Friday, June 11, 2010

Are We Better Off Now Than We Were Four Years Ago?

Who knew that everything that could go wrong, would go wrong -- as soon as he "won" the presidency? Rather than place blame, it is enough to note the unfortunate timing of doing so -- but it was also an unfortunate time when the previous president took office under much less auspicious circumstances.

George Bush didn't assume the presidency as the new messiah, but actually under a cloud of doubt that he even legitimately won the election -- even stealing it from the rightful self-proclaimed genius of our times, Al Bore. What that candidate, as well as the present incumbent have in common, was the unshakable and unquestionable faith in their own superiority to make the best decisions for everybody else, regardless of whether everybody else thinks so or not.

His enablers in this, were the mainstream mass media, who have presently fallen on hard times themselves -- as one supportive editorial staff after another, finds themselves looking for a new line of work. So this president, hasn't been the savior, even for those who promoted his ascendancy most vigorously, and the hope and change they clamored for, have turned out to be their own nightmare, reinforcing that old wisdom, "Be careful of what you wish for," it may be your own undoing.

For the liberal press, life was good, as long as they could blame everything on the president, but not so easy, when they have to think of other things to say, when they no longer do. In fact, then, a lot of people find they have nothing else to say -- and merely self-destruct, as the recent doyenne of the industry found herself out on the limb, and nobody to back her up, simply because she led the "blame-Bush" chants. The mainstream mass media, would have to find a new pom-pom girl.

Meanwhile, the whole business of the newspapers now seems to be walking around in a daze -- wondering what is their relevance now, without a president to kick around to denote their power. What exactly are their credentials for knowing anything else with passion and authority, since they've long forgotten (eight years is a long time), how to do anything else? "All lines are open."

So for everybody in the information business, that is the challenge of these times. What do you know and can do besides blame George W. Bush for everything? He's no longer the president, and so, that is not enough, or anything at all.

And they already purged, everybody who was not on that bandwagon. As I warned them repeatedly, you can't keep circling the wagons in tighter formations until everybody's heads are up each others assholes -- while locking out the talent on the other side.

That's always a bad formula for future success.


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