Eliza Talbot

The Lincoln Day Dinner and Silent Auction

You are cordially invited to join us at the 2007 Lincoln Day Dinner
at the Hilton Hawaiian Village - Coral Ballroom

Thursday, February 15, 2007
6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

A Benefit for the Hawaii Republican Party.
Silent Auction, Cocktails, and Dinner
Aloha Attire
For Reservations or to donate an item to the Silent Auction call 593-8180.

When: Thursday, February 15, 2007 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Where: The Hilton Hawaiian Village
Who: Joanne Bretschneider

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To: Undisclosed-Recipient:;
Sent: Tue, 16 Jan 2007 11:15 AM
Subject: HD21/23 Meeting 1/24

Aloha all - And Happy New Year. Our next joint HD21 and 23 meeting will be held Wednesday, January 24, at GOP HQ, 725 Kapiolani. Meeting starts at 6PM. The agenda will include summarizing the election results and upcoming events, including Lincoln Day, district caucuses and the convention in May.

Hope to see you all there.

Bob Kessler
Chair, HD 23
Ph 922-6188

Thursday, January 18, 2007

What’s the Big Idea?

When I used to go around campaigning, the most frequently asked question was what I thought could be done with the failing public education system -- that has not only been failing in Hawaii but everywhere else in the US -- for at least the last fifty years! The answer is very obviously not “More of the same, at twice the pay!”, as their mothers and fathers will advise, in order to be a dutiful child as well as elected official.

Public education in its present form has outlived its usefulness -- in its emphasis on the young who need it the most -- rather than graduating to the concept that it is even more valuable for the grownups. The young are always learning -- because they don’t know any better -- and thus are eager to find out.

The older people on the other hand, usually think they know everything, and so don’t want to learn anything new -- and that is the ignorant state of mind, that only will not learn anything new, but will impose the false upon the true.

The fact of the matter is, that most children enter schools already knowing how to operate computers and cell phones -- which are the basic instruments of accessing all the information in the world. It is the older minds, conditioned in a previous generation, that doesn’t want to learn these things, and are resistive to them -- even though they are the greatest beneficiaries of this new technologies, especially that of learning cutting edge new ideas -- that makes the extended life span a new lease on life.

Meanwhile, the traditional schools are passing on the academic tradition as though that was a value in itself, rather than that they should be educating people in living the real challenges of their lives -- instead of Latin and the other remnants of a classical education, which they think indicates high achievement and intelligence.

There is no time to learn all these things the contemporary teachers argue because their time is already overburdened teaching reading about dragons, princesses and other fictions -- rather than the more practical instructions on filing a tax return. “That would be a practical and vocational education not worthy of their high calling in life," they sniff.

One could not have high status, these teachers maintain, if one knew what everybody else did; no, they think it is more important still, that one display “high intelligence” in knowing what nobody else does, or cares to know -- except as an ostentatious show of this “brilliance.”

It is because maintaining this status quo and social hierarchy is much more important in the world of education than empowering its citizens to be able to think without the professional educators -- who still believe they are living in a world in which, they are still competing for the highest grades and the most pay -- as an indication of their worth.

The values have to be rethought and retaught -- in this greater understanding, from the oldest to the youngest -- and will never come to pass, if education is only for the young, because they don’t know any better.

Friday, January 12, 2007

It Doesn’t Matter What “Most People” Think

What does matter is what the “best” people think, because ultimately, that is what most people WILL think -- not because the best convinces them of that, but because the best stands the test of time, while the rest turns to ashes in the winds of time.

So I don’t think it is my job to tell people what to think; my job is to the best thinking I can, and if it is a successful prototype of thought for meeting the challenges of contemporary life, it comes to be adopted by increasingly more -- in time. But you can’t convince people of the rightness or wrongness of an idea just in the abstract -- without an actual test in a real world application, in daily living.

That’s the major flaw in the education of today -- that deliberately doesn’t train people for real world applications and challenges -- in the misguided notion that real intelligence is something manifested only academically rather than practically. In fact, there is a tendency to deride such abilities and insight as common sense, rather than the superiority of knowledge that can only be proved and tested in a classroom, by the properly certified administrators of such tests.

For anything to be self-evident, is not allowed, and not to be recognized as reality. Only that which has been paid for by a generous grant to some pretentious sounding institute. can be validated as the truth -- and if not forthcoming, cannot be known -- because it is contingent on such generous funding, by the properly self-certified “authorities” who depend on such moneys for their exalted status in society.

The major problem with journalism (reporting) these days is that most of these people don’t inquire into a story to find out the truth of what is happening. They stopped learning as soon as they got out of college, or maybe high school, and just faked their way through college, and then faked their way through their jobs, because that’s what everybody else was doing too.

So the first person who was not such a bullshitter, threatened to upset the whole apple cart -- by actually being able to tell the authentic from the bogus -- and thus had to be eliminated as soon as practicable, lest they reveal everybody else. It is thought in their education, that they know already what is going on from their academic training, that there is no need to find out from real life what is going on -- but instead, to put it into the mold of the truth which they’ve already perfected -- in their lengthy classes in political correctness.

