Saturday, February 16, 2019

A Study of One

That is the only study that matters.  It doesn't matter what happens to everyone else.  All that matters is what happens to you -- personally, individually.

Most ideas are merely wishful-thinking.  People are uniquely individual -- so what works for one, or for the many, may not necessarily work for you -- but it is each individual's task to find out -- for themselves, what works best for them.  That is the deception of mass media -- that one size fits all, so one has to get with their program -- or face dire circumstances.

But one may already be facing insurmountable problems that the experts are hopeless to solve -- but they still want you coming back as a steady customer.  Even if they don't have what you need, they'll still sell you what they have to sell.  That is their business, and only concern.  What you do afterwards, is none of their business, or concern.

In many cases, they don't really know better -- or at least, have to clear out their inventory, before they can consider anything else.  And if nobody wants their old inventory, they'll hang on to it until it becomes fashionable once again.  That is especially true if one has cornered the market for that product -- or is the exclusive authorized reseller.

In the previous century, having inventory was everything, and the name of the game -- but now, it is more advantageous to travel as light as possible into the future.  Having that space, allows one to consider everything -- and not that one has no room for anything else, even if it works.  They are already overburdened with everything that does not work -- that they have no space, time or interest, for that which might actually work, and reduce their need for anything else.

Always, one is better off with nothing -- than all the wrong things.  That is the advantage of those born entirely in the new age.  They are unburdened by the baggage and clutter -- and are prepared to move on to better.  That is the default that conveys greatest advantage.  But most lose that advantage by grabbing onto all they can -- whether it is actually good and useful to them -- for the rest of their lives, leaving little room to embrace the new.

That could be ideas as well as things.  One should change, and not just remain the same forevermore.  Living that way, predictably, one grows less responsive with age.  Of course that is a failing formula for remaining viable throughout one's life.  Yet many decide at some point in their life that that is the way to be, and nothing will change that.  Of course they fall by the wayside and become irrelevant.  One wouldn't expect anything else.

So that manner of aging is obviously not working -- nor would one expect anything else.  While one size doesn't fit all, one can always learn from others -- what works and what doesn't work, and not that shit will happen no matter what -- like in the old days.  They just didn't have the right answers -- and probably even didn't know there was a problem.  That was simply life as they proudly knew it.  That's just the way the world worked -- badly, and there was nothing they could do about it, but eat, drink and be merry -- before things invariably got worse.

That was regarded as the normal course of life -- that accelerated as one got older, and never reversed.  That was the unthinkable.  It just indicated that they hadn't found the answer to their problems -- yet.  Many even gave up trying long ago.  They would leave it to future generations to figure out -- and the next.  In their own lives, all was futile, and hopeless -- and anybody saying any different, was simply uninformed.

Much easier and faster than finding out what works for everybody, is simply finding out what works for themselves -- and letting it go at that, and moving on to the next challenge.  They don't have to convince everybody else, before they can benefit themselves -- from their own discoveries.  They don't even have to market it to prove its validity and acceptance.  It just has to work in their own life -- even if it works for no others.  That is the beauty and simplicity of life: it just has to work for oneself -- and no other proof or validation is required.

And then after one has developed the prototype, it could work for others as well -- but that is not one's original intent or purpose.  The motivation is entirely selfish -- but that is not a bad thing.  It really is how each individual life serves the rest of humanity -- by solving the problems of their own living -- as best they can, and in doing so, blazing the trail for others to come.  In that manner, value piles on top of value -- in creating something immensely greater, and not just each competing against every other, to be the sole person at the top.

Undoubtedly, many embark on such singular quests -- as though it is a service to mankind.  They fail to realize they are already beginning at the top -- when they know they know nothing, and are eager to find out.  But once their minds are full, they have no room for any new information -- and are trapped in that past, forevermore.  It doesn't have to be that way.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

The "Fast" Solution

From time to time -- if one is looking for paradigm changing new ideas for problems that simply grow out of control despite the conventional and popular "solutions" that merely perpetuate the problem and make it more lucrative -- one runs across something that rings true with every other truth one has encountered before, and then everything makes sense -- rather than seeming to spiral completely out of control despite all the conventional efforts.

