Monday, November 09, 2009

Unions Are The Problem

If one tunes into the mass media regularly, increasingly one comes to feel that Hawaii is overwhelmed by problems -- which turn out to be almost exclusively the problem of the unions promoting their narrow self-interest to the expense and detriment of the population at large. Quite conceivably, if there were no unions, and certainly not the domination of Hawaii society by the unions, there would be very few, if any, problems, because the people would make their decisions and decide their fate based upon the goodness and fairness of those decisions for all -- equally.

But the unions introduce this corruptive bias that the basis of work and play, should be seniority, rather than the basis of equality, or even merit -- and so the unions regard merit, as a threat to society, rather than its greatest virtue. When one regards their virtues as vices, and vices as virtues, then all manner of calamity and corruption become possible, and inevitable, because there is no basis for any virtue and justice, except that one grabbed more than their fair share, and has a right to it, because he did it before anyone else did.

Thus, decisions are no longer considered on the basis of whether they make sense and are just -- but simply because it has always been done that way, and one cannot question and challenge any further. This is a tactic and feature of medieval and feudal life -- and it's own reason for being, whether it makes sense and is inevitably, the source now of all our problems.

So if one reads the newspapers or watches the news, the problem is invariably with a union lobbying to get more than its fair share, and trying to stay on top and ahead of everyone else, rather than the paradise of people having only as much as every other person has. Of course, some people feel entitled to be the king -- and that the rest of society exists to serve only themselves, and their petty little kingdom in which they are its dictators., That's how power corrupts -- but only those who are not worthy of it.

Those who are worthy of power, never think they are entitled to more than their fair share, because they know that with the same as everybody else has, they will do much more with it, because that is what their ability and merit is. Even Jesus recognized that truth as probably the great cultural imperative -- that to whom much is given, much is expected, and they will always prove themselves worthy of that faith and trust.

The less worthy, always demand more, because what little they have, even if it is more than everybody else has, they will waste -- and their waste will be unlimited. And so it is not a matter of how little they have, but this spirit of theirs, not to appreciate whatever they have -- and invariably waste it, and so there is this constant cry for "More" -- without end. And that is the problem and storyline of Hawaii now.