Thursday, May 16, 2019

Life is What You've Done -- and What You Think You've Done

So if you have a fantasy, it should be a good one -- that lasts a lifetime.  Unfortunately, many have to discard theirs many times -- after learning something difficult, the hard way.  Hopefully, they learn to meet life halfway -- and the vision and the actuality, are in the same ballpark.  But it is better to have the two rather than just the one -- because that gives one perspective -- of each to the other.  The greatest mistake in life, is to see things only in one way -- unvaryingly, for the rest of one's life.  That makes one blind to all things.

But life is always changing -- if one allows it.  It takes its own course, and its own time.  The question is, if you get to see it.  Especially if it is a vision everyone else would like to see.  Invariably, that is a world without hopelessness -- as every savior would like to sell with their miracle product.  That's pretty much how we can tell them apart -- from the real people, actually doing good.

The sale might be selling the infomercial.  Whoever pays, dictates the terms -- and the content.  Unfortunately, commercial (professional) writers heed no higher law.  They'll write, whatever somebody pays them to write -- regardless of any other consideration.  That's what the rest of us are up against -- The Scribes, the mouthpiece for the Pharisees -- wise men have been warning us to be wary of for time immemorial.  They will always claim to be the pious, righteous, merciful, enlightened and just -- as their personal province.  "$99.99" is just their way of "giving back."  Mostly they are just confused with what they really want.

It used to be said that what was "good for General Motors" was good for America," as though they were one and the same, and now many individuals think that what is good for them, is good for the world -- and not just their own unique work they have to do. That larger cause is what keeps them keeping on.  But really, the largest perspective, is the realization that one is the entirety of the world -- in which one hopes to find their niche, and not merely the egomaniacal projections of a dysfunctional upbringing.

In such a worldview, it is believed that the world did not know it, until one personally "discovered" it.  There is no provision nor possibility for the unknown -- as greater than what one already knows.  Of course, that is the critical operating mistake in any discussion of the known -- and hopefully to be discovered.  In any inquiry, one only looks to confirm what they already know, as all that can be known -- which for many years, the institutions and old mass media dictated.  And they warned, there was nothing else beyond -- no coming back from falling off the edge (of the world).

As recently as the 20th century, learned scholars were proud to proclaim that all that could be known, was already discovered and known.  They had no idea that that was just the beginning -- and not the end of the world.  To have such a worldview, is always limiting -- never allowing for the possibility of any solutions to any persistent problem.  They use whatever knowledge they have, to defend the status quo -- that the problem as they see it, are inviolable rules of our existence -- and there is nothing beyond, no possibility of anything else -- only more or less, of the same.

That is the culture of poverty -- for lack of better ideas -- that become a consensus with repetition, and their conventional wisdom.  Life and effort is futile -- and makes no difference.  There are no "breakthrough" moments -- as distinguishes any life of merit.  Just more of the same -- and worse.  Life never gets better -- only worse.  Some call that normal aging -- even commencing immediately after high school.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

(Dis)Information (Propaganda) Wars

It's always been so -- that the difference between success and failure -- is the information we have to work with.  Yet we now live in an age of virtual information -- dependent on asking the right questions, and not settling for the wrong information -- just because it is "free," and offered.  That is often the most expensive information -- that could cost them everything -- fortune, health, friends, sanity, etc.

So these predators of the information highways, are particularly pernicious -- and virulent.  One could be heading to perdition -- and not even realizing it.  They thrust themselves headlong into every effort and battle in that direction, not realizing that they should be going another way.  They could be entirely mistaken -- but they will never realize it.  Meanwhile, bad things happen -- seemingly unrelated and unconnected.  If only good things happened, then it would be an entirely different matter -- but bad things happen -- especially when they hoped that they knew exactly what they were doing.

One never knows for certain -- which is the proper understanding.  Yet many are so certain of every outcome, that they make it up themselves -- no matter what the "facts" are.  In fact, they prefer what they made up, over the actual realities.  They come to believe -- and to convince as many others as possible, that their information is God's Word.  But one will never know, unless they buy it -- and persuade all their other friends to buy it too.

So beliefs and ideologies come to mean the truth -- rather than actually finding out the truth of any matter for themselves.  They have been conditioned to believe that what they were taught, is the only way it could be -- despite the pounding they are taking that things are not so.  And so they come to believe in nothing -- and expect to be bamboozled.  That is their lot in life -- and their manipulators may even tell them they exist in "Paradise," and the best of all possible worlds.

