Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Problem with "Liberals," "Progressives," and Other Enlightened People

The greatest crime in this day and age, are those who presume to speak for everyone else -- as demagogues and tyrants have always done.

MLK Day makes YOU feel uncomfortable -- but not those NOT demagoguing the war between the rich and the poor, liberals and conservatives, Democrats and Republicans, black and white, incessantly and relentlessly, while claiming just to be an innocent observer and being the "devil's advocate," which surely you are. That's why those prejudices and hatreds are kept alive and given fresh fuel daily -- instead of simply living the new greater consciousness without first insisting we relive the past.

If you are sincere about solving these problems, then you have to see the world wholly -- without those preconceived notions that there must be these problems -- and that way, is the only way to see things, which is the problem. You create the problem so that you can be the "genius" who solves it. And that is what most of the old mainstream editorialists do, as well as many other so-called, self-proclaimed do-gooders.

But the essential problem, is projecting your own biases, prejudices, hatreds, ambitions, and limited understanding, on everybody else, who are not that way at all. And that is what you, and many like you who reflect this mentality ought to consider -- that everyone else is not as prejudiced and limited in their thinking as you presume them to be -- and that is the creation of a better world of understanding -- and not creating the divide in the first place, between the rich and poor, black and white, regressive and progressive.

If you replace "I" everywhere you use "we," you will see the real person YOU are -- but project everybody but YOU to be.

You can never rid the biases and prejudices in somebody else; you can only rid the biases and prejudices by seeing and owning them yourself -- instead of projecting them onto others and beating that (d)evil, which is really the great problem in this world.


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