Thursday, August 25, 2011

You Can't Solve One Problem As Though It's Unrelated To Every Other Problem

That's why no problem in Hawaii can be solved anymore. One can't solve any problem without affecting every other problem -- and it is the stubborn insistence that only one problem can be solved, that makes it impossible to solve any and all the problems -- because you just can't solve only one. Which means one has to pass a law just to solve that one problem -- and only that one problem, rather than all the problems similar to it.

That would be government by law, and not just arbitrary government -- needing one specialist to solve only one problem, and then another specialist to solve only his one problem -- so that many more government jobs can be created in that way.

So when one hears that the homeless are defecating on the surfboards and other property right outside the Waikiki police station and there's nothing anybody can do about it -- because the bathrooms must be locked or they will be vandalized (right outside the police station), it becomes obvious that those bathrooms must be supervised 24/7, and what better way to do it but to build an adjoining living area for a homeless person to take care of that bathroom in exchange for that shelter -- instead of just storing the cleaning supplies, and leaving the place abandoned and unsupervised the rest of the time.

We obviously need caretakers for all the public bathrooms to protect our investment -- while providing the homeless, shelter and a job. What else do they have to do? and where else would they go -- except the surfboard racks, beach concessions and the ocean?

But the unions for the government workers would not approve of that because that would eliminate their jobs -- to clean up the problems, while the problems have far outstripped their capacity to keep up, because efficiencies are not allowed; that would eliminate more jobs.

The problem has to be the solution -- and not one group causing all the problems and another, cleaning up their problems. The problem has to become the solution - and not endlessly creating more problems because it will create more (high-paying) jobs instead of the many minimal ones that would eliminate these problems. But if government is convinced that the only way they can create more jobs is to create more problems, when the money runs out, they have a problem-creating machine with no funding available to keep up.

One group of people exists just to create problems for everybody else -- and they can never be their own solution. Eventually, the dependents outstrip the codependents, so that society must fail. That is the problem of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and government pensions and sinecures. All the money goes to those who are no longer productive, and no money is available to do any work -- because all the money is paid to those who don't work, don't produce, but just demand increasingly more. That is an unsustainable society -- that have been doomed from time immemorial.

Eventually such societies pass away -- and are replaced by new societies of people who are productive rather than just destroyers of any value and usefulness. And the people who should know better, are powerless to do anything about it but watch that disintegration with increasing dismay. But that is the society they have created, and sit on the top of, and hope it will continue for as long as they live before it collapses -- as they know it must.

You don't have to build elaborate houses for the homeless to live in to care for the public restrooms; the most basic accommodations will do -- until they find better, or they can't do the jobs well enough to justify their tenancy. There has to be a will to solve problems instead of just creating problems -- as the only thing the citizens are capable of anymore.


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