Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Do You Need to be Anonymous?

You don't need anonymous posters.

It's always been the press that has insisted on the right to protect the anonymity of its sources. They've encouraged irresponsible assertions.

Think about it. Why would a normal, healthy person want to be anonymous -- rather than making a name for themselves as who they really are.

It was the old media who insisted only they had the right to make and break people -- and nobody could do it for themselves. They created the need for the intermediaries -- rather than promoting the notion that people could communicate directly with the reader.

Why are those people on "American Idol" and all those reality shows? To be anonymous? They're all trying to be famous, well-known as who they really are -- and not somebody else.

That fear of being known, has been fostered by the mainstream media itself as their means of maintaining control and being the only ones that mattered -- instead of allowing people to speak their own truth, in their own words -- as is now possible.

Where does that leave the old media people who claim to speak for everyone else? In the old media model, a lot of people's contributions were suppressed, censored and edited to say what the editor wanted to say, and not the individuals themselves.

And then these editors convinced most people that if they spoke the truth, there would be retaliation and negative consequences, so that only they could speak the truth for everyone else in society. That was the old media game -- that got carried over to the new.

It's the old media that tried to pit one group against every other, with themselves as the middle man in control of the information. That game is over, and people should welcome becoming known for the best they can do, and not merely becoming skilled at manipulation and deception in the old ways.

The Internet (WWW) is not the fake, and the other publications and institutions the real. The Internet, is the real and lasting, and the Star-Bulletins and Advertisers of the world, that come and go. What people have to be clear is that what they say and do, is who they really are -- and not the person they pretend to be.


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