Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"Education" in Hawaii (US)

It is the teachers' own union that convinces its members that they are worthless and powerless without them -- and not that people inherently feel that way about real teachers, but of course have no respect for those who only want to get as much as they can from their communities without giving anything in return.

The union disempowers teachers so they cannot speak for themselves and determine their own rules for conducting their own classes in the best manner possible for each -- but instead, one union spokesperson assumes that power to speak for all, and detrmines the rules for all. They've turned a profession and calling, into assembly line workers who have no right to speak for themselves and exercise their own best judgments -- which is the denial of their capacity as "teachers," who if they cannot speak and make these judgments, well then, what exactly is it they have to teach that would be of value to society?

We don't need teachers to demand as much as possible for as little in return as possible -- and ultimately, to demand something for nothing as their entitlement simply because they can "stick together" and bully everybody else into doing whatever they can force them to. That's not a free and "democratic" (egalitarian) society but an authoritarian one based on the notion that might makes right, and that they are more important and deserving than anybody else (which they do ceaseless propaganda for) -- which is not fairness just because they are the most efficient and ruthless at organizing for that purpose.

And so, many growing up in Hawaii, are educated (indoctrinated) into thinking that status quo, is what they must agree to and fit in, instead of learning to think for themselves and acting responsibly as individuals, and not always as a group who demands that they are worthless and powerless and need a union strongman to do their thinking and talking for them.

They've destroyed the whole meaning and purpose of education -- which is to identify and promote merit, and not just promote themselves over every other member and group in society. Why does the future of Hawaii need to be taught that? Why would any society value that kind of "education" and educators?

There is very little real education going on besides that.


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