Wednesday, June 23, 2010

You Have Choices -- Just Like All Other Americans

The reason for government is to serve all the people -- and not just the government workers, which is all that government has become anymore -- while using everybody else (and particularly the vulnerable and gullible) as pawns for their own gains.

But one also hopes that the community newspaper, doesn't just become the union newsletter, reporting the biased results of the union's own studies to prove that they are grossly underpaid -- and reported as a fact, by whomever is the most complicit (corrupt) at the newspaper.

The fact of the matter is total compensation for state workers has been validly reported by reputable independent studies as $69,000 for local government workers ($79,000 federal), while the TOTAL COMPENSATION median for ALL workers is less than half the median for government workers -- who should be the comparable peers, and not the top 10%, who achieve that by merit and are usually not the same people because of risks they assume in becoming the best.

So despite paying evermore money for less work and productivity, the quality of life is lowered while the cost of living increases, making life increasingly unaffordable even in self-proclaimed "Paradise," which implies that life couldn't be better elsewhere, when the fact of the matter, is that it is now better everywhere else, than having to work multiple jobs just to pay the ever-increasing rent, utilities, fixed costs, and of course, compensation for those who should be working for them, and not vice-versa.

At the realization that are falling farther behind despite their greater efforts, most Americans and most of the people in the world, consider if life could be better elsewhere -- than the futile prospects they see for the foreseeable future. That is the great story of civilization, and particularly the legacy of America -- representing that land of opportunity for Americans first of all, and for the brave immigrants from elsewhere -- who are notable for the motivation and enthusiasm they bring to their new communities.

That could be true for Hawaii too -- if it was not so determined to reject those alien impulses -- in favor of maintaining the old status quo (that has been imposed upon them) -- that may or may not change when the old finally die off, but there is no guarantee of that. And by then, the generation that inherits that legacy, just holds on themselves until they die -- and so the vital energies of the new and the young, are never allowed to renew and revitalize a dying way of life.

As Jesus might say, "Let the dead bury the dead," and not like in many cultures, burying the living with the dead.


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