Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Where is the Next Generation of Leaders?

The only hope for Hawaii now, is to elect the next (new) generation of leaders like Tulsi Gabbard, Charles Djou, to lead the state into the 21st century -- instead of the present leaders, like Mazie, Mufi, Colleen leading them back into the old plantation era -- of their being the lunas for life. And so a whole generation will have to wait their turn for them to die or get senile in office so everybody else can move up. Meanwhile, Hawaii falls further back into the Dark Ages where the homeless and lawless urinate, defecate and take over the community property and assets, while the present l"leaders" are powerless to do anything about it, because they've long forgotten how to do anything -- but keep their seats warm.

And the people of Hawaii are convinced to do what they've always done before -- do what the leaders tell them to do, as though that was their own idea and will. In that way, Hawaii is like every 3rd world country -- where their "democratic" leaders get 95% of the vote, and the people complain year after year that their lives are getting worse, thinking there is nothing they can do about it because they "have to" do what they've always done before -- because that is what their teachers teach them to do. And so the money goes to the leaders and the government workers (unions) to keep themselves in power and get all the benefits formerly intended for the keiki, kupuna, handicapped and the whole community.

Meanwhile, the government workers are double- and triple-dipping because they administer these government welfare programs to include themselves in addition to their lifetime sinecures by setting the qualifying levels for welfare at 250% of the federal standards. And so there is no money "left over" for government's original purpose and functions -- because the teachers think their job is their own career advancement, pensions and benefits, and not to teach the classes, or even hold classes, fix roads and sewers, etc..

That's why the homeless and lawless now (the people) are living, urinating and defecating on the sidewalks, parks, beaches, ocean, and right outside the police station -- because there is no respect for the government anymore. And so the people of Hawaii need this revolution (in thinking) to overthrow the present oligarchy (government for the benefit of a few) and really introduce a modern system of government that does something for the people (everyone) -- and not just maintain the present status quo of benefiting themselves and their "ohana. "

Aren't the people tired of being used and abused for the ambitions of those who think it is their birthright to be their leaders? That can change, and the people have a right to -- even if their "leaders" tell them they cannot do that.


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