Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Seeing the Obvious

The hardest thing to see -- is what is plainly in front of us -- that we simply take it for granted, that there is nothing there.  Yet that may be precisely what the problem is -- and not seeing it, is to solve every other problem, but the one in front of them -- and thus, nothing can ever be solved.

That is particularly true, when those who are telling you they have a solution for the problem, have created the problem -- because they have the solution.  It doesn't matter that there needn't be the problem -- because they have a solution to sell.  They have a drug to lower blood cholesterol -- although it is not necessarily a problem.  But they have the solution if it was -- regardless of whether it is a problem.

Meanwhile, high blood sugar, cannot be caused by eating sugar, and the foods that break down to sugars.  No, that would have to be caused by cholesterol -- in some mysterious transmutation.  One should simply go on eating sugar -- and instead, lower the cholesterol that is a cure for the inflammation caused by sugar.  But one must continue to consume the sugars, because the very livelihood of many, depends on it.  There is too much at stake in upending the status quo of rapidly escalating metabolic disorders -- caused by eating too much sugar.

Any attempts to quash sugar consumption, must be undermined with the full weight of authority.  Instead, they must do the impossible, in order to avoid that conundrum -- and attempt to burn it off by exercise -- knowing full well that one is defeated in that task before even beginning -- because exercise is not effective for that purpose.  A far better exercise, would be not putting the sugar (carbohydrate) in their body in the first place -- but that makes so much sense that it could not even be considered, because any fool could do that.

That would not require a Ph.D. in the highest of sciences -- and firmly establishing the hierarchy of authority -- which is what they are there for.  Their self-serving public service announcements proclaim as much.  We must consult with the properly designated authorities (experts) before even considering to cure ourselves.  That is the world they live in -- and wish to convince everybody else, is the only world possible -- and not that anybody should ever think outside of those possibilities.  They and only they -- have the exclusive truth for all humankind.

So naturally they feel quite threatened when anybody challenges that exclusive authority -- as their God-given turf -- to be exploited only for their exclusive benefit.  They are the rightful defenders of that status quo.

That is the story played out through the history of humankind -- of the divine right of a self-selected few, to exploit the masses of society -- for their exclusive benefit.  It works as long as everybody buys into that vision -- as people felt they had no choice in previous times when only a few could control the press, print and publication -- or knew how to do it.  Now, they don't like the level playing ground for everybody else -- and demand a return to their good ol' times -- when only they could be on top.

All of a sudden, that is not right.  People have no right to cure themselves -- or better, not be troubled in the first place.  That is quite possible, if they are free to see the obvious in front of them -- rather than the alternative universe the experts demand, is the only way to see things.  But invariably, that was the problem.  The choices often were not choices at all -- but the demand to see things only as prescribed by them -- under penalty of inquisition and torture -- that was the "political correctness" of their times.

It is less obvious when we now see so many images -- to know with certainty which is the true and which is the fake -- but that is also the beauty of living in these times, for those who can tell those differences and act on them.  That is living in the truth of that moment -- and every other.  The less fortunate, live in the truth of the past that somebody else told them -- as though they experienced it for themselves, and determined those truths.  They have no way of knowing the difference -- and so are completely at the mercy of others to do all their thinking for them.

But they grow overconfident and slip up -- thinking nobody can see the obvious anymore -- because they have been so conditioned with the false.  How does one know?  It obviously doesn't work -- but they will explain, that is how it is supposed to work.  It creates the problem -- which they alone can solve.  In the case of modern medicine, they recommend the diet sure to cause metabolic disorders.  It is no secret -- but a sure-fire formula for all kinds of disorders and dysfunctions.  But assuredly, they have the cure -- or at least the treatment for the rest of one's days.  That is the best one can hope for -- but other complications may arise.  And assuredly they do, because the root of the cause, is never addressed -- only the symptoms, expected to last a lifetime.

That is the state of modern medicine and treatment -- which we all are expected to just get worse.  Nobody is expected to get well -- and better with wisdom.  Quite the opposite, we can almost be guaranteed to lose our minds and all our faculties.  And it will also cost everything we have. 

So one is wise to ask, "Is there a better way?"  Can there be another vision of the future?  Is it possible for even one to continue to improve throughout their lifetime -- and then for many more to follow?  Surely, that is the next frontier.  That is the limit to happiness -- how long can it last? -- and even get unprecedentedly better?

All the money in the world cannot guarantee that.  So obviously, health and well-being are the limiting factors -- that determine all the rest.  First we have to see the obvious -- and then we can go a little deeper -- if necessary.  But not maximum employment of full resources at the start.  If we do things right, we may never get there -- or need them.  If we're doing things right, and are on the right path, people should be getting healthier -- rather than worse, with full blown epidemics on the horizon.  Something is not right with that scenario.  But that is the picture they paint.

So what's in it for the rest of us?