Sunday, December 06, 2009

Do We Really Need Teachers to Learn?

The fact of the matter is that one does not need teachers to learn but only a culture and environment that encourages people to learn on their own -- whenever they really need to.

That is the evolving reality of the Internet as well as other socializing networks that used to center around the schools -- but now is accessible to everyone, any time they choose to access it and know about it.

One no longer has to go through these tollkeepers who insist they have to be paid a hundred thousand dollars before they'll teach you anything -- as though they knew even a hundred dollars of information worth knowing -- that isn't available for free.

That's what it means to live in the Information Age -- and not in the old medieval societies in which the universities were the only place to access information and instruction. Now, it is pretty much available to those who just wish to have it -- and know those simple skills, rather than cultivating the old culture of costly dependency on others.

The great problems of these current times is the prohibitive expense of depending on others -- for that which one can provide better for oneself now that it is possible to do so. It begins with education teaching us this dependency -- rather than promoting self-sufficiency and independence, which are the basic tenets of a society dedicated to freedom.

That is the only thing a good teacher does -- teach one how to learn on their own, and not the many people who have nothing other to teach than that they are the teacher -- regardless of how much they know and facilitate the learning process. Nowadays it is to get in the way and make the basic impulse to learning, a difficult and arduous task -- so that one doesn't want to learn.

But healthy human beings want to learn -- as the major of their health and purpose for being, which they naturally do unless they are twisted and perverted not to. And that is the great problem in Hawaii -- people who don't want to learn -- anything, ever again. Why do we need schools to produce that kind of citizens -- just so we can pay the teachers even more.


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