Throughout intellectual history, that has always been the case -- that the great minds all become focused on the same problems -- because that is the threat of the day that threatens everyone's survival.  So naturally, not just one person comes up with a solution, but many arrive at the same conclusion, which one articulates better than all the others.  Such a person is Dr. Jason Fung and his outreach via the social media rather than the traditional mainstream media, promoting his ideas on the age-old practice of fasting for most of the conditions that have been exploding out of control -- which is obesity and type 2 diabetes -- which are the problems of abundance, affluence and overconsumption.

That is actually not unique just to these times -- but other times as well -- but historically afflicting much fewer.  Those were the problems of the kings and pharoahs -- rather than the multitudes, which didn't have to deal with such "problems."  Theirs was largely the problem of scarcity and inaccessible to most.  But now we live in a world of tremendous accessibility to all the goods and services the world produces and makes available -- which requires a completely different set of survival and proficiency skills -- particularly choosing wisely from everything available.  Because if one does not successfully manage these resources, one will be overwhelmed and buried by all of it.

So more than ever, successful individuals, have to choose wisely from the overwhelming, to a very select few -- because indiscriminately eating all one can eat, will kill them as surely as we are seeing presently -- which is not just the normal course of life and especially, "growing old."  That is not the only, and inevitable way it has to happen -- for most, if not all.  The future life can be something else -- but requires a necessary shift in course because of the new realities -- as the world changes from time to time.  That is life -- and how we adapt to it.

Of course it is harder for people who have been conditioned to think they should never change -- and change again -- as many times as it takes, to get it right.  That probably, is all one's life, and those no longer changing with the times, are predictably having an increasingly difficult time until all their processes shut down -- from the failure to adapt.  One does not need to have an advanced degree and training to do that -- for all the challenges of their daily living.  It is simply enough to pay attention and be aware of what is happening -- and not misled by the popular knowledge promoted by the various self-interest groups claiming that jurisdiction and expertise -- while the situation spirals out of control. 

And that was the situation for most of the affluent societies in the world -- this lack of discipline and restraint -- that was becoming "unthinkable" in the world of abundance and convenience.  Instead, the media (marketing) messages, encouraged unlimited consumption -- as though there were no adverse consequences.   In order to get that message out on commercial media, one had to generate massive revenues -- with those particularly susceptible, being those who spent time on such exposures -- while only a few could remain immune -- because of their discipline not to, and disinterest.  But the masses were tuned in by default -- and thought that was the extent of knowledge and possibilities.

That's how social media had a tremendous advantage -- if they could ever break through  the self-imposed trivia, many were conditioned to believe as the only thing possible.  They thought that anything truly valuable, had to be monetized to be justified -- and validated.  But the world is far more than commerce -- and commercial considerations.  That is particularly true for the rich and prosperous -- and not just more of everything.  There is a point at which the quantitative reaches a critical mass and transforms into a qualitative difference.  It is not simply more but entirely different and better.

Then the struggle to understand the incomprehensible ceases -- and gives way to a new ease in understanding -- everything. 

Sunday, December 16, 2018

It Doesn't Take A Genius

It is very easy to design an exercise program that people can't -- or won't do.  It doesn't take a genius to do that.  The genius lies in designing an exercise program that someone can and will do -- every day of their lives, and not just when they feel good enough to do it.  Obviously, the greatest value of any exercise program, will be one that can change one from not wanting to move, to moving because it makes them feel better -- rather than requiring one to feel at their best to even try.

Yet that is the mindset of most exercise regimens -- that people give up at the first opportunity and challenge to do so.  So obviously, the barriers to entry must be low -- and one is moving before one knows it -- and the resistance (fatigue) builds.  And then beyond that, many add on greater layers of complexity -- that all but the most able are capable of -- which of course proves the superiority of the instructor (strongest), but eliminates most of the weak and less abled from further participation -- all in the misguided notion that it is actually making the weak, strong, or would, if they merely persisted and overcame their limitations and objections.

And rather than thoughtful and educated people realizing those errors in wishful thinking -- they devise even more difficult and tortuous things that only they can do, to prove the superiority of their indoctrination, and people give them the benefit of the doubt that it makes sense at all to proceed further down that path of a well-proven failure.

