Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Is There No Other Way?

A rare, but increasing few, don't age in the traditional and familiar fashion -- and it doesn't occur to most people that they are "old," because they seem uniquely ageless and healthy. These are people who have gone beyond Maslow's concept of highly-actualized people, to create a whole new possibility of life that didn't exist before. These are the people society should be studying -- and not those in the familiar deteriorative (dysfunctional) conditions and fashion -- which is increasingly where our resources have been going, and is unsustainable.

Most of the deteriorative conditions are usually dysfunctional behavioral responses -- that need to be recognized as such, and then maintain that vigilance the rest of their lives -- whatever the different challenges arise. When people just give in and give up, and decide they cannot change or would rather not -- but the world must change to accommodate them, death then moves in for the kill.

Fortunately, we live in an age when the opportunity for that revitalization were never so auspicious -- in that we now have the tools to access all the information, research and intelligence that exists, without all the "control freaks" getting in the way, and insisting we have to pay them exorbitant tuition to learn any of it. That's how the world has changed for the better -- and is available to those who are merely open to it.

But the old conditioning and way of life, was the struggle against each and every for primacy and dominance over all the others, which ultimately destroyed everyone, including themselves -- until they realized that instead of using their intelligence against all the others, they can eliminate the barriers that separate them from the total intelligence, which is the greater life that all the visionaries have previously spoken of.

But it is possible in this life -- and not just imaginable in the next. What more important thing does one have to do -- especially in retirement, than create (actualize) this better life -- for themselves, as well as the generations to come?


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