Friday, August 13, 2010

Alternate Realities

Those who have never known anything but their one "reality," cannot even begin to imagine that there can be any other -- and that is the value of presenting many different realities as their introduction to the world, as children. From an early age, most are capable of recognizing that their can be other existences than the one they know. The ability to hold these many different experiences, is what gives them perspective -- and the possibility of different outcomes, rather than just being indoctrinated with the certainty and fatality of one -- and that is the discovery and joy of living.

But in the drive and ambition for power, many think it is desirable only to have one way of thinking and viewing the world, as the political and social "correctness" -- which they feel they alone should have the right to determine for everybody else. In fact, they think it is their duty and role in life -- because everybody else is less capable than they are, otherwise, they would not be in the positions they are in, as proof of their moral and intellectual superiority and desserts.

So it is very important in such societies, that the social order and hierarchy are preserved -- above all else, as the primary function and duty of each citizen -- and there is no higher power, no higher authority than listening to the "correct" people, and doing what they have determined, everyone else should do.

If they even hear of any other information, other than what they have been told by the duly certified authorities, they completely shut down, and go into complete denial that there can be anything possible but what they have been told is the only truth, and they must suppress all others. That was life in the olden times, which many have come to prefer over having to make their own choices. In fact, organizations and associations exist to relieve them of such choices, now and forevermore -- if they simply vote to allow them to make all those choices for them.

Only a few live such sheltered lives now -- with the rare exceptions of a few 'identities" who still feel safe and emboldened as a member of a group with superior numbers and force, to impose their will on all the others, to make it their right -- because they can, because that is the only way they know -- and it doesn't matter what they call it. They are most likely to call it a "Democracy" -- as though the people thought of it themselves, and truly wanted from all the choices, although they only knew the one, and were taught to summarily reject any other.

Those are authoritarian (totalitarian) societies, even if the people believe, there is no better place to live, under better conditions, than the only one they have ever known, and will be allowed to know.


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