Friday, August 12, 2011

Making a Difference

It's not the form (media) that is important; it is the content.

Unfortunately too much of the proliferation of new technology exchanges has no or little content -- besides the upgraded version of telephone tag, and so just becomes a drain on one's attention.

The opportunity of communications is to create and share a new idea and feeling -- and not simply be another node for repeating the old and trite to one's own circle, in case they haven't heard it yet. That is simply the Old Media of mass propaganda.

But to communicate an original idea and feeling, requires immense energy, focus and is the manifestation of intelligence -- that is the organizing imperative of anyone's life. So if one can maintain that proficiency all one's life, there is no decline -- but one's personal challenge to do so, and meaning, purpose and fulfillment in life.

The whole secret of writing is to write to the one -- as though that was all that mattered, and not to all, as though they didn't matter, didn't know better, didn't care, and couldn't tell the difference.

One can be vapid in haiku -- as well as incomprehensible in the more familiar lengthy (and unread) academic treatises and style of writing, which made necessary modern journalism and the legions of middle men to explain what the proclaimed geniuses actually said. But the great accomplishment of any communications, is to make the complicated, simple, and directly understandable -- as the expression and communion of one's own familiarity and understanding.

All of art is the same way -- the expression of the original and creative, and not a form, no matter how novel it may seem in the sea of sameness and conformity, simply doing things as they've always been done before -- as though that was enough to make it art, tradition and culture. Society and culture, is what individuals do -- that matter and makes a difference. That is the only thing that has ever made a difference -- and mattered.


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