Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Why Things Are Still Getting Worse in Hawaii

This is the kind of bullshit articles

How to Fix Hawaii's Education Politics

the people of Hawaii have been fed by the monopoly newspapers for the last 50 years that have made life hopeless in the Islands -- under the guise of being nonpartisan discussions of the (education) problems of Hawaii which are largely these disinformation and misinformation campaigns to keep people in ignorance -- as their d(D)emocratic choices -- because this is paradise where these enlightened leaders do all the thinking for everybody else.

"State teachers earn an adjusted-average income of $22,107.96, according to MoneyRates.com, ranking Hawaii last in the nation and more $7,000 behind Maine, the next-to-last state on the list."

What does it mean that teachers'"adjusted-average income" is $22,107.96? Adjusted to what? Incomes as they were in 1962? That would have been a very high salary then. And are only teachers salaries "adjusted" -- or is everyone's salaries adjusted relative to every other salary and the cost-of-living automatically -- so that teachers' salaries don't need to be adjusted on top of the adjustments for everybody else, etc. -- so that they can meaningfully be stated in current, more obvious (honest) terms rather than these manipulations (adjustments) -- to say anything that the spokespersons want to say.

That's why all these articles are totally meaningless, deceptive and manipulative -- and all the people with any brains have to leave the islands, while all the con artists of the world, move to Hawaii where they can get jobs as propaganda (public relation/information) specialists who will say anything some organizations will pay them to say -- because they have no shame or scruples.

But I thought that was what Civil Beat was created to combat -- rather than just become a better propaganda machine.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Just Saying So, Doesn't Make It So

The great casualty of the mainstream mass media, is their insistence that their saying so, makes anything the truth -- or they wouldn't have said so.  They believe there is no higher truth than whatever they say, no matter what they say -- because they are the self-proclaimed arbiters of that truth -- and they got it from others self-certified to know, even if they do not understand anything themselves -- but have learned through their mass communication courses, how to seem like one does.

It's very annoying for those who actually and really know what they are talking about -- to have to listen to the self-proclaimed authorities on the subject matter they have chosen to define as their own turf and jurisdiction -- especially in those fields where the truth is self-evident to most people, without anyone having to tell them authoritatively what to think.  So usually what these self-proclaimed experts do, is to create fields of expertise, that never existed before their creation of it -- as though that were of singular great importance of itself, and not in the context of any real world experiences.

In that manner, they can proclaim what they know as being "brilliant" because it is unintelligible and not self-evident except to a special group of people indoctrinated to all see the same things as brilliant -- even if no others can see that also.  And so bureaucracies and hierarchies are created and maintained, to ensure that everyone is properly indoctrinated (educated) to see things the same way -- and never to challenge that authority, because that is not what everyone is entitled to do.  Only a self-selected few, can do all the thinking for everyone else -- and the job of the mainstream mass media, is to see that everyone else does think that way -- as their specialized role in the great social machinery.

It doesn't matter that what they say and know, has no basis in fact or experience -- just that they "know," what everybody else does, even if it isn't true -- because that is not their business to know or determine, but only to follow the directives of those in authority.  And somebody is always in authority besides themselves, and what their own senses are telling them -- because they think the rules override the realities for which those rules were created to simulate.

Those can be fatal errors when one presumes that they have the right of way and are safe to proceed -- without first verifying that presumption with the actual realities of traffic conditions.  That is the most obvious situation there can be glaring differences between what one thinks -- and what is actually happening.  Those are most of the problems in the world -- the separation of thought -- from the actualities of reality in our daily lives until one is no longer effectively functioning in the world most do -- but only in their thoughts and memories of the world cut off from the verification of the senses.

One almost expects that among the aged -- as the great problem characteristic of the problems of aging -- but also is a problem of those at any age, who are effectively disassociated and disaffected from their own awareness of their environment and context.  Such people argue that they are "right" and should assert their rights, even at great danger to their very lives, safety and equanimity -- thinking in their minds, that they are in a duel to the death, with every person and thing they encounter -- which ensures that one day, they will be -- prematurely and disastrously, which should be the conditioning to avoid.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

"The King is Dead, Long Live the King"

One of the important and essential functions of any organization and institutions, is to train and prepare their successors, and if they don't do that, they've failed miserably in their mission and purpose -- and probably never realized it in the first place, and shouldn't have been hired the first time -- let alone making the same self-aggrandizing mistake over and over again.

That seems to be the essential problem of these organizations and institutions -- run for their own self-aggrandizement and gain -- rather than for the good of society as a whole.

People in the public service particularly, should be clear about that mission instead of thinking that everybody else exists for their own exclusive benefit(s) -- as their "public service."

That's why "education" particularly, has become exclusively about more money, benefits and less work for the teachers -- and nothing about the good of the students, and what the students want -- as though learning (the students) is the problem.

That is the quality missing from "public service" now because the unions have made it a purely self-serving, self-aggrandizing fiefdom -- to perpetuate themselves permanently at the top of the hierarchies and bureaucracies -- and to become more inbred with each succeeding generation who have never known any other way but doing it that way -- "as it's always been done before" -- instead of the better way that is always possible, but not done because they've never done it before, or allowed to think possible.

That's why organizations and institutions fail -- and lose their meaning and purpose for which they were originally conceived -- to eliminate and not perpetuate and enable dysfunctions, crime, ignorance and the appalling disregard for the welfare of everybody else -- in thinking that society and its institutions, exist for their own exclusive benefit -- rather than the general, greater welfare of the whole.

We've just moved the kings and nobles down to every level of the bureaucracies -- and so nothing can be done anymore, but to enrich these few -- as the function of government.