Tuesday, August 03, 2010

You're Not Doing Me Any Favors By Voting For Me

What the citizens have to realize is that they are not doing the Republicans any favors by voting for alternatives, they're doing themselves a favor.

The Democrats would have them believe that they are doing themselves a favor by having no choices -- as though the objective of government, is to have no choices.

That's why the people have to pay 4 times as much for everything as their fellow citizens elsewhere -- who have these choices. That's fundamentally what being an American is -- the right to have choices, and the protection not to eliminate those choices, which is what the Hawaii Democratic Party and the unions then enforce, when members vote to let someone else do all their thinking and talking for them, henceforth.

While they may obtain more money in that manner, they give up their freedom to determine themselves how best to get that job done, and ultimately how to live their own lives, and then they complain mightily, of all the stupid rules and policies their elected spokespersons, have decided for them. That's how all those arbitrary rules and regulations come about -- they voted to allow all that to happen, and then, are convinced, they have no choice but to seek the protection from their own oppression from those who constrain them.

So the real choice is to conform to these predetermined choices and fates, or to choose to retain one's freedom always to choose again -- and not once having chosen, they give up the right to think, speak and vote for themselves ever again. Undoubtedly one can make that choice, but that is not the only "choice," they have, and their victory, is not to have any real choices anymore -- but only those dictated to them by others, at some long forgotten "vote" when they supposedly gave up all their rights, choices and freedoms -- as the Democratic thing to do.

There's a reason for the government people get. Freedom and choice, are the greatest values, and not merely being well paid, to oppress everyone else, and ultimately oneself -- in eliminating all choices.


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