Thursday, February 17, 2011

You Have to Start Somewhere

Budgeting is like dieting -- you have to start somewhere, and not maintain the attitude that nothing will make a difference because everyone will end up dead anyway.

Small changes add up to big changes, once they actually get underway, so the ploy not to do anything, is never to do anything at all -- except talk about the big changes, which of course, has never made a difference.

It should be obvious to most intelligent people by now, that the old information propagation institutions should in fact be shrinking, and disappearing altogether in the future, much as the other information propagation institutions like the publishing business have already experienced -- with the downsizing of 90% of the bodies that used to be involved -- because that function has become integrated and mainstreamed as what everybody does, rather than just a few specialists.

Everyone has to become their own teacher -- and not that there is a teaching profession that can only do that, just as health has to become that way also -- what everybody does, and not just what the health care professionals do.

But predictably, just as the "strategy" adopted by the old publishing businesses to circle the wagons tighter, that just locks out the talent on the other side, which then becomes their greatest threat and enemy, and they become a cultural dead-end, with no prospects for survival because they didn't reinvent themselves and recruit new talent to remain at the leading edge, but are stuck with all the dinosaurs of a previous age.

One always has to adapt to the present realities -- as the only meaningful reality, and not speculate on all those future scenarios that will probably not materialize in that way -- but becomes the fantasy, or paradise people choose to live in, while denying the actual realities.

That mentality is reflected in all your arguments of "devising a flexible strategy to adapt to change," which is really an excuse and justification not to change at all, and not to address the obviousness of the present situation -- because somehow, far in the future and fantasy, it will all make sense, because nothing that you do now, makes any sense at all.


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