Friday, April 09, 2010

The Meaning and Purpose of Education

The whole purpose of "education" is to make the citizenry more self-reliant and self-sufficient -- rather than more dependent on education and educators -- who then exploit their students for their own self-aggrandizement, even while claiming what marvelous "sacrifices" they are making for their students.

If a teacher feels that their teaching is a sacrifice from what greater things they could be doing, which they are constantly reminding everyone of, then surely, such people should be heeding that greater call to service and doing what greater deeds they think their talents are being wasted for. And so education, and particularly public education, which serves the teachers and not the students, has become this monstrous thing in which the only thing that matters is more money for themselves -- and not the best way to free oneself of this terrible bondage to the teaching profession.

For surely it should be obvious by now, that learning should not require more and more teachers and "dedicated" education administrators, but that learning is integral to all functioning and doing now -- to become merely an adjunct to some larger purpose -- and not as an end in itself, and especially, a self-perpetuating machine for those with no other capabilities for learning and doing themselves.

That's been the obvious evolution in education -- and the meaning of why it grows exorbitantly more costly, because it is no longer meaningful and necessary in the old way, when information was scarce and difficult to come by except through these institutions dedicated to that purpose. But now, every activity and function, requires instant learning as required, and not learning everything just in case one should ever need it -- which is a wasteful use of human resources and resourcefulness.

When the price for anything seems to approach infinity, that is when thoughtful people begin to ask, is it necessary at all -- if the price is everything else we hold dear? And then we get back to the higher understanding that is the basis and rationale for all learning -- which is no longer to need learning what keeps us more dependent and enslaved, but frees us to move on to enjoying other things -- as rightly we should, and is the whole meaning and purpose of anything we do in society.


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