Monday, November 02, 2009

Making a Difference

A lot of people ask, "What can I do to make a difference?". and if they ask that of someone else, then they won't make a difference, because to really make a difference, one has to do what only they can do, and are uniquely qualified to do -- and not just what everybody else is already doing. That, obviously, will make very little difference -- because there is already somebody else doing it. But what makes the biggest difference, is doing what nobody else even thinks to do, but is obvious to one, that is what he must do. That is everyone's greatest contribution to the world -- how they make a difference.

Otherwise, one just goes through the motions of what he thinks he ought to do -- and not what he feels very passionately and intimately about, as that which is he unique calling and responsibility in life -- that if he doesn't do, won't get done. And that is the difference, between the world transformed and transcending, or history merely repeating itself, because it cannot find the missing link that enables it to break through.

We've lost and don't understand that feeling in Hawaii -- where many are coming to feel that nothing they do matters anymore -- that the powers that be are so entrenched and corrupt, that one can only go along. Such conditioning begins in the schools, where children are taught to conform and obey, rather than to question and challenge everything, which is the purpose of any real education.

In the off years between elections, many vow to vote wisely the next time, but as the year wears on, they forget their resolve, and go along with how they are expected to vote -- for the same people because they are conditioned to think they cannot vote any otherwise. It doesn't matter who wins the election. What matters is that one realizes he has a choice -- and not that he can only vote the one way he always has.

Those people make a difference.