Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Homeless (Hopeless) Situation

The Department of Education should be taking the lead in socializing these people -- rather than simply creating a need for "more education," among those capable of learning better on their own. Make education remedial and corrective -- to solve the very real problems of society, and not spend money re-educating those who already come to school with more skills and knowledge than the teachers do -- and rightfully, should be teaching their peers, as highly respected and accomplished prodigies, who should also assume that role of leadership as they grow older, rather than teaching them to be perpetually immature, dependent and "entitled."

It's because all the money is tied up perpetuating the institutions (status quo) of the past, that no money and resources are available to solve the current problems society faces. At one time, that was that very few people could read or had access to the information (libraries), but in this age, that's not the lack anymore -- and just throwing all that money on the old solution, is creating (as another article in today's paper not allowing comments) the predictable DECREASED proficiency with MORE education.

So we need to stop that and let people learn because they can more easily do it themselves -- and spend those resources on those who can't, which are obviously the social problems of our time -- such as all these people who feel they have no place in mainstream society. Then it can be a comprehensive approach instead of teachers complaining that these problems are "not their job," as well as all these bureaucrats now paid to do essentially nothing but "act important."

But the kids see through all that and taunt such "teachers" unmercifully so that they have to be promoted to "educational administrators," and thus, those who can, do; those who can't, teach; and those who can't teach, become educational administrators -- and the problems of Hawaii keep getting worse, because there is no money "free" to do what has to be done.

So most of the government expenditures is for what doesn't need to be done anymore -- while the private sector assumes the lead in developing the cutting edge technologies, including these people going off and "making do" as best they can, which is quite impressive for homeless people. They know that tents are actually the optimal shelter in a tropical climate -- and most even know to purchase an air mattress, which makes any hard surface, a non-factor, and an even more luxurious support than most hotels provide. These people know what the basics are -- which are not unlike the logistical problems of the military in mobile and temporary conditions.

It has to be highly functional -- and even state of the art, which could serve the peoples of all the world in marginal and challenging circumstances. It's not a lifestyle and accommodation that should be suppressed but should instead be taken to the state of the art -- which is really the whole point of any society, and not merely preserving and perpetuating the institutions of the past as the best of all things possible -- and suppressing/oppressing everything else.


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