Sunday, December 26, 2010

"All the "Free Money" is Gone!"

There comes a time in everyone's life, when they realize that money is not free and entitled, but what has to be earned -- not by extortion and/or deception/bullying, but in the marketplace of value exchanged for "fair value," which is the free market of many choices.

In Hawaii, the marketplace is usually determined by eliminating all the other choices -- so that there is no "other" choice -- but yes or no, and not the fullest range of possibilities, which is a political, or impolite incorrectness. One is expected to do what one is limited to do -- which they believe, makes them a true and loyal "Democrat," -- which is their agreement, that they will consider no other way of thinking about anything, except what they have been taught (told) to think, is the only way things can ever be rightfully done.

And so as one goes through life, one will frequently be asked to "vote" that they fully agree to whatever limited options (ultimatums) they have been given, as an expression of their free will -- and will also agree to persecute, prosecute, identify and isolate all others for the violations of independent thought. Such conditions, will invariably be called, "The best of all possible worlds," or "Paradise," because it is the vision of one enlightened leader who does all the thinking for everyone else -- with dire consequences for failing to maintain the "bargain." Even James Hilton's Shangri-La, in the Lost Horizon, envisioned such a kingdom isolated from the rest of the world, for which the inhabitant who left at the end, immediately age the hundreds of years they actually are, but have been immune from the aging effect, of life in the sheltered confines of Shangri-La.

Meanwhile in Hawaii, people actually age prematurely, as the effects of too much sun, wind, and corrosive salt water -- it is thought, and not as a result of the oppressive conditions of a high cost of living, in which many feel they have to work two or three jobs, to merely get by -- which leaves no time, energy and choice, for anything else.

Instead, there is this foreboding, that life can only get harder and worse -- unless they are delivered by a great savior -- who they will vote for as their only choice (hope).


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