Friday, August 16, 2013

Dysfunction, Ill Health, Old Age

There is a tendency to blur the distinction between these three distinct phenomena -- of dysfunction, ill health, old age -- and how they are related to one another, and unless one is clear that they are not one and the same, just as discrimination is the antidote for prejudice -- and not the cause of prejudice, as the mass media manipulators would have us believe.

From that confusion, they can have us believing everything they want us to believe -- since we now think up is down, black is white, left is right, right is wrong, and the effect is the cause of anything -- rather than its logical outcome.  Thus, many believe they are in ill health because they are old -- rather than in ill health -- caused by their dysfunction, or bad choices and behaviors.  Instead, they would rather believe that because they are "old," they have to make these bad choices  -- rather than accept that their ill health, is because of these bad choices -- and not the result of just living longer.

Then they surround themselves with all those who will support them in their thinking that they are helpless and need increasingly more assistance and caregiving from those whose livelihoods are based on such self-abnegating beliefs -- that they simply must get worse, no matter what they do -- but there are "professionals" available all along the way to "aid" them to their ultimate demise and abject end.

And then there is the other half of the population who believe that their lives can get better -- as long as they have something to say and do about it -- who can sometimes be overzealous in their belief and affirmations that "anything is possible, -- for certainly, everything is not, and one is equally in error thinking so.  But rather than take one extreme (erroneous)  view over the other, one is best testing what is true, and what is not, rather than just choosing the beliefs they want to, because that is what suits their purposes and aspirations.

So one asks, can one begin any inquiry and undertaking, without any preconceived beliefs and presumptions -- but rather, proceed to find out the truth of the matter -- not according to what one group of experts says it is -- but actually discovering the truth of that matter in one's own life, because that is what is relevant and significant, because nothing works for everybody, or doesn't work for everybody -- and we have to find out, which we are.

The mass media manipulators would have us believe that there is only one way -- and they are in charge of it -- and have been, ever since their predecessors took their commandment from Moses himself, and that's how they came upon their authority.  But authority is not the same as the actual truth of the matter -- which is always open to dispute, and a better understanding -- despite those who claim to be exclusively in charge of such matters.

The scientific method has always been an open challenge from anyone interested in presenting a better understanding and explanation -- particularly when the present one, merely legitimizes and perpetuates the problem as unsolvable to the end of time.  Certainly before then, if not in short order, somebody will come along with new insight, that eliminates that problem entirely -- because they understand it rightly, and better.

And that is how things come to get better -- and not stay the same forever, or as some experts believe, that the truth was perfected thousands of years ago, and have only gotten worse since then -- and so the superiority of their understanding, is that it hasn't changed for the last thousands of years -- depsite the fact that everything has changed since then.  But to such people, nothing is related to everything else -- and each fragment of their "understanding," exists in a world unrelated to any other -- so that any claim to cause and effect is impossible -- and that's why they are the "experts."