Thursday, June 30, 2011

The New Declaration of Independence

Nobody has to be a government worker in the United States of America.

If they are, it is because they choose to be -- because nobody is forcing them to be a teacher, a social worker, a clerk for the government; working for the government is not a sacrifice -- it is an honor and a privilege, that also compensates more richly than the median of those performing those occupations in private industry, as well as the public at large. It might not be the top -- which should not be the comparable peer benchmark they compare themselves to in contract negotiations.

The best in any field, are the best -- and have no peers, and that's why they are the best. The union, or collective, is the average -- and not the best, or they wouldn't be bargaining as a union. These points are blurred in the lynch mob atmosphere of those stirred to believe they have been cheated and wronged because they get only more than the average, and not the most -- of which they are not deserving, or they would be somewhere else, thinking and speaking for themselves, and not having a representative speak for all because they need that tyranny and rage of the masses to coerce a contract.

A contract is an agreement willingly entered by parties free to do so -- or not. From the talk of the unions (government workers), one would think they are slaves or indentured servants forced to work for compensation that is substandard and conditions that are inhumane -- rather than the standard of the industry which is their job -- instead of merely double the median, and demand that preferential treatment for life -- as their entitlement, which is what brought about the Declaration of Independence from that exploitation -- that a self-designated few, were entitled for life to the bounty of those who actually produced the goods, services and intellectual capital.

That declaration of freedom, was not so that another group of self-appointed "nobles," should demand that they alone were now entitled to all.


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