Of course, they will argue, if everyone did the impossible (could fly), they would be in much better shape -- and more fit to take on the even more preposterous and ambitious.  They may even designate and certify themselves as "experts," allowing them to charge exorbitant amounts for such advice.  These fads and madness may even rise in popularity until all those who can do it are aboard -- before moving on to the next "challenge" -- until exhausting all their time, energy and resources, and realizing there is no end in sight, while receiving very little benefits in return.

But most of them, are not used to thinking about returns and results because their conditioning is to believe that expenditure alone is enough -- and when one runs out of that unlimited resource, then one simply doesn't get up, and suffers the decades in decline and deterioration to their final end.  In such a case, it should become obvious that just a little will go a long way -- and running marathons and setting a new Guinness record is not a motivation that simply picking oneself off the floor as many times as one needs to, is sufficient to maintain that viability all one's days -- while the fast and the furious, are whiling the rest of theirs, with hip, knee, heart replacements -- while immobilized in their beds and wheelchairs for the remainder of their days.

That is the simple, stark truth of the matter.  If one can't move, move the easiest thing possible -- and that will always be, the minimal response possible -- invariably at the smallest joint/muscle for doing so.  That is the realization and understanding that makes greater movement possible -- and not starting with the greatest recruitment of the largest muscles -- familiarly known as the core.  Movement at the core, gets one nowhere -- because those muscles are not designed for movement but for stability.  The muscles at the extreme distances from the core -- are those designed for movement, articulation -- and expression.  There is where all the senses and sensibilities are located -- which is the genius in placing them where they can be maximally mobilized.

You don't want your nose, eyes and ears at your rectum.  But increasingly, as one does less and less, the only movement they think possible, and are capable of anymore, is that movement at that focal point, which they now refer as the "movement."  That is the sad regression from movements and expressions at their extremities -- which necessarily implies all the intervening supporting structures and functions -- but not vice-versa.  With that fundamental flaw in understanding, doom is a certainty -- because that is not the design and function of a body in good health, understanding and functioning.

That is where one would measure functionality and health -- and not at the vital organs of the heart and lungs -- which are the given and constants, and not the variables.  All the other things one can do, are the variables -- that one can do, but to think that all that is necessary to optimize health is to directly affect the heart rate and breathing, is wholly misguided.  That results as a response to everything else one is doing.  That is to say, that one does not get their heart rate and breathing up, in order to run a marathon, or do anything, but that rise results from the effort in doing anything -- quite naturally, as a response to what is needed.

If one mistakes the effect for the cause, then serious damage will result -- and at the least, be unproductive -- so that one no longer bothers to try. That is what insightful people have called wrong understanding -- and more of it is not the solution -- but the cause of the problem.  However, the right understanding, produces right effort.  So that is where one has to begin -- and not arrive only at the end. Obviously in that way, one will never arrive at the right outcome -- beginning with the wrong understanding -- no matter how much one puts into any effort.  It is not the effort but the understanding that ultimately matters -- and results.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Endless Self-Promotion and the Tyranny of Opinion

In a world in which everyone competes for attention, the person with all the power, is the one who gives attention -- for that is what everyone is competing for.  However, if one is merely one of the many competing for attention, they are already lost -- and have no idea what they are doing -- because they are just doing what everybody else is doing, and running with the crowd.

Their explanation for their behavior, is that is what everybody else is doing -- so why shouldn't they?  And each pushes the boundaries, until they all begin to fall off the cliff -- and there is no turning back.  Each thinks to outdo the other -- thinking there is no end.  That is most obvious in conspicuous consumption but also true in most aspects of behaviors and activities -- that the frenzy goes on forever, and there is no turning point and return to balance -- until it happens.

Thus the wise, have always advised moderation in all things, never knowing for certain, when the pendulum will swing -- in its own mysterious timing.  That's never stopped anyone from trying to be ahead of the curve -- while countless others will be in denial, all the while it is happening.  So one can never be too certain of what they think is happening, and which way the wind is blowing -- because it may have changed, during the time one was making plans for eternity.