And so they never venture out -- and fear to find out what they haven't been told to believe -- for there is only worse everywhere else.  That is how the battle for the control of minds takes place -- and not allowing one the freedom to make up their own minds, after seeing all the information.  Proponents only tell you their version of the truth -- as their public (noble) service, and not that it would serve all better, if they simply were allowed the whole truth.  They even teach these tactics as highest duties of citizenship.

In such a distorted world, is it any wonder that many are simply lost -- and will never find their way?  They will just be exploited by all those who make their living on exploiting everybody else -- as though that is what everybody does, and there is no other way to be.

Those are the limits to life and living -- rather than the natural and ultimate limits to the actualization of individual existence.  The general is not the specific destiny of any individual -- as much as the propagandists insist everyone conform to their expectations -- for everybody else.  Those are truly the antisocial people in society -- claiming to look after everyone else's best interest -- while controlling the outcomes, for everybody else.

That is the hard habit to break -- from the mass media culture of the 20th century -- where a few did the thinking for all.  The alternative is allowing each to examine all the information, and finding out what works for them -- individually, as the actuality of their existence.  One might be lactose intolerant, or carbohydrate intolerant (metabolic syndrome) -- and there is nothing wrong with that -- but that they have to explore other alternatives to well-being -- than the one thing they are allowed to entertain.  That is fairness and the opportunity of living in an age of information availability that virtually all have equal access to.

But as always, some do a lot more and better with.  That is the whole point of life -- finding out the truth for oneself.  There is no reality beyond that.  If a diet causes one endless irritable bowel, it does not matter if it is the recommended ideal for everyone else.  Or that the ideal workout is what one cannot or won't do -- as habitually as brushing their teeth, or combing their hair.  The point is not to be as intrusive as possible -- but effortless in all one's actions, practices and exercises.

That is simply what one does -- as often as possible.  It is not a big deal,  If they have to make it a big deal, it is not the right program for them, and they will abandon it at the first chance they get.  That's how all the programs they've embarked on in the past, came to an abrupt and timely end.  So how not to be that guy, and that way?  Obviously one has to custom-design for their own proclivities -- and not merely follow the crowd to obsolescence.  That's been proven not to work -- over and over again, but still, those who fancy themselves as authorities, will explain that the reason it doesn't, is because nobody will do it -- as though that required genius insight to recognize.

So one really wants to be they one who recognizes the obvious as the obvious -- rather than the brilliant at explaining why things do not work -- or fail.  That doesn't take genius insight -- and a whole bunch of academic and professional credentials.  It merely takes a quiet mind to see -- the obvious.  Then it is not necessary for the body to conform to the mind -- as an exercise -- but the mind can merely be aware of what the body is doing, and conform in that manner of integration -- because it is the integration, and not the conformance of the body to the will of the mind, that is the valued and productive exercise.

Many claim to "know," but never seem to actually manifest such knowledge -- or that they know anything worth knowing.  What are we expected to believe -- if they cannot even make a difference in their own life?

Saturday, March 16, 2019

It's a Much Bigger World Now

Thirty years ago is usually given as the beginning of the World Wide Web -- when a few computer scientists thought it would be a great idea if all the computer scientists of the world could communicate with one another -- because it was still unthinkable that anybody not in those institutions, had anything of importance to say.  There were just the important people employed at the institutions (universities) -- and the hope that the network would make them even more important -- in the larger scheme of things -- and not that they would simply be as important as everyone else.  That was the unintended consequence of making the world better for everyone -- and not just the self-designated few.

The world of the (19)60s was that no information could be thought, unless it was first processed on keypunched data cards -- giving it the stamp of approval -- by one of the few large computers owned by the institutions.  They were the only ones who could afford to possess such things -- so of course, they controlled all the information, and claimed the jurisdiction for even thinking about it.

Of course, it was a bureaucrat's fantasy -- particularly if they were designated as one of the gatekeepers for all that went into the processing of information -- while others then became the "official spokespersons" who could disseminate that information to the greater masses.  About that time, the mass media also reached its zenith of information control and publication -- telling everybody else what they "needed" to know.  There was nothing else -- no really viable alternative sources -- except those who took it upon themselves to do so.  Those have always been around -- but previously lacked the machinery for easily gaining an audience and influence.

