Sunday, July 11, 2010

Passing the Torch to a New Generation

That whole generation now in power, has to be rethought, re-educated, and resocialized to live in a world very different than they grew up in, because most of what was true when they grew up in it, has changed -- including and especially, the whole possibilities for life at that age.

The most common of that difficulty, which is really the crux of the socioeconomic problem of these times, is that people who grew up thinking that the meaning and purpose of their lives was to accumulate as much as possible, have to divest themselves of those accumulations -- to recapitalize society, or the whole thing dies.

A lot of people have worked and accumulated towards the purpose of providing for their retirement years, but when they get to that stage, merely want to continue accumulating more, while ceasing to be productive, and depriving others, and particularly the young starting off in their careers, of access to that wealth -- because it is just being accumulated rather than divested and recirculated, until finally, those expenditures are forced upon them in a catastrophic (usually health) event.

In a previous generation, that was known as philanthropy -- which is the recognition that the wealth of the community and society one lives in, is their quality of life -- and not merely their personal, private hoard. That is the “entitlement” mentality, of thinking that one should only be on the receiving end, and not the providing end -- that is characteristic of the trade union (association) mentality, of getting as much as possible as their only end.

That creates the divisions and antagonisms in society -- of each special interest promoting only their own best interest, and not the whole’s. That is the continued fragmentation of society and individual lives by which they come to eventually realize, that the predator has now become the prey -- for the much younger, stronger and more ruthless individuals, who also think they are justified in promoting only their own self-interest.

And that really is the problem of this society and culture now -- this mentality and all its consequences. You don’t hear the unions or anybody else for that matter, promoting that they should get only as much as the next person. Instead, each wants just a little (lot) more than everybody else has -- which is the conflict and chaos in society now.
So most of the problems you see and have to deal with, is changing that rigid mindset, that creates all these problems for oneself -- because one demands that the world change to suit them, rather than they adapt to the world, which is the state of being vital, fluid, and vibrant.

In the past, we’ve thought that our best efforts and expenditures went to educating the young, when it would be far more productive now, to educate the old. The young learn as a natural function of being young.

This is the most important function of every society and culture, and when it fails to do so, extinguishes the chances for survival for succeeding generations -- as many people have come to sense. That is why we educate the kids -- and not only to promise that they will "have it all," only when the most senior of that society are dead and buried. The present has to be for everybody -- now.


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