Sunday, August 08, 2010

The Future is Not Bright

Hawaii is probably past the point of no return. With each opportunity and election, it becomes clearer that hope is no longer possible -- that people will wake up and realize that something horrifically wrong has taken over the community and culture -- and the best propagandists, are being hired to justify and rationalize these prejudices, biases and provincialism.

This is the Talibanization of countries in this day and age, in which a small minority can terrorize and control the rest -- because of these hatreds.

And that is best exemplified by the fate of Hawaii's flagship store, The Banana Republic.

Even the worst of despots know that if you are going to set up the battle of Us against Them, you need to be coming from a position of strength vis a vis the rest of the world, and not just because you look like one another. That's why Japan now also has a difficult time -- after decades of excluding foreigners from participation in their society. The entrenched status quo just gets older -- and then demands that the younger generation follow them into the grave.

The prognosis is not good for societies and cultures that self-isolate and self-discriminate in a world in which all those traits for which Hawaii prides itself, have long become moot issues everywhere else, but which still is successfully demagogued by the Hawaii institutions, including, and especially, the schools and media, as their imagined and presumed superiority over the others. (That's also characteristic of the problem.)

Hawaii is totally dependent on the rest of the world, while produces nothing of essential value for the rest of the world, and is deluded by demagogic leaders that they are a shining example for the rest of the world -- and the rest of the world has to go to them for their pristine beaches, and so-called "Aloha" which this very publically-acceptable mentality is the very height of hypocrisy.

The future is not bright for the communities that export their best and brightest, while importing lawyers to take complete control of their society -- even if they call themselves "Democrats."


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