It was still a very tedious process for finding that one other person who could appreciate what they were saying -- particularly if it flew against the crowd, and powers that be, that hoped always to remain so.  But life is not like that.  Frequently, the top goes to the bottom, and the bottom rises to the top, and both have to be ready for such moments -- because those adjustments and adaptations, define the survival of the fittest -- who are driven to find a better way.  Of course that doesn't guarantee that they do -- but that they are always trying, makes such things more likely.

Often, that is the biggest difference between those who are successful and survive, and those convinced that every effort is futile -- and only a much greater power than they, can save them.  So they do nothing -- especially questioning any authority and premise that could make a world of difference.  They are "dead in the water" -- waiting to be rescued -- thinking there is nothing they can do for themselves, and even demanding, that everything now be done for them.

Some even believe that is a "good life" -- or even the best life, rather than that they could be doing virtually everything for themselves -- and becoming a society and culture of their own making -- that succeeds when all else tells them the situation is hopeless, and has never been done before -- in the whole history of human experience.  To even think differently, would bring down the heavens and wrath of all those who have gone before -- or so they are convinced.   "There is just nothing else."

So one of the great advantages of living in these times, is to realize that virtually everything is now possible -- but one still has to think of it.  Otherwise, there are no lack of others who will volunteer to do all our thinking for us -- at a price, or even "free" -- they entice.  Not only is it free, but one can have as much as they want.  "No questions asked."  Such advocates believe that it is simply enough to want and wish -- without consequences, without a price to pay.

But a price, is usually a reliable regulator -- of how much is healthy to consume.  And that is the biggest problem in the world today -- of how much to consume of virtually unlimited amounts.  That is the problem of obesity and most contemporary diseases -- now that science and technology has virtually eradicated all the diseases of previous generations, as well as the wars.  Generally, the problem is not everybody else -- but you and what one can do to change themselves.  Changing themselves, is the greatest contribution each can do to better the world -- and not finding others to blame for all the problems.

Life doesn't work that way -- and especially very well -- for those operating with that mindset -- of thinking all they have to do is change everybody else -- first.  That, they have been convinced, is their mission in life -- and their gift to the world, of that enlightenment.  Their way, is still the right one way, and they must enforce the thought correctness -- even if it has never worked for one person before, because it cannot work until everybody is doing it.  That's what the institutions and mass media are for -- to get everybody on the same page -- whether they want to or not.

That is still the vision of those who have not grown since the world changed -- the last time.  And it is always changing and evolving -- to something bigger than life -- as we have known it before.  It was not bigger and better before -- the good ol' days.  Now is as good as it gets -- but it gets better, because so much more of the information is accessible to all the people -- and not just the self-designated elites of old.  That progress is always continuing -- and not that we should have known better before.

We knew as best we could before -- but we can never stop knowing better -- in thought, word and action.  That is life on the cutting edge of discovery --  up close and personal.  That is discovering who one really is -- and lived.  That's what matters -- real time, online.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

A Study of One

That is the only study that matters.  It doesn't matter what happens to everyone else.  All that matters is what happens to you -- personally, individually.

Most ideas are merely wishful-thinking.  People are uniquely individual -- so what works for one, or for the many, may not necessarily work for you -- but it is each individual's task to find out -- for themselves, what works best for them.  That is the deception of mass media -- that one size fits all, so one has to get with their program -- or face dire circumstances.

But one may already be facing insurmountable problems that the experts are hopeless to solve -- but they still want you coming back as a steady customer.  Even if they don't have what you need, they'll still sell you what they have to sell.  That is their business, and only concern.  What you do afterwards, is none of their business, or concern.

In many cases, they don't really know better -- or at least, have to clear out their inventory, before they can consider anything else.  And if nobody wants their old inventory, they'll hang on to it until it becomes fashionable once again.  That is especially true if one has cornered the market for that product -- or is the exclusive authorized reseller.

In the previous century, having inventory was everything, and the name of the game -- but now, it is more advantageous to travel as light as possible into the future.  Having that space, allows one to consider everything -- and not that one has no room for anything else, even if it works.  They are already overburdened with everything that does not work -- that they have no space, time or interest, for that which might actually work, and reduce their need for anything else.

