Friday, January 12, 2007

It Doesn’t Matter What “Most People” Think

What does matter is what the “best” people think, because ultimately, that is what most people WILL think -- not because the best convinces them of that, but because the best stands the test of time, while the rest turns to ashes in the winds of time.

So I don’t think it is my job to tell people what to think; my job is to the best thinking I can, and if it is a successful prototype of thought for meeting the challenges of contemporary life, it comes to be adopted by increasingly more -- in time. But you can’t convince people of the rightness or wrongness of an idea just in the abstract -- without an actual test in a real world application, in daily living.

That’s the major flaw in the education of today -- that deliberately doesn’t train people for real world applications and challenges -- in the misguided notion that real intelligence is something manifested only academically rather than practically. In fact, there is a tendency to deride such abilities and insight as common sense, rather than the superiority of knowledge that can only be proved and tested in a classroom, by the properly certified administrators of such tests.

For anything to be self-evident, is not allowed, and not to be recognized as reality. Only that which has been paid for by a generous grant to some pretentious sounding institute. can be validated as the truth -- and if not forthcoming, cannot be known -- because it is contingent on such generous funding, by the properly self-certified “authorities” who depend on such moneys for their exalted status in society.

The major problem with journalism (reporting) these days is that most of these people don’t inquire into a story to find out the truth of what is happening. They stopped learning as soon as they got out of college, or maybe high school, and just faked their way through college, and then faked their way through their jobs, because that’s what everybody else was doing too.

So the first person who was not such a bullshitter, threatened to upset the whole apple cart -- by actually being able to tell the authentic from the bogus -- and thus had to be eliminated as soon as practicable, lest they reveal everybody else. It is thought in their education, that they know already what is going on from their academic training, that there is no need to find out from real life what is going on -- but instead, to put it into the mold of the truth which they’ve already perfected -- in their lengthy classes in political correctness.

“Political correctness” is about knowing the truth before bothering to find out the truth of the matter -- in each and every particular incident and case. So in a sense, the journalist has already written the story in his mind before he arrives at the scene of the event -- because he already knows what he learned in his college course many years ago, and he also learned then, that history and the truth only repeated themselves, and never evolved to higher levels of understanding. In fact, it was even taught, that human civilization devolves -- and that was his job to record, the de-evolution of humanity because surely, it could not live up to the ideals of his Ethics in Journalism course, of the ideal world long ago.

But now nobody knew anything anymore, so one had to play by the new rules of the game.

In Memoriam, Randolph John Amen, 1945-2006. "To All the Monkeys and Devil Worshipers - We Are Still Watching..."