For a few, those are visions of enshrining themselves at the top of their favorite charity and cause --themselves.  They will stop at nothing that stands in their way of self-aggrandizement.  Neither shame nor embarrassment will deter nor discourage them.  They are tone-deaf; they don't want to hear anything other than what they want to believe. They will go to their grave with those convictions -- because they feel life is not worth living any other way -- and are willing to take as many as they can down with them in that final blaze of glory.

It should not be so.  Nobody should be so deluded, desperate and starved for attention and validation from the opinion of others -- they think have no other reason for being but to sustain them in that way.  Invariably, it is just a figment of their imagination.  Nobody cares -- as well they shouldn't.  They should be too busy caring for themselves.  That is the key to personal responsibility and accountability.  That is the first and last line of defense.  Lacking that, ruthlessness thrives -- as everyone tries to see what they can get away with.

So it is thought that only opinions (polls) matter -- and what one can do to manipulate them -- even if one has to do it themselves.  Many lives are now dedicated to those ends.  That's no longer the exclusive province of "Madison Avenue," and the mainstream media to tell everyone what to think -- because  they themselves, are scrambling for their own lives.  So how to know what to believe?  One can no longer believe -- but has to find out, for themselves, as best one can -- and go with it as far as it will take them.  But they have to question all their premises and assumptions -- and take nothing for granted.  Otherwise, they are lost. -- and have no idea what they are talking about.

That is the new world of uncertainty -- in which one is only as good as one can find out, and have to do it for themselves.  But everyone has the tools -- if they want to avail themselves of them.  That's become the inequality in the world -- the great differentiator:  Those who really want to find out the truth of any matter, and those who would prefer others do all their thinking for them.  The former is to live an authentic life -- while the other couldn't tell the difference if their lives depended on it.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Take the Rest of Your Life if You Like

The unfortunate teaching in many schools is the requirement that one must come up with the "right" answer immediately and quickly -- rather than taking as much time as necessary, to arrive at the ultimate (best) answer.  The whole point is to get there at some point in ones life -- and that is particularly important, the later on in life that is -- when one most needs it, and it is vitally important -- to get it right.

That is the failing of much contemporary instruction -- that the fastest way is to already have it in memory, rather than searching it out beyond one's existing knowledge -- as one has the urgency and motivation to find out.  The truth of the past, may not be the truth of the present situation.  Often the answer lies in simply asking the right questions -- and not having all the answers to the wrong questions.

So to say that one finally arrived at the right answer too late -- is to miss the point.  The whole point is to find out the truth of any matter -- as long as one lives.  That is necessary to living effectively -- at any time in one's life, and no time more vitally, than all one's life.  That more than anything, redefines and revitalizes the human life.  The question then is, can one really live that way -- in the present moment, and not just in one's thoughts and memories?

This manner of living, is knowing what one needs to know in this moment -- and not merely storing as much information as humanly possible -- in the event that one should really need it.  At times like those, one is likely to be so overwhelmed by information and irrelevancies that the simplicity of clarity and a free mind, is not likely to be possible.  One is simply too busy doing all those things that do not matter, to have the time, energy and clarity to do the things that absolutely must be done -- as all that matters, and needs doing.  They're just "too busy" doing all the wrong things.

So more important than just voting once every four years, one should be exercising intelligence and awareness every day of one's life, in everything one does --as the best strategy for obtaining favorable outcomes in their lives.  If one only exercises that faculty once every four years, the chances of getting everything wrong, is highly likely -- wishing one could do it all over again, rather than moving on -- with the other choices one is now faced with -- each and every day.

Those are equally life-changing and life-altering decisions, choices and actions -- rather than the endless political debates by those who do nothing else -- and certainly, nothing consequential in their lives -- but to tell everybody else what to do, and what to think.  Hopefully by now, with the Internet and all, they have realized what a difference they can make in their own lives -- and not just for those somewhere far away through self-designated intermediaries of good works and political correctness.

For surely, that is the world we now live in -- with each as principals in their own lives, rather than as pawns to the powers that want to be.  That is the question at the heart of every choice one makes -- whether they are more empowered because of it, or more dependent on others to tell them what to do, and what to think -- as though one is not capable and qualified to do that for themselves.  That is the crux of the lifestyle one creates for oneself.  It has very little to do with the masses -- but is the heart of what it means to be an individual, and uniquely so -- because of all the choices one has made over a lifetime.

