Monday, May 03, 2010

"The King is Dead, Long Live the King" (What Else is News)

Change -- even progress, is disruptive, but it is nevertheless necessary and inevitable.

Nobody owns the monopoly on news, information, and communications -- which many news organizations thought they did -- just like nobody owns the monopoly on learning (education), health and well-being, problem-solving/resolution, etc.

That evolution is called "disintermediation" -- that while it is claimed we are losing one editorial voice, we have actually gained the many others, that used to be edited, censored, and suppressed to express essentially one "politically correct" (Associated Press) view -- which will result in more (freedom of) information and not less -- because even though there is just one newspaper now, there are many other outlets and sources, including radio, television, and now the Internet in all its many guises. Nobody owns the monopoly on information (news)...

Of course there are a lot of people who would like to, and have that be a permanent position of authority, influence, and security. That's never been the way of the world, though many would like that permanence to last throughout the history of civilization -- or at least their own lifetimes.

But change, challenge and a new adaptation, is the history of civilization (mankind), and there is no creating a safe backwater apart from that river of life, as hard and as much as one tries. So the wise society prepares itself to deal with the many challenges and not just the one outcome they hope that fate brings -- and if it doesn't, they simply go into a cultural denial -- of everything, which is a death and extinction of societies.

The value of culture and history, is to prepare one for these changes, and not merely to enshrine and perpetuate the old, as the good times that should have always remained so.


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