Always, one is better off with nothing -- than all the wrong things.  That is the advantage of those born entirely in the new age.  They are unburdened by the baggage and clutter -- and are prepared to move on to better.  That is the default that conveys greatest advantage.  But most lose that advantage by grabbing onto all they can -- whether it is actually good and useful to them -- for the rest of their lives, leaving little room to embrace the new.

That could be ideas as well as things.  One should change, and not just remain the same forevermore.  Living that way, predictably, one grows less responsive with age.  Of course that is a failing formula for remaining viable throughout one's life.  Yet many decide at some point in their life that that is the way to be, and nothing will change that.  Of course they fall by the wayside and become irrelevant.  One wouldn't expect anything else.

So that manner of aging is obviously not working -- nor would one expect anything else.  While one size doesn't fit all, one can always learn from others -- what works and what doesn't work, and not that shit will happen no matter what -- like in the old days.  They just didn't have the right answers -- and probably even didn't know there was a problem.  That was simply life as they proudly knew it.  That's just the way the world worked -- badly, and there was nothing they could do about it, but eat, drink and be merry -- before things invariably got worse.

That was regarded as the normal course of life -- that accelerated as one got older, and never reversed.  That was the unthinkable.  It just indicated that they hadn't found the answer to their problems -- yet.  Many even gave up trying long ago.  They would leave it to future generations to figure out -- and the next.  In their own lives, all was futile, and hopeless -- and anybody saying any different, was simply uninformed.

Much easier and faster than finding out what works for everybody, is simply finding out what works for themselves -- and letting it go at that, and moving on to the next challenge.  They don't have to convince everybody else, before they can benefit themselves -- from their own discoveries.  They don't even have to market it to prove its validity and acceptance.  It just has to work in their own life -- even if it works for no others.  That is the beauty and simplicity of life: it just has to work for oneself -- and no other proof or validation is required.

And then after one has developed the prototype, it could work for others as well -- but that is not one's original intent or purpose.  The motivation is entirely selfish -- but that is not a bad thing.  It really is how each individual life serves the rest of humanity -- by solving the problems of their own living -- as best they can, and in doing so, blazing the trail for others to come.  In that manner, value piles on top of value -- in creating something immensely greater, and not just each competing against every other, to be the sole person at the top.

Undoubtedly, many embark on such singular quests -- as though it is a service to mankind.  They fail to realize they are already beginning at the top -- when they know they know nothing, and are eager to find out.  But once their minds are full, they have no room for any new information -- and are trapped in that past, forevermore.  It doesn't have to be that way.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

The "Fast" Solution

From time to time -- if one is looking for paradigm changing new ideas for problems that simply grow out of control despite the conventional and popular "solutions" that merely perpetuate the problem and make it more lucrative -- one runs across something that rings true with every other truth one has encountered before, and then everything makes sense -- rather than seeming to spiral completely out of control despite all the conventional efforts.

Throughout intellectual history, that has always been the case -- that the great minds all become focused on the same problems -- because that is the threat of the day that threatens everyone's survival.  So naturally, not just one person comes up with a solution, but many arrive at the same conclusion, which one articulates better than all the others.  Such a person is Dr. Jason Fung and his outreach via the social media rather than the traditional mainstream media, promoting his ideas on the age-old practice of fasting for most of the conditions that have been exploding out of control -- which is obesity and type 2 diabetes -- which are the problems of abundance, affluence and overconsumption.

That is actually not unique just to these times -- but other times as well -- but historically afflicting much fewer.  Those were the problems of the kings and pharoahs -- rather than the multitudes, which didn't have to deal with such "problems."  Theirs was largely the problem of scarcity and inaccessible to most.  But now we live in a world of tremendous accessibility to all the goods and services the world produces and makes available -- which requires a completely different set of survival and proficiency skills -- particularly choosing wisely from everything available.  Because if one does not successfully manage these resources, one will be overwhelmed and buried by all of it.

So more than ever, successful individuals, have to choose wisely from the overwhelming, to a very select few -- because indiscriminately eating all one can eat, will kill them as surely as we are seeing presently -- which is not just the normal course of life and especially, "growing old."  That is not the only, and inevitable way it has to happen -- for most, if not all.  The future life can be something else -- but requires a necessary shift in course because of the new realities -- as the world changes from time to time.  That is life -- and how we adapt to it.