None are more important than the one makes now -- in spite of it all.  One can turn one's life around at any moment -- no matter how bad, nor good, it has been up to now.  That is life.  It's not a remembered thing -- or a hope and a prayer.  It is how one actually plays the present hand of circumstances.  And if that was not so good before, it can be better this time -- not by accident or randomness, but by intention and deliberate action.

One doesn't get there by a leap of faith -- or winning the lottery (randomness), but in getting it right eventually.  It doesn't have to be immediately, or even the first time -- as long as one eventually gets there -- sometime in one's life, and the later the better.  Because then, one will have made all the mistakes, and come to appreciate it better -- as long as one has not given up, and fail to notice any difference anymore.  That is the point of no return and hopelessness.

One hopes never to get to that point at any time in one's life -- as that more than anything else, signals the beginning of the end -- when one no longer expects improvement but only to worsen more slowly -- at best.  That is not an actual physical point, as it is a state of mind.  So even if one hasn't solved all their problems by then, one still has the rest of their life to work on it -- and there is nothing more important to do -- with all that time one now has in retirement.  It's the beginning rather than the end -- for those who don't expect that improvement is any longer possible, or even preferable.  One hopes never to get that way, however many people do, and believe it is the only thing possible.

You'd think that nobody thought that way anymore -- with change and rapid improvement exploding all around them.  It's not just the cost of living has gone up -- but so has the quality of life -- that many fail to appreciate properly, or at all.  They simply take everything for granted -- as their entitlement.  The better is not guaranteed to everyone.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

The New Age

Everybody living 50 years ago, realizes that the world that existed back then, has totally changed -- and that is even true of 20 years ago, and the pace of change has accelerated to the point to which one expects everything to change momentarily -- yet only a few years ago, the academics promoted the notion that there was nothing ever new under the sun, and history merely repeated itself -- ever since the dawn of civilization.  Of course, nothing could be further from the truth -- if evolution and progress was to be believed, and even those who fancy themselves as "progressive" thinkers, often proclaim that humanity has fallen from the grace and perfect knowledge of times past -- into a devolving ignorance from which only their chosen few are immune, and that is why they so generously offer, to  do the thinking for everyone else in the rapidly approaching apocalypse.

Old notions die hard -- in the minds of those resistant to change -- especially those who believe they have a right to think for everybody else, such as was popular in the age of broadcast media as the self-appointed prophets of their times.  That was the model of one-way mass communications -- in which a self-chosen few, told the masses what to think -- and even insisted The Constitution endowed them with special rights to speak for everybody else -- and still infer that today as though it is actually written that way.  But assuredly, the constitution ensures those rights equally to everyone -- and not just those who call themselves the press, or journalists, or some other euphemism of objectivity and impartiality.  They even insist that they alone must be perpetuated as an institution -- even while all the sacred cows of the past have been revealed and undone -- as having passed their prime and usefulness.

Yes, there even was a time when shamans and inquisitors played a central role in society and history -- and not that they were immediately recognized as charlatans and con-artists.  They were simply trying to make an "honest living" -- just like everyone else they claim was worse and incredulous.  Who was one to believe their own lying eyes, ears and senses?  So this reliance on others for information and advice, has been a normal part of human societies and extension of each individual mind since living organisms began living in colonies to form critical masses that could withstand challenges that each individually and independently, might not stand a chance.  But such critical masses, improved the chances that there would be a variation, or mutation from that past normal -- into something else, something unforeseen -- the quantum leap into a higher state of consciousness and being -- rather than simply a continuation of the past, and more of the same.

As a matter of fact, the new supplants all the old, and not merely adds one more thing -- to acquire and accumulate -- as the old mind is conditioned to think is the only thing possible.  The game has long since changed -- from whomever has the most toys wins.  It's not the number of toys that matter, but who has the one thing that does it all -- that therefore allows tremendous consolidation and one to have it all -- without the baggage and storage responsibilities.  That of course, is the modern concept of the networked mind (individual) -- accessing everything one needs -- but only as they actually need it, and not having to build stockpiles of anything (and everything), to ensure one makes it through every crisis -- or even daily life!

