Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What's Wrong with Government (Workers)

For most of the history of this country, public service (government) was what people did for the benefit of the whole community, and so people volunteered a few years to serve this public good.

But then some wanted to make this service their exclusive career path -- and so rather than allow everyone to participate and contribute in this manner, they began to make it exclusive -- and create all the barriers to public service to reduce the gene pool, and thus became more technocratic and bureaucratic, which turns off a lot of the truly public spirited people.

And so now government has become the self-serving of government employees putting themselves first -- and so there's no money "left over" for what government was originally intended for, which is to serve everyone, and so the weak are the first eliminated -- so the government workers can maintain lifetime, secure positions beyond the median for the rest of society -- but of course, the unions will have their people deny that is so.

So the media becomes a propaganda machine for the unions (government workers), and the disinformation and misinformation is propagated by the rank and file, who know this is wrong, but think that democracy is the tyranny of the most ruthless -- to control the public opinion.

Nowhere is that more true and evident, than in "education," where a small group of homeschoolers dominate the spelling bees and science fairs because they are taught by people who really care about them -- and not because they know how to play the education career path game. We live in an information culture -- and it really is difficult not to learn, if one simply allows it, just as the best and the brightest already come to school with that advantage. Education is not a labor-intensive function but an intellectual capital one -- requiring only the best.

We don't need 50 departments of education and 500 schools; we need only the best -- and broadcast that. Then that money is free for what truly needs to be done.


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