Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Why Things Are Still Getting Worse in Hawaii

This is the kind of bullshit articles

How to Fix Hawaii's Education Politics

the people of Hawaii have been fed by the monopoly newspapers for the last 50 years that have made life hopeless in the Islands -- under the guise of being nonpartisan discussions of the (education) problems of Hawaii which are largely these disinformation and misinformation campaigns to keep people in ignorance -- as their d(D)emocratic choices -- because this is paradise where these enlightened leaders do all the thinking for everybody else.

"State teachers earn an adjusted-average income of $22,107.96, according to MoneyRates.com, ranking Hawaii last in the nation and more $7,000 behind Maine, the next-to-last state on the list."

What does it mean that teachers'"adjusted-average income" is $22,107.96? Adjusted to what? Incomes as they were in 1962? That would have been a very high salary then. And are only teachers salaries "adjusted" -- or is everyone's salaries adjusted relative to every other salary and the cost-of-living automatically -- so that teachers' salaries don't need to be adjusted on top of the adjustments for everybody else, etc. -- so that they can meaningfully be stated in current, more obvious (honest) terms rather than these manipulations (adjustments) -- to say anything that the spokespersons want to say.

That's why all these articles are totally meaningless, deceptive and manipulative -- and all the people with any brains have to leave the islands, while all the con artists of the world, move to Hawaii where they can get jobs as propaganda (public relation/information) specialists who will say anything some organizations will pay them to say -- because they have no shame or scruples.

But I thought that was what Civil Beat was created to combat -- rather than just become a better propaganda machine.


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