Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lucky Leave Hawaii: Voting With Their Feet

For at least the last two years, it's become clear that Hawaii is a society in freefall decline based primarily on the fall of the speculative real estate markets that have also depressed "magical kingdoms" like Florida, California, Nevada and Arizona -- but at least in those places, people are more disposed to moving on to other areas -- where the economies are booming, or at least show promising merits to recover, because that is what brought many of those people to those areas in the first place. They are the mobile opportunists, who go where their prospects are most promising -- and because of that disposition, have a tendency to do well and better, because that is their primary constitution and drive in life.

Most other people though, are not so finely-tuned in just moving to where the economic opportunities are at their height -- as their only motivation in life. They will define "quality of life," as more than just the "quantity of life," as measured simply by income because they are more focused on outgo, or expenditures and what they can get for them, as a better indicator of how they experiencing and enjoying life -- which is usually summed up in one overarching measure of health and well-being.

People are directly healthier, because they are doing all the right things -- whether they are conscious of those choices or not. Those who are not aware of such choices and think they have no choices, are invariably at the lowest levels of being, as far as actualizing the highest possibilities of many choices. They usually are to be identified as those still doing what their parents did, and their grandparents before them -- often in exactly the same way, using the same technologies, and thinking that they have a responsibility to preserve and carry on those traditions to their children and grandchildren -- despite all the progress and innovations of the present times and possibilities.

It's usually not a
tough choice to make -- unless one has been conditioned otherwise -- to believe that their lives should merely be a repetition of the past -- as the highest achievement of living life now. They may give an exaggerated importance and glorification of that past, as though it was "paradise," or some "golden age," in which they have fallen from, rather than the proper work of any time, and every community, because everything they do now, just seems to get them farther away from where they think they ought to be.

Obviously, they are doing everything wrong -- although they may be convinced that might or the majority, makes everything they do, right. That is usually not enough to alter reality favorably -- though for a while, nearly everyone can be convinced that that is so, until they get down to those who are resistant to all delusions and deceptions, no matter how strong the peer pressures and incentives to believe what is not true.

That is the unraveling and moment of truth, many seem to be realizing, all of a sudden, as though there have not been warning signs all along. Usually, such errors are quickly detected and corrected as they become more widespread and is likely to be noticed by an increasing population sample of those not solely indoctrinated in that exclusive reality, or tradition of thinking.

That used to be the danger before the age of instant access to information, where time lags of many years and even generations were possible. But not in today's world -- in which it is possible to select any community's reality to participate in -- in developing the greater global consciousness now directly possible to all.

Formerly, and throughout all of history and civilization, information and communication, was controlled by hierarchies, and those who were closest to the source, had a greater advantage, as they even created those advantages by withholding that information from the rest, and often distorted that information further to one's exclusive advantage. But when everybody does that, information and communications become worthless, and not worth knowing -- especially when it is possible to easily connect to the full repository of information available to everyone, anywhere, at any time.

That access, profoundly changes the world, and everything in it -- instantaneously, as recognizing the truth of anything, always does.

And so many in Hawaii are realizing that Hawaii is not the only place they can live, and in fact, remaining there, will handicap them from enjoying the life that is now possible for increasingly many.


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