Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Award fot the Greatest Contribution to Life and Peace

The Internet is not inanimate -- but actually has a life of its own as the collective consciousness and intelligence that is more than the sum of its parts -- and keeps growing.

Any individual life is not meaningful except as part of some greater whole and context -- meaning and purpose. The mistake was thinking that these isolated individuals made society -- when in fact, the whole makes the individuals, and so the recognition and award of the right perspective and cause and effect, would signal the evolution of the Nobel prize itself to this greater consciousness and understanding.

Those judges may not be qualified to determine the greatest contributions to society, since they are usually products themselves of very narrow interest groups -- specialized into compartmentalized thinking of that age, deliberately isolated from every other -- and now we live in this age of interconnectedness in which it is difficult, if not impossible, to tell where one person's thought ends and another begins.

The old academic world was about competing against every other -- for primacy above every other -- and people like that cannot go very far anymore, as those who can easily and instantly access the total intelligence in the world -- regardless of those boundaries of mine, yours and nobody's, which obviously, is very provincial, and Nobel wanted to reward and honor those who stretched the frontiers of thought.

Probably the obvious representative to receive the reward on the behalf of the Internet would be John Chambers, the CEO of Cisco Systems, who uses the term, the Human Network, as the emerging global consciousness that has no borders, and is not just the manifestation of one ego and enterprise.

There used to be a time people thought that history was made by singularly great people -- rather than these individuals representing the summation and achievement of highest understanding of that culture and civilization. That highest understanding doesn't belong to one individual, but resides in the collective wisdom and cosmic consciousness -- to those who are merely open to it.

That is the greatest life of all. It redefines life on a higher level.


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