Monday, September 05, 2011

The Problem of Government (Education)

Government jobs should have a high turnover and be shared among as much of the citizenry as possible -- as part-time jobs, rather than becoming lifetime sinecures for government bureaucrats.

What is critical to government, is that it belongs to the people and is a shared responsibility and right of all the people, and not just permanent entitlements for a self-serving trade association (union). No one has a right to be a teacher permanently and irrevocably; that status is dependent on whether they have something of value to teach, and not because their seniority guarantees that.

Education should be the leading example that a person can hold that position of "teacher" as long as they are at the forefront of learning and teaching -- and not just because the unions (trade associations and lobbyists) protects their rights against those competitions to be the best.

But the original intention of government service was that it would be borne by all the citizenry -- sometime in their lives, partly as a public service -- and not as it has become, lifetime entitlements for people who have only been in schools and learned everything they know in schools rather than in the greater and larger arenas of life. That's how they become, arbitrary and authoritarian bureaucrats -- lobbying for endlessly more money (as much as their comparable peers Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Warren Buffettt et al. they fantasy in their union-think).

So we should share the government jobs as part-time (non-career) positions to employ as many people as possible -- while forcing people, especially the teachers, to make up the unlimited more they think they are entitled to, in the free market -- as proof that they really have something of value to teach, and not the obsolete and irrelevant education that is the tradition of unproductive academia, and education for the educators' sake.

That is how education has now become the problem. It is about learning the new, and not about entrenching and perpetuating the old -- as though maintaining the old status quo should be inviolable. We need education to serve the challenges of the present times to remain relevant and useful -- as the primary model of how things can be done, and not simply as the manifestation and embodiment of everything that is now wrong with society. That is the problem -- of education and everything else.


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