Friday, March 04, 2011

Death By the Unions

So this is how it all ends -- death by the unions.

You live by the unions, and you die by the unions.

The day they turned out the lights in Hawaii -- for good. Hawaii always wanted to be the first at something -- and now it will get its chance -- of being the first state to be choked to death at the hands of every group that thinks everybody else exists just to support their own high paying jobs.

The unions control the monopolies -- so there is no choice, no right to work -- if one can and wants to. They have to pay their tribute to every tribal chieftain who thinks he should be the Big Boss. Life will get harder -- because everybody wants it to get harder -- for everybody else but themselves, and of course, because everybody is thinking that way, it will get bad for everybody.

It's not enough just to be concerned with your own ohana, or brotherhood, or trade association -- in order for societies to work. Everybody wants to be better off than everybody else -- and so everything will stay the same. Everybody will suffer -- and think they have everybody else right where they want them.

That's why hard -- even in paradise.


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