Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The Meaning of "Education" in Hawaii

There are many more people who have quit the departments of education than remain in the teachers' unions -- because it is obvious to them that this whole money-sucking bureaucracy is about providing permanet job security and entitled status to the friends and relatives of the so-called leaders in government.

People don't need schools and universities to learn -- but a culture and society that doesn't get in their way and doesn't brainwash them into thinkiing that "liberal" authoritarianism is "democracy," and so they better learn to go along with the crowd or terrible fates will befall them -- including not being able to get a $100,000 job doing nothing, and then after 50 years, being able to "retire" and double-dip, or if one is really smart, triple-dip.

And so Hawaii is like the next Haiti -- living in fear of their voodoo masters telling them what to think and do -- as though they are really thinking for themselves ratherr than being manipulated to "do unto everbyod else because that is what everybody else is doing unto everybody else, and so one would be a fool, not to," and then continue that education as lifelong, dutiful union members.

Education's never been about money but just the desire to learn -- when people are not discouraged and deceived doing so. But that is ONLY what Hawaii education has become about -- the MONEY, and haow people getting $70,000 average salaries are claiming they are being asked to work for "free," and sacrificing their lives from the billions they would otherwise, command as comparable worth in the private sector.

You need to let those "teachers" go to actually create those billion dollar corporations that provide meaningful jobs for everybody else in society, rather than maintaining this entitled class, who think that eating everybody else's lunch, is what they're being paid to do.

There are already a lot of educated people to learn from -- and with, and even the best students, would make better teachers than "teachers," who think acting big and self-important, is a necessary role and function in any modern society anymore.

Hawaii has to move out of those tribal dark ages -- especially in thinking that an education is merely an indoctrination to the "politically correct" brainwashing.

People learn their whole lives now, from everything and everybody -- and not just because they pay a lot of money to the "certified" kahunas to do so.


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