Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What Is This World Coming To?

If we had all the money in the world, this is what we'd do -- but we don't have all the money in the world, and so we have to make choices, which difficult in the beginning, becomes easier with practice and discipline.

I doubt many will miss not going into the state library building and actually seeing the archives of great documents of the past, so that closure impacts few lives, but there will undoubtedly be the few, and especially those whose jobs it is presently, to maintain that their continuance is essential for civilization itself to exist.

Far more difficult but even more necessary are the far more employees to continue the status quo of the past based on sheer manpower -- and do things more efficiently than have ever been done before, or thought possible -- like education/information processing, health care, social services, in which it was thought that the expenditure of money was its measure of success, rather than the new world concept of efficiency and better outcomes, including evolving beyond liberal notions of progress.

The liberal notion of progress, curiously, is largely the idea of preserving and perpetuating the past, as though they had discovered everything possible to discover, and discourage everybody else for looking beyond THAT known.

So the problems of lack (unlimited) of funding for symphony orchestras and universities, are not an indication that musicians and educated people are becoming increasingly rare, but actually that the "problem" is one of overabundance of musicians and educated people -- beyond those traditions/status quo of exclusivity and hierarchic control, in which they have to compete with a much larger pool of talent.

Talent means there are no guaranteed lifetime jobs once one has achieved the proper initiation and designation by a self-chosen few who keep themselves at the top until they die and promise then, that everybody else can then have it all.

Instead, people rightly regard that they have as much right as long as the old system of privilege, doesn't exclude them. Those were the old turf wars, now conducted mostly by the self-serving associations and unions who would like everybody else to know that if they want to learn, they have to go through them, or if one wants to be healthy now, they are the ONLY options, and we have to pay them first, before any other expenditures we might deem necessary.


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