Friday, July 29, 2011

The Unsustainable Future of the Aging Paradigm

Actually, they're missing a critical first step that is key to the aging paradigm (problem).

They need to teach everybody to take better care of themselves first -- before training the caregivers (health care system) to take better care of the elderly (disabled) -- who may not have learned these skills very well (as young people), and especially did not have access to all the (health) information that many still resist learning. That's no longer optional; it has to be mandatory -- and then a safety net(work) can help -- but if people are caring for those who "don't care," then all the caring and caregiving in the world will be futile and exasperating.

That is the problem of a culture (society) of dependency and codependency any place is built upon. The organizations and institutions did all the thinking and talking for everybody else, so when they retire and are on their own, they are at a loss -- because they've only known to be dependent on others, and not to be independent, self-sufficient and self-reliant.

There has to be more people who can care for themselves -- all their lives, and not accept a fate in which nobody can care for themselves -- and so it falls disproportionately on the able until they give up and become the disabled -- because that is the only way to survive in that kind of society.

Then the dysfunctional (homeless) take over the parks, sidewalks, bus stops, etc., and the people (society) are powerless to stop them.

And so the educational assets should be shifted from the young to the aging -- to re-educate themselves -- in light of today's possibilities of the incredible potential a few are groundbreaking. That is the side of the story that is not being told -- in order to lobby for more money for the problematical dysfunctional. The solution doesn't get any money; only the problem does, and so the lobbying interests want the situation to become as dire as possible -- knowing that's where the money is. And government has become only about the money now.

Private enterprises and individuals are expected to pay their own way with viable solutions -- of the people who at age 60, 70, 80, 90 -- and a few are redefining life never seen before. It is far more than simply plastic surgery, cosmetics and the latest health fads. That is a growing reality also; that is the alternative we need to know about -- and not just the despair of solutions without hope, and endless worsening of the problem -- for all the money, that too, in not an unlimited resource.


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