Thursday, May 20, 2010

There's a Reason (Why) Things Happen

We may not know what they are, but there is a reason (why) things happen. Learning what those reasons are, is the meaning and purpose of life -- and not that we are born into the world, ready for those with all the answers already, are ready and eager to pour that knowledge and wisdom into us, as the function of society, and particularly, government and education.

That is the gross misunderstanding of what "education" is -- as though some people had a monopoly on knowing these things, and then there are others with an exclusive monopoly on health information, and then, as in the "old" days, some claimed they knew everything worth knowing -- and could tell us about it, if we subscribed to their exclusive (proprietary) services.

But what anybody knows, is not the whole content of information and reality, but just that small bit of it, some people have decided for everybody else, is what everybody should know -- usually for their exclusive benefit, or at least to keep them esteemed highly in society.

Although many, if not all, claim to want an equal playing surface, what they really want, is to maintain the status quo, that allows them to obtain or maintain an unfair advantage -- even to the extent, that they control all the sources of information that would reveal that unfairnesss, because they know the proper people who are unscrupulous and ruthless enough to lie with impunity and no conscience.

Of course they don't call it this, but claim that they have superior marketing prowess, or know how the game is played -- and in fact, they make the rules, all the rules are always changing, depending on what gives them an unfair advantage.

Thus they come to believe, that the only way they can win, is to lie, cheat and steal, even if that would not be necessary. But they have lost all ability to make those distinctions anymore, and have to lie, cheat and steal, because that is all they know how to do anymore.

And that is the reason (why) things are so messed up -- and not in spite of their good intentions.


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