Monday, September 27, 2010

The Problem of Education

The best teachers have always been those who are the most knowledgeable about the subjects they teach -- and especially the few who discover what they teach, and not the countless many in education schools learning to pretend to know what they are talking about.

That is the problem of mass specialized education -- in which the educators know about education, but have nothing really to teach -- and the kids realize that, and recognize that it is just learning for learning's sake, become disinterested, disruptive, rebel, and drop out.

The same is true of every compartmentalized profession -- and particularly true of the mass broadcast professions such as journalism, public relations, and mass marketing -- whether for a product or for political ideologies.

That's what happens when a trade association begins to think that the reason for being, is to promote their own self-interest instead of the greater good -- and cannot distinguish that difference. That's the tremendous and fatal problem of unionizing the public service workers.

And so every discussion of public education now, is how can they get more money for the teachers and education administrators -- and never, what do the students want to learn, and how can they best do it?


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