Wednesday, January 06, 2010

It's Not Perfect, But It is A Good Beginning

Of course the strong unions, lobbyists, more ruthless don't want across the board cuts: they want to eliminate the weak to their increased benefit, and that is why the money that should go to education goes to educators and bureaucrats, and not the students -- because after paying their salaries and benefits as a priority, there is no money left, to actually hold classes.

It's the same with all the other pretexts for creating high paying permanent jobs for all their relatives.

Professors who can't get jobs at Harvard, teach at the University of Hawaii, so why are they demanding to get paid as much as their "peers" at Harvard?

Education should be done very differently -- for almost no cost and manpower, just as most adults continue to learn now -- because there is information and other educated and informed people everywhere -- and not that education is about going through kindergarten, first grade, etc., to provide job security for those who are already obsolete, and need to do what NEEDS doing.

When a society starts handing out guaranteed lifetime jobs to their own relatives, that is a sign that a "democratic" society is on its way out -- and a revolution and reshuffling of the pecking order is needed and imminent. That's not coincidentally the way it was before the American, French, Russian, and Chinese revolutions -- which were caused by these permanent inequalities that made many more increasingly desperate, and open to new ideas of a leveled playing field once again. That doesn't happen in a society determined by seniority, privilege, rank, the status quo -- while eschewing merit, effort, productivity, initiative, individual responsibility. Obviously, we're getting closer to that tipping point as long as the economy does not resume its prosperity in short order.

Injustices are tolerable as long as they are regarded as temporary -- but when they persist too long as a permanent state of inequality, then the dynamics and rationale change. When all the money in a society is permanently going to a self-designated few, less is available to everyone else -- obviously. There doesn't seem to be any hint of a turnaround in this consolidation of wealth and prosperity in the public employee unions only -- while the masses are encouraged to suffer just a little more to sustain their regular expected raises.

The thoughtful and thinking people are the first to recognize those injustices and if they cannot change them and think there is no hope for doing so in the immediate future, move to greater prospects, which is why people immigrate to the United States in the first place. But some states are more equal than others.


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