Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Whither the Superferry

I’m amazed but not surprised we’re even debating the proposed inter-island ferry service in Hawaii because every other community would recognized how fortunate they are to be given such an opportunity -- so I can understand why the ferry operators are perplexed by the carefully orchestrated opposition to it. I just hope they are not successful in inciting the hysteria and fear in our elected officials, bad conditioning/education Hawaii is infamous for -- and which keeps the great riches and talent of the world from offering their services here. We can be the most blessed people in the world -- if we would allow it, rather than fighting off every new and great idea, while clinging tightly to our age-old problems -- mainly of a mentality and culture that refuses to accept any solutions.

With every great venture, including cures and solutions, there are always risks, and so the question is not whether there are risks, but whether the rewards outweigh the risks. What is to be gained by the Superferry service, is greater access to all the parts and resources of every part of our state -- as though it is everyone’s, and not just the few who have mostly moved in and not want to preserve the remote islands as exclusively their own. That was a major problem when Hawaii was originally appropriated by self-proclaimed more “self-righteous” people -- who then claimed they owned it exclusively for their own use, what used to belong to everybody.

The same thing is happening in places where some want to put up gates to prevent access to the public beaches here on Oahu. There are others who claim the right to control inter-island transportation -- because they always have, and now it is their exclusive, divine birthright. And the outer islands have become a mecca for anti-progress protestors, who still think the ideal is for the indigenous peoples of the world to continue to live in grass huts and caves as God’s intended ideal for them -- and they should reflexively fight off every good for humans that give an advantage over every other species -- and that the ideal is for humans to be in fair competition with every species for only their allotted fair share, which they insist is when the human population no longer exists -- so that the other animals can reign.

That’s what I’m hearing of the arguments against the Superferry -- and why I haven’t been at these Hearings (demonstrations) like most other sane and rational people -- thinking that government decisions will be by those who can scream the loudest and bully and intimidate those who are uncertain what they think. And that is a great problem in Hawaii, and so I ask in these deliberations, that our elected officials, merely resist all the deceptions and manipulations, and make a courageous decision based on their own intelligent thought processes, which is all that one can ask of another.

If we value intelligence, the intelligent and productive people of the world will know they are welcome here, and then, that intelligence will solve all the problems of our times and place -- rather than insisting that those age-old problems are who were are and must be forevermore. Life is too short and precious, not to explore the wonderful world -- that can begin at home, in these Islands, with the addition of the Superferry.

Friday, October 12, 2007

What’s Wrong With Hawaii

The Superferry fiasco once again measures the state of where we are -- in the world, and in the development of a state of consciousness: A few irrational people are allowed to act out their threats of intimidation and bullying to bring any really impactful progressive idea to a halt - - because it hasn't gotten the approval from the “godfathers” who are the new monarchs of this “democratic” society.

So a few useful idiots crowd out all the voices of common sensibilities so that they are shocked that any decision but that which would be obvious to any rational being -- is overruled in favor of the arbitrary, reminding everyone again, that this is not a republic we live in, but still the tribal turf of long ago, in which brute arbitrary power stirred up by the demagogues, trumps reason.

It is not accidental that these exercises in arbitrary rule are made regularly, if no longer routinely -- along with the cooperation of its most powerful agencies of thought control -- the media, schools and universities, which are used to propagate the ignorance and obedience, and whip up to the appropriate fury at critical moments. And so, the course of every thinking person growing up in Hawaii, is to escape this tyranny of thought and conformity, to where individual merit and ability can be expressed -- without fear of its brutal suppression.

The original intent of government in the United States of America is to foster enterprise and commerce -- and not to suppress it, and ultimately be the only provider of services, goods, and information. That is the danger of government in Hawaii: we see that in the tale of two ferries. How one, run by government, is allowed to operate without restraints and with no limits to cost while providing any benefit -- even taking twice as long to make a trip than going by the usual manner, is heartily approved and lauded by the local media, while those wishing to run a private enterprise, are prohibited from doing so -- after expending their capital to build the facilities to do their business, which will thereby, be commandeered by government approved enterprises as their own windfall and capital, as in many other tyrannies still operating in the modern world .

Knowing this, despite the many rich people who do live at least part of the time in the Islands, philanthropy is almost non-existent because of these well-known abuses -- to be run mainly for the benefit of its trustees -- rather those intended beneficiaries. So even while insisting it is “for the keiki,” schools are run mainly for the benefit of lifetime sinecures for the teachers -- who without such positions, most would be incapable of doing anything else. But since most would be willing to “do anything” for the money, many go back to school and become lawyers, and then move on to politics in Hawaii.

So it is not accidental that the laws of Hawaii, are designed to guarantee lifetime security and benefits for the lawyers of hawaii -- even when it means creating the countless daily problems, arguments and barriers to doing the simplest thing. Therefore, most intelligent and productive people just drop out of the political process and have as little to do with those hoaxes and shams as possible. Which is precisely the way these tyrants of the petty, want it. Only by deliberately keeping the pond small, can they remain “big people on campus.”

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Masters of Deception and Manipulation

“You certainly have every right to take any position you wish about projects in your community, but there is no excuse for any journalist to support their position by presenting false information about someone else’s project.” -- Martin Stone, Planning director, Tampa-Hillsborough County Expressway Authority, on seeing a total fabrication and distortion of the facts presented as an editorial in the Honolulu Star-Bulletin -- as their “public service” in promotion of the Mayor’s rail project.

Although the Republican Party officials like to believe that the biggest problem is that there are too many Democrats in public office, I’ve long felt that it was not possible for citizens to make intelligent and informed decisions because those customarily charged with providing the information and education (universities, schools, media, unions and politicians), simply and unconscionably lied -- with no fear of retribution or accountability.

That is the nature of corruption -- that those who should be charged with protecting the public interest, are exploiting and abusing the public trust and confidence. And all the other respectable institutions, agree to support these deceptions and manipulations -- because that is the way everybody they know, is and does too -- so why shouldn’t they be doing it unto everybody else before everybody else does it to them? In that manner, they can rationalize anything -- by evoking (fabricating) any fear, hate and scandal to achieve the desired effect.

So one could hardly expect that citizens operating in such an environment, will have the wherewithal to make intelligent decisions and vote wisely for those who will not exploit and manipulate them for their self-aggrandizing benefit.

In fact, more often than not, such people will be flattered to contribute to these deceptions -- as being on the “winning” side, convinced as they are, that there is no hope for themselves, and so the sacrifice of their own integrity and morality, matters little if they can attain their own petty rewards -- or wherever they think such injustices are misappropriated and "lost." Most though, are secretly convinced that there is no justice (consequences) in the world because they've never experienced it themselves, and therefore don't want it for anybody else either.

That is the decline of every civilization in history -- long before they are physically enslaved by another. The citizens lose their capacity to govern themselves in determining the rules of proper and fair conduct -- and so the most unscrupulous and ruthless tyrants take over. And after they do, "self-righteous" people are reluctant to pass judgment, because they imagine themselves one day being on top, and enslaving everybody else -- and not having to answer to anybody else in this lifetime for any of those abuses and aspirations.