Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What Is the Health Care Crisis?

The so-called health care crisis is the classic case of what's wrong in America -- because of the health care industry/interest claiming to be everyone's "primary health care provider -- rather than that being the primary responsibility of each individual -- with the intelligent and selective assistance and aid of health care professionals.

Every individual has to provide for their own "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness," as their own highest right and responsibility -- and not that one has to go to their health care provider in order to obtain health -- or permission to change one's diet, activities, attitudes and thinking -- as though any trade association (union), has that right to supersede.

The major difference in healthy incomes, are the individual choices individuals make, and not whether one has adequate health care insurance to pay for unlimited health care services -- that are actually better regulated by the free-market desire to reduce those expenses, and in fact, to avoid those costs if at all possible.

Those considerations are distorted once a large group of individuals don't have to bear and account for those costs at all -- and are actually rewarded for being "sick." So there is no financial incentive or deterrent from "getting one's money's worth," by obtaining all the unnecessary procedures the health care provider wants to provide, after determining that one is fully covered, and if not, they won't waste your time and money.

People who don't have health care insurance are in fact more likely to be healthy -- rather than those totally dependent on the health care, as well as all the other codependent institutions and bureaucracies that enable and increase the problems. That is the crux of contemporary American life -- and its ills.


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