Thursday, June 28, 2012

Whatever Happened to the Mainstream Media?

Unfortunately, that's fairly standard journalistic/editorial practice.

That's a carryover from the old publishing model when editors had absolute control over everything published -- omitted or distorted.

That's been the experience of nearly everyone who has ever submitted a commentary or letter to the newspapers -- that the "editing for brevity and clarity" is license for the editor to say what he wants to say -- rather than letting the original author say what they want to say -- in their own way and words.

Then everything came out sounding like it was written by the same one person -- as the vaunted, and only permissible "AP style."  So it is no coincidence that when they could, most opted for the Internet forums that allowed them to say what they want to say --in their own words -- which many publications still have the nasty habit of editing, suppressing and embellishing so that only the editorial point of view is permitted to be read.

Absolute power, corrupts absolutely.

That's a major reason for the rise of the Internet -- from the absolute control of those who owned the press, and now have such a difficult time of competing in the true marketplace of ideas, expressions and communications.

Monday, June 25, 2012

A Simple Cure for Mostly Anything

Before we started off on our bike ride out there, I offered Mike a bottle of guaifenesin syrup to meliorate his gout, because I was familiar with it as the cure for fibromyalgia -- which I learned about nine years ago when I had what I thought was terminal back pain that had plagued me all my life -- along with bouts of bronchitis, which I didn't suspect were related until I researched guaifenesin, and why it could be the cure for most of the afflictions affecting those with chronic conditions distinguished by the thickening of the body mucous -- most commonly as a respiratory inflammation of the lungs characterized by thickened mucous, as well as the thickening of the mucous (lubricant) of the body's essential fluidity (viscosity) that causes all other bodily pain, commonly known as the autoimmune diseases of arthritis, gout, lupus, fibromyalgia and the other hundreds of autoimmune conditions of the failure of the lymphatic fluid (mucous) to function properly.

The thickening of the mucous, is also a longstanding observation of the aging process -- by which such people were described as rheumy and phlegmatic.  Guaifenesin has only one property -- of thinning the mucous in the body, and particularly the lungs, which most people are conditioned to believe, has no relationship to the mucous of any other part of the body -- just as it would be preposterous to think that thinning the blood to the brain, has no relationship to thinning the blood flowing anywhere else in the body -- except that one specific organ that the specialists claim to have total and exclusive jurisdiction in understanding and curing.

But that was probably the greatest significant discovery of my ten years in Hawaii after I left Seattle.  Life was very good for my first four years there, and then everything turned very bad -- including my recurring back pain throughout life, threatened to become a permanent condition -- and while desperately investigating all my dwindling options, I ran into the free public presentation of this doctor's claim that he had discovered the cure for fibromyalgia -- which turned out to be the active ingredient of cough syrup (Robitussin et al), that I was familiar with, having taken it many times in my life for the bouts of bronchitis I suffered at least twice a year for several months, alternating with back pain for several other months -- both of which can be symptoms of fibromyalgia (FMS), which I was unfamiliar with at that point.

But as I researched it more, along with guaifenesin and its effects, many things came together for me, including that 15 years earlier, I thought Robitussin did have remarkably healthful effects as a general health tonic -- that should be promoted instead of Geritol for that purpose.  I felt so strongly about that that I purchased several thousand shares of AH Robbins, the owner of the patent on guaifenesin on the rumor that it was the cure for an undisclosed ailment.  Fibromyalgia became a well-known condition along with many other of autoimmune conditions at that time -- but I sold my shares with the stock market crash of 1987, and hadn't thought much about guaifenesin until I ran into the headline in 2003 while in Waikiki, that the doctor who discovered guaifenesin as the cure for fibromyalgia, was giving a free introductory presentation at a hotel two blocks from where I lived -- just before I felt compelled to move in with my mother just outside of Waikiki -- because of my rapidly deteriorating condition.

The doctor did not original set out to discover the cure for fibromyalgia; he was interested in the cure for gout -- for which the medicine commonly prescribed for colds, flu and respiratory/bronchial inflammations, turned out to be that same cure -- for a lot more complicated and convoluted reasons, than simply the thinning of the mucous -- being the cure for whatever ails one.  That is to say, good health is distinguished by thin mucous and poor health is characterized by thickened mucous -- which is the essential fluidity (viscosity) of the  body fluid -- along with the blood, for which it has long been recognized that thinning the blood also ensures its greatest operating condition., for which many people routinely take aspirin, for its blood-thinning property.

Together, aspirin and guaifenesin is the longstanding protocol for colds, flus, respiratory ailments -- but what is less noticed at those times, is that they are also accompanied by other body pains -- that seem to go away with a cold, flu, etc.  Guaifenesin can cause stomach upset because it produces an acid reaction as well as thinning the mucous that lines the digestive system.  But Alka-Seltzer, which is a longstanding remedy consisting of aspirin and sodium bicarbonate, had for 50 years been the tonic of choice for anything that ailed one -- which led me to my present regimen of daily guaifenesin along with Alka-Seltzer, as the supplementation that ensures one's health without disruption as long as that regimen is routinely maintained.

As incredulous as that doctor's claim that he had discovered a simple and cheap cure for fibromyalgia, it was clear to me that this was the basis for virtually all the human ailments by this same simple process -- and I haven't experienced any illnesses since adhering to that health regimen -- after several decades of steadily declining health and almost constant illness before then that led me to believe I would never walk again.  I haven't had so much as a cold since then -- though would usually be the first person to catch somebody else's cold, flu, virus, etc.

That was when I stopped being sick again.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Understanding Journalist-Speak

No amount of "health care," is a substitute for "health."  In fact, it is inversely related.

No amount of "education," is a substitute for "know-how."   In fact, it is inversely related.

No amount of "redistribution," is a substitute for "equality."   In fact, it is inversely related.

No amount of "unions," is a substitute for "prosperity."   In fact, it is inversely related.

No amount of the "99%," is a substitute for the 1"%."   In fact, it is inversely related.

No amount of "editing for length and clarity," is a substitute for understanding anything well in the first place.   In fact, it is inversely related.

By the way, no amount of "dreams," is a substitute for "reality." In fact, it is inversely related.