Of course it is harder for people who have been conditioned to think they should never change -- and change again -- as many times as it takes, to get it right.  That probably, is all one's life, and those no longer changing with the times, are predictably having an increasingly difficult time until all their processes shut down -- from the failure to adapt.  One does not need to have an advanced degree and training to do that -- for all the challenges of their daily living.  It is simply enough to pay attention and be aware of what is happening -- and not misled by the popular knowledge promoted by the various self-interest groups claiming that jurisdiction and expertise -- while the situation spirals out of control. 

And that was the situation for most of the affluent societies in the world -- this lack of discipline and restraint -- that was becoming "unthinkable" in the world of abundance and convenience.  Instead, the media (marketing) messages, encouraged unlimited consumption -- as though there were no adverse consequences.   In order to get that message out on commercial media, one had to generate massive revenues -- with those particularly susceptible, being those who spent time on such exposures -- while only a few could remain immune -- because of their discipline not to, and disinterest.  But the masses were tuned in by default -- and thought that was the extent of knowledge and possibilities.

That's how social media had a tremendous advantage -- if they could ever break through  the self-imposed trivia, many were conditioned to believe as the only thing possible.  They thought that anything truly valuable, had to be monetized to be justified -- and validated.  But the world is far more than commerce -- and commercial considerations.  That is particularly true for the rich and prosperous -- and not just more of everything.  There is a point at which the quantitative reaches a critical mass and transforms into a qualitative difference.  It is not simply more but entirely different and better.

Then the struggle to understand the incomprehensible ceases -- and gives way to a new ease in understanding -- everything. 

Sunday, December 16, 2018

It Doesn't Take A Genius

It is very easy to design an exercise program that people can't -- or won't do.  It doesn't take a genius to do that.  The genius lies in designing an exercise program that someone can and will do -- every day of their lives, and not just when they feel good enough to do it.  Obviously, the greatest value of any exercise program, will be one that can change one from not wanting to move, to moving because it makes them feel better -- rather than requiring one to feel at their best to even try.

Yet that is the mindset of most exercise regimens -- that people give up at the first opportunity and challenge to do so.  So obviously, the barriers to entry must be low -- and one is moving before one knows it -- and the resistance (fatigue) builds.  And then beyond that, many add on greater layers of complexity -- that all but the most able are capable of -- which of course proves the superiority of the instructor (strongest), but eliminates most of the weak and less abled from further participation -- all in the misguided notion that it is actually making the weak, strong, or would, if they merely persisted and overcame their limitations and objections.

And rather than thoughtful and educated people realizing those errors in wishful thinking -- they devise even more difficult and tortuous things that only they can do, to prove the superiority of their indoctrination, and people give them the benefit of the doubt that it makes sense at all to proceed further down that path of a well-proven failure.

Of course, they will argue, if everyone did the impossible (could fly), they would be in much better shape -- and more fit to take on the even more preposterous and ambitious.  They may even designate and certify themselves as "experts," allowing them to charge exorbitant amounts for such advice.  These fads and madness may even rise in popularity until all those who can do it are aboard -- before moving on to the next "challenge" -- until exhausting all their time, energy and resources, and realizing there is no end in sight, while receiving very little benefits in return.

But most of them, are not used to thinking about returns and results because their conditioning is to believe that expenditure alone is enough -- and when one runs out of that unlimited resource, then one simply doesn't get up, and suffers the decades in decline and deterioration to their final end.  In such a case, it should become obvious that just a little will go a long way -- and running marathons and setting a new Guinness record is not a motivation that simply picking oneself off the floor as many times as one needs to, is sufficient to maintain that viability all one's days -- while the fast and the furious, are whiling the rest of theirs, with hip, knee, heart replacements -- while immobilized in their beds and wheelchairs for the remainder of their days.

That is the simple, stark truth of the matter.  If one can't move, move the easiest thing possible -- and that will always be, the minimal response possible -- invariably at the smallest joint/muscle for doing so.  That is the realization and understanding that makes greater movement possible -- and not starting with the greatest recruitment of the largest muscles -- familiarly known as the core.  Movement at the core, gets one nowhere -- because those muscles are not designed for movement but for stability.  The muscles at the extreme distances from the core -- are those designed for movement, articulation -- and expression.  There is where all the senses and sensibilities are located -- which is the genius in placing them where they can be maximally mobilized.

