Sunday, January 30, 2011

Can Government Continue to Operate This Way?

Just like with the health care insurance funding, at some point, you can't just keep on providing more money for more people to get more medical care and services, but people have to actually get better, and be better able to take care of themselves -- because the present pace of more people requiring more other people to take care of themselves, is unsustainable, as well as downright unhealthy.

In the old days, that was called, self-sufficiency and self-reliance, which was actually the original purpose of public education in the first place, and not more reliance on other people, and particularly educational professionals, lawyers, and unions to do all our thinking and talking for us.

So obviously, we are at another one of those inflection points, at which everything that has been true but not working and solving the problem, has to be revisioned and repurposed, so that the objective is not simply providing more money for the codependents, but actually improving the lot of the disabled and dependent.

Fortunately, a few leading edge thinkers are already breaking new ground -- to eliminate these problems, rather than continuing them, to continue to exploit them. The chief beneficiaries, will be the codependents themselves, who are the most vulnerable to providing that help even when it is detrimental to the health and well-being of the clients -- as well as them.

These lines are not well-defined, and so those most vulnerable to exploitation and abuse, are the most trusting and compliant -- by those who pride themselves on knowing how to work the system to their exclusive advantage, which is largely what government has become, and why we need to take this opportunity to rethink everything, so that they make sense again, and not just simply so we can hire the best lobbyists and public relations to get "more than their fair share -- as what they are entitled to."

Nobody should be a fulltime caregiver for everybody or anybody else -- and teachers have to learn too.


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