Thursday, July 16, 2020

Thinking for Oneself

Probably the greatest challenge of any time, is learning to think well for oneself -- as that quality, is the greatest predictor for success in life.  It is also the means to that end -- and no other way will bring them greater happiness, meaning and purpose. 

Otherwise, one is simply in a coma -- sleepwalking through life -- with no idea how they got there, and where they are going.  One just follows what everybody else is doing -- and never takes the leadership and ownership of their own lives.  They simply believe what they are told to believe -- which is a very sad way of living, and feel they have no other choice. 

They are told what to believe, repeat, and even impose -- as though that was their greatest social duty.  That's life as one of the mindless masses -- awaiting instructions on what to believe, and repeat as though one thought of it themselves -- and they go through their entire lives that way -- never having an authentic, original and unique thought or experience in their lives.

They even think that is the ideal -- of a life written for them -- and not that they are writing it as they are living it.

The virus is not the problem. 99% of the people who get it, don't die from it. 99% of the people who do die from it, had metabolic syndrome comorbidities -- associated with the diabetic process -- including those who seemed to have no "diagnosed" underlying medical problems -- as many "prediabetics" do. They're not considered diabetic unless they have high levels of sugar in their blood -- but they can have high levels of sugar in all their other tissues -- causing their organs to rot. That's why many diabetics eventually have to have their toes and feet amputated, and other organs malfunction -- including the liver, kidneys, brain and heart. That condition is caused by the advice given 50 years ago to avoid protein and fats, and instead to favor carbohydrates which break down into sugar -- and then is stored in the body -- until there is a demand for it, or the body is not being triggered to store energy in this way. That is what the body has evolved to do -- store energy for the time when food may not be accessible, but instead of the Malthus hypothesis becoming true, food became abundant -- particularly plant-based food, which the human bodies are not so well designed to metabolize. Infectious disease was basically eradicated in the 20th century with the 1918 flu, polio, tuberculosis -- and replaced in the 21st century largely by these metabolic disorders -- and that's what people are dying from -- with any additional "load" pushing them over. As many scientists have noted, we live in a world of germs, bacteria, fungi -- and not that they live in our world. So the suggestion that we have to completely eradicate them before we can continue on with life -- is really idiotic, even if promoted by Fauci, Gates, WHO, CDC, Surgeon General -- who largely got us into this mess with their advice to make everyone a diabetic -- with their advice to eat a high carbohydrate, low-cholesterol diet -- which a few pioneering researchers realized is the cause of most of modern day diseases. That is lifestyle, diet, and exercise -- which Fauci, Gates, WHO, CDC, and the Surgeon General is totally missing in action from. And the media writers, are hoping to win a Pulitzer prize reporting on the end of the world -- and can no longer "discriminate" significant differences and facts from political correctness of repeating what they are told to. That is where we are -- because we are living in a politically-correct, non-discriminating society -- that can no longer discern relevant discriminations -- and so all must be treated randomly, as though there is no difference. But it does make a difference -- if one is metabolically compromised in this way. It is not not just fat-shaming, and disease-shaming, and all that other politically-correct nonsense -- that says we have to let the Faucis, Gates, WHO, CDC, Surgeon General do all our thinking for us -- as though they knew better, when in all practicality, they know less -- and are still fighting the last war. History only repeats itself because people don't create a better future -- but only think they can rewrite history with themselves as the heroes. That won't make a difference.