You don't want your nose, eyes and ears at your rectum.  But increasingly, as one does less and less, the only movement they think possible, and are capable of anymore, is that movement at that focal point, which they now refer as the "movement."  That is the sad regression from movements and expressions at their extremities -- which necessarily implies all the intervening supporting structures and functions -- but not vice-versa.  With that fundamental flaw in understanding, doom is a certainty -- because that is not the design and function of a body in good health, understanding and functioning.

That is where one would measure functionality and health -- and not at the vital organs of the heart and lungs -- which are the given and constants, and not the variables.  All the other things one can do, are the variables -- that one can do, but to think that all that is necessary to optimize health is to directly affect the heart rate and breathing, is wholly misguided.  That results as a response to everything else one is doing.  That is to say, that one does not get their heart rate and breathing up, in order to run a marathon, or do anything, but that rise results from the effort in doing anything -- quite naturally, as a response to what is needed.

If one mistakes the effect for the cause, then serious damage will result -- and at the least, be unproductive -- so that one no longer bothers to try. That is what insightful people have called wrong understanding -- and more of it is not the solution -- but the cause of the problem.  However, the right understanding, produces right effort.  So that is where one has to begin -- and not arrive only at the end. Obviously in that way, one will never arrive at the right outcome -- beginning with the wrong understanding -- no matter how much one puts into any effort.  It is not the effort but the understanding that ultimately matters -- and results.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Endless Self-Promotion and the Tyranny of Opinion

In a world in which everyone competes for attention, the person with all the power, is the one who gives attention -- for that is what everyone is competing for.  However, if one is merely one of the many competing for attention, they are already lost -- and have no idea what they are doing -- because they are just doing what everybody else is doing, and running with the crowd.

Their explanation for their behavior, is that is what everybody else is doing -- so why shouldn't they?  And each pushes the boundaries, until they all begin to fall off the cliff -- and there is no turning back.  Each thinks to outdo the other -- thinking there is no end.  That is most obvious in conspicuous consumption but also true in most aspects of behaviors and activities -- that the frenzy goes on forever, and there is no turning point and return to balance -- until it happens.

Thus the wise, have always advised moderation in all things, never knowing for certain, when the pendulum will swing -- in its own mysterious timing.  That's never stopped anyone from trying to be ahead of the curve -- while countless others will be in denial, all the while it is happening.  So one can never be too certain of what they think is happening, and which way the wind is blowing -- because it may have changed, during the time one was making plans for eternity.

For a few, those are visions of enshrining themselves at the top of their favorite charity and cause --themselves.  They will stop at nothing that stands in their way of self-aggrandizement.  Neither shame nor embarrassment will deter nor discourage them.  They are tone-deaf; they don't want to hear anything other than what they want to believe. They will go to their grave with those convictions -- because they feel life is not worth living any other way -- and are willing to take as many as they can down with them in that final blaze of glory.

It should not be so.  Nobody should be so deluded, desperate and starved for attention and validation from the opinion of others -- they think have no other reason for being but to sustain them in that way.  Invariably, it is just a figment of their imagination.  Nobody cares -- as well they shouldn't.  They should be too busy caring for themselves.  That is the key to personal responsibility and accountability.  That is the first and last line of defense.  Lacking that, ruthlessness thrives -- as everyone tries to see what they can get away with.

So it is thought that only opinions (polls) matter -- and what one can do to manipulate them -- even if one has to do it themselves.  Many lives are now dedicated to those ends.  That's no longer the exclusive province of "Madison Avenue," and the mainstream media to tell everyone what to think -- because  they themselves, are scrambling for their own lives.  So how to know what to believe?  One can no longer believe -- but has to find out, for themselves, as best one can -- and go with it as far as it will take them.  But they have to question all their premises and assumptions -- and take nothing for granted.  Otherwise, they are lost. -- and have no idea what they are talking about.

That is the new world of uncertainty -- in which one is only as good as one can find out, and have to do it for themselves.  But everyone has the tools -- if they want to avail themselves of them.  That's become the inequality in the world -- the great differentiator:  Those who really want to find out the truth of any matter, and those who would prefer others do all their thinking for them.  The former is to live an authentic life -- while the other couldn't tell the difference if their lives depended on it.