Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Homelessness in Hawaii

You don’t have to build $500,000 houses for the homeless — to solve the homeless problem. Most of them have their own tents that they prefer to live in — and air mattresses to sleep on.

You just need to give them a place to pitch their tents — and bathroom facilities that one should know by now, need to be supervised by a caretaker (as a home and job for the most responsible homeless) — for all the public facilities in Hawaii

You need to enlist the expertise of the homeless to solve the problem of the homeless — rather than all these bureaucrats who have never done anything for their high-paying jobs — but go to school to learn how to get a high-paying (government) job.

You need to reconnect jobs to actual needs (of what needs to be done), and not just everybody looking important and “not their job” to do anything — because they are a government (union) employee.

All the jobs can’t be union employees. Somebody has to do something — besides supervise (inspect). And then one by one, the problems get solved — instead of exploding everywhere when they hit the fan.


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