“Political correctness” is about knowing the truth before bothering to find out the truth of the matter -- in each and every particular incident and case. So in a sense, the journalist has already written the story in his mind before he arrives at the scene of the event -- because he already knows what he learned in his college course many years ago, and he also learned then, that history and the truth only repeated themselves, and never evolved to higher levels of understanding. In fact, it was even taught, that human civilization devolves -- and that was his job to record, the de-evolution of humanity because surely, it could not live up to the ideals of his Ethics in Journalism course, of the ideal world long ago.

But now nobody knew anything anymore, so one had to play by the new rules of the game.

In Memoriam, Randolph John Amen, 1945-2006. "To All the Monkeys and Devil Worshipers - We Are Still Watching..."

Friday, January 05, 2007

How Many Lives Were Lost in the US in the Last Five Years Due to Terrorist Attacks?

Lost in the steady drumbeat of the mainstream media (newspapers, schools, universities, political parties et al.,) to discredit the efforts of the President and his ‘hard love’ response to allowing further “opportunities” for the repetition of such 9/11/01 “freedom of expressions,” has been the fact that there has been NO more such deaths since then on the American homeland -- and the promise of unrelenting further attacks immediately after 9/11, have retrenched to the nebulous promise of those beyond the borders -- whenever the opportunity presents itself. And even then, the thinking is that their own fellow citizens are much less likely to invoke any forceful retaliation.

So while there is still no guarantee that one will never die -- and thus every attempt in ensuring one’s survival individually or as a society is futile -- as preached by the liberal wishful-thinkers, the results of the military actions abroad, have brought unprecedented levels of security at home, for which we should be appreciative and grateful that there was leadership in place that could make these tough decisions to bring us to even higher levels of safety at home AND abroad.

It’s easy to take these things for granted and think that they would have happened anyway -- and even DESPITE the bold leadership. The peculiarity of “liberal studies” is that there is no cause and effect -- but only wishful thinking, and the belief that for anything to happen, all one needs to do is wish for it long and hard enough, rather than doing the work and making the sacrifices to MAKE it happen. Such realities don’t exist in the minds of liberals (Democrats).

That’s why problems get worse -- and particularly so after adopting their “solutions.” Predictably, measurable achievement is even worse than ever, and we now need twice the money and staff, as the situation gets worse. Shortly, all society’s resources will be required to provide high paying jobs for “administrators,” just to manage the explosion of personnel to ensure that they receive even more “professional opportunities,” for something that has become its own reason for being.

However, the result of these relentless attacks on those acting with such purpose and conviction, is that they’ve undermined the credibility of such critics -- and we see the first wave imploding in the development of the newspapers all across the country. In their attempts to maintain the stranglehold on information, and particularly information seeking to undermine the power of any other institution, they discredited their own.

That’s how the beginning of the 21st Century unfolds -- bringing down the venerable institutions of the previous century -- which was the mass media and propaganda machine. It happened before everybody’s eyes. What arose in its stead was the personalized information networks -- of one’s own design. It was as good as one imagined it could be -- blocking out misinformation and disinformation, while seeking the best of the best offering breakthrough insights.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Majority Doesn’t Make It True

It’s probably because of a woefully deficient and corrupt education system, but the most disheartening thing about attending these government hearings and forums, is the widely-held belief that “if one repeats a lie often enough, it becomes the truth.” And so whomever is the self-interest, pays enough people (professionals) to go up and say whatever it is they paid them to say -- and if they are well-financed enough, they get more people to say what they want people to believe than the few who just speak the true and the obvious.

Then in reading the account the next day in the newspapers, the self-interest has obviously gotten to the “reporter,” to ensure that only his “truth” gets out, and that’s what the public needs to know. So that is the advantage in attending these meetings for oneself -- at least enough to realize what the Governor and other conscientious people are up against, in trying to bring sanity and fairness to these bureaucratic deliberations.

That’s the best one can hope for -- that there are a few conscientious politicians, just as there are a few conscientious lawyers, a few conscientious reporters, a few conscientious bureaucrats, a few conscientious union officials, etc.

It’s always these few who are the true leadership and conscience of every field of human activity and interest. Some fields are farther along in this leadership of ideas and human understanding, while others will lag because nobody wants to participate anymore -- as maybe our election turnouts indicate. That’s usually most people’s response when they lose faith and confidence in a system; they drop out -- and go on to live meaningful lives beyond it.

We may even see that in the “problem” of the homeless -- and other movements to break free from the tyranny of the majority to exact conformity which is not of their choosing. Fortunately, there’s just so much that government can control -- and as has been true for the last several years now, the best and the brightest of every culture and society, has migrated onto the cosmic consciousness that is the World Wide Web that is ultimately the highest court of truth now.

Many have trouble understanding this because they think that any truth on the internet is subject to the same arbitrariness of the old system, in which the majority or the most, is the truth -- rather than that all the claims have their own "unique" validity. So all the intimidation and posturing is nullified -- to the detriment of the old powers that be. The last thing they want to deal with is a level playing field. As long as they can maintain their unfair advantage, they love the game; when they have to swim with the big fish -- from anywhere in the world, time, and proficiency, then it’s no longer a game to their liking.

Truth is the truth everywhere -- and not just a matter of who can pay the most experts to say whatever it is they pay them to. Those not corrupted by these bribes, can still tell the truth when they hear and see it. It stands out like a breath of fresh air and a beacon of clarity.

Understanding Conditioning(repeat) FOCUS (Channel 49, Honolulu, Hawaii) 1/2/2007 2:00:00 PM A revolutionary new way of looking at exercise. Environmental/Health