Such planning and contingencies, no longer need consume our every waking moment and lives -- as it did up to the beginning of this present century -- and new millennium.  Many feared on approaching this date, that it might bode the end of the world and life as we knew it -- which actually turned out to be quite true, but no less true than any other time and moment in history.  It was simply more clear cut -- and definitive than any moment for at least one thousand years since we flipped the calendar so emphatically.

So while the half-life of everything else seems to have decreased, human life spans have increased to make an entirely new age, or stage of life, now possible for many more than was possible for even the richest or greatest one person living at any time before.  That is likely to be true for every succeeding generation as well.  Knowing that, the limitation and frontier of every consciousness and being, is the extent to which they can simply plug in to the resources of this time -- first by simply knowing about it.

Cures and solutions may simply be what one doesn't know or is aware of -- and not that such things do not exist.  Therefore, the primary task of every viable being, is finding out what is "out there" -- even if they have to create it themselves in that finding out.  That is the integrating mind -- that takes all the fragments of information, and makes it whole, comprehensible, and effective (productive) -- in powerful new ways.  It is not a return to the "old ways," as all that can be known -- and simply repeated and replicated to eternity.

In that state, or grace of mind, all things then become possible -- including and especially, regarding the concept of "age" and "aging" -- obviously and predictably. One is not simply young and then old with time -- but also new, in the manner of systematically and deliberately "dying to the old, and being reborn in the new" -- which empowers one to be a driving force in their own lives.  That is quite the opposite of the current paradigm of becoming less empowered and abled, and ultimately totally dependent on others for everything.

That revival, resurrection, reincarnation has been envisioned for ages now -- as the meaning of life for quite a while now -- as the prescription for whatever ails one.  That is also the meaning of the New Age.

Friday, August 17, 2018

Breathing Better

A hot topic going around in the "self-help" circuit, is teaching people how to breathe -- as though that was not a natural, and even autonomic function for most sentient beings.  Invariably, that is what every living being must do -- and not that it is optional -- even from birth, or as a few will claim, becomes perverted soon after.  And thus the need for every individual to undergo retraining in this vital function -- rather than that it should be the least of one's concerns -- just like the heartbeat.  Of course if one is intent on selling a heartrate monitor to every living person, one will convince everyone of the importance of knowing momentarily exactly how one is doing at any and every movement -- as though having that knowledge, conveyed great advantage in the struggle for survival.

That being said, how we breathe, is not as important as what we breathe -- because while it might be the same for everyone in that room, how each reacts individually to that universal, may be entirely differently.  That is particularly so with those who have allergies and other respiratory difficulties -- and a very simple and easy way to observe this in oneself, is simply to purify the air as much as possible -- not using very expensive and sophisticated equipment, but actually using the most simple and basic -- of the readily available anti-microbial  (doctor's) masks one can get at most well-stocked stores.

Even the cheapest available, will claim to be able to filter out 99% of the bacteria, viruses, mold spores, mildew, allergens, dust, dust mites, human and pet dander, and particulates from combustions -- and the slightly more expensive ones with activated charcoal, are even more effective at eliminating odors and fumes.  The practically almost universal availability of these antibacterial masks, make it the first line of defense for those with chronic or acute respiratory problems.  It is tantamount to wearing an air purifier -- powered simply by one's own breathing.  It is as effective as any costly and often noisy, mechanical and electrical air purifier -- with virtually the same effectiveness, though certainly a lot more convenient as needed, or preferred.

For those who are really serious about changing the world -- nothing makes a greater impact on one's personal environment than the simple use of these devices -- which are not simply a modern invention, but go back as long as people sought to protect themselves from hostile conditions.  That might have been the dust from the hot, dusty desert -- or at the other extreme, warming the bitter cold winter air as it entered one's nasal passages.  Those are the obvious conditions such accessories would convey an immediate advantage -- but in today's world, the assaults and dangers may be less visible and obvious -- unless there is obvious thick smoke, fumes and smog around us -- in which case, many are seen with these protective masks as standard wear.

