Thursday, September 02, 2010

Is One Wasting A Vote to Vote Republican in Hawaii?

Actually, when one votes for the lesser of two evils, one still gets evil -- and not good, so Hawaii voters should give up on the hopelessness that any of the Democrats are going to do any other but serve their own government worker self-interests (supporters) -- most dependably the teachers because they can indoctrinate generation after generation of "democratic" voters who would never even think of voting another way, which is characteristic of most authoritarian regimes dictated by cliques and conformity, even when it insists on calling itself the "correctness," that this editorial writer as well as all the political writers enforce "religiously" and dependably in the media of Hawaii. That's why you get ruinous government.

Of course they would wish the voters of Hawaii to believe that any vote other than for even a flawed "Democrat" is just throwing your vote away -- rather than probably the single greatest act of valor and independence they can exercise in their lives, and if enough people act with that mindfulness, they can change the course of their own history -- instead of the pervasive hopelessness and despair that they cannot do anything else but pay four times a much for everything.

That's why Saddam used to get 97% of the vote -- and why the Democrats of Hawaii actually sent their Aloha and admiration for his success in dominating his country, and were horrified when President Bush didn't recognize that legitimacy to crush the citizens of his own country even if he got all the votes and threatened to unleash his weapons of mass destruction -- which only the Republican president Bush dared to challenge.

People forget already that the world used to be terrorized and paralyzed by such threats that have now become mostly distant memories, but those things don't just happen because they weren't ever real. But people change that reality, even if the "Democratic" propagandists would like the record now to read that there never was that threat and fear that caused the world to vote unanimously to enforce the United Nations' resolutions.

And now they want you to believe there were no such fiascoes as the Boat, the Garbage, the Sewage, the Potholes, and more money for government workers to do less but designate themselves as the poor, underprivileged and truly deserving.

People need to start getting into the practice and habit of voting for change that can make a difference.


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