The hardest thing to see, is what is all around us -- like the air we breathe -- some easier than others.  A few seem to have unexplained difficulties for no obvious, apparent reasons -- usually caused by that individual's adverse reaction to something in the air we all breathe.  Those are attributed to "allergies" -- which we all have to some extent or another, and to different abilities of tolerance.  Some will continue to inflict that difficulty on themselves despite the well-known cause for that individual -- regarding that as the cost of the choices they've made -- to keep a pet they know they are allergic to, or have their sleep disrupted by a person whose snoring is due to such constriction in their air ways as they sleep.

Many of these respiratory and breathing difficulties, could be first screened by the use of an antimicrobial mask -- that eliminates 99% of the impurities and irritants -- and then go from there, to see if there is something more systemically wrong with that individual.  Included among that, is the conclusion that one needs to learn how to breathe better -- because first and foremost is the more important consideration, of what exactly is the quality of the air one is breathing. 

It is like the quality of lighting -- that most will dismiss as being equal, when in fact, as in most things, quality and not simply quantity, makes the difference.  That is the advantage touted in full-spectrum lighting -- when one has most of the benefits of the sun, while not producing the negative side-effects -- while one is at it.  Some light, though many can see by it, is not of sufficient quality to produce the healthful benefits and stimulation of full-spectrum lighting, which notably produces growth even in plants.  Not all light has that effect.

Thus as we move more into a future of artificially created environments, one can custom-design many of the inputs that formerly were left to chance and good luck -- in evolving an optimal environment for every individual.  But that has to be done by each individual -- and not someone generalizing for the masses, with an eye on cost-containment as the overriding principle.  That becomes the beginning from where each will have to optimize those conditions to their own functioning and tolerances.

A few may conceivably be able to live next to the freeway -- while most would find it intolerable, unpleasant, and stressful.  Studies are presently underway that proves that living next to the freeway -- is not as preferable and healthful as living in some pristine forest or at the sea -- but the commute would be prohibitive.  So one has to choose one's poison -- in the smorgasbord of choices available to most people today.  Most are not even aware that they're making these choices -- and think these decisions are made by a few for everyone -- if not rightly for everyone.

But some may find the room too warm for them, while others think it much too cool, and a remarkable few are not bothered (or so they say) with the most noxious odors that pollute the very air they breathe.  Such people should not be appointed to the air quality board for determining that for everyone else.  Rather, such jobs should be assigned to the most sensitive and aware -- to whom such differences are apparent and obvious.  That is to say, the most discriminating and discerning among us.    These are the modern day equivalents of the "canary in the coal mine" -- who ensure the lives of all the others -- as the first line of defense and detection.

They are literally, the first responders -- the first to know that something is amiss, and to respond appropriately -- rather than those in denial that anything can be wrong.  Those latter would be the rearguard -- the last to know, and the last to defend the status quo -- while the rest have long moved on to safer ground.  It literally takes all kinds -- to ensure the survival of the corps (species) -- or critical mass.  That is how societies survive -- and evolve -- to higher ground.  Each hopes to play their part -- in the greater purpose that is survival at the highest level.  That is the actualization of human being and purpose.  It's true of all species -- whether they realize it or not.

Evolution is not only biological and individual but also cultural -- in the strategies societies adapt and adopt.  Some flourish, and many die out.  Not all will survive equally, indiscriminately.  Choices have to be made -- and some will be better than others.  That is the reality -- that makes some lives better than others, and most importantly, better than it would have been for every individual.

At the end, it may seem like big differences -- but began invariably, with the smallest attention to detail -- that adds up and compounds over time.  That's when life and species seem to diverge -- some preferring to remain as they always have been, while a few decide to chart a new course -- and if successful, go on to experience unimaginable success, they hardly seem to be the same species.  They certainly have different prospects for the future.

While one is breathing as much toxic fumes as they can tolerate -- the other is purifying that very same atmosphere into life-enhancing health, well-being and functioning.  To say that they are reducing their chances for illness is understating the obvious.  Ostensibly, they live in the same world -- but with such a world of differences -- largely self-chosen, if only they knew all the possibilities.

That's no longer simply a matter of education -- but 21st century human's ability to learn what they need to know -- as they need to know it, when they are prepared to do something about it.  So it is not just one thing -- but everything they know that is rethought, re-examined and renewed -- every day of their lives, and that is what keeps them alive, vital, growing -- until the end.