Saturday, May 16, 2020

The Opposite of Fear is Not Greed but Confidence

There is a common belief that stock market prices are moved by the struggle between two emotions -- fear and greed -- as though desiring and working to achieve financial stability and peace of mind was an unnatural impulse -- rather than a natural and healthy impulse of every human being. In that reckoning, fear is seen as good, while greed is obviously bad -- implying avarice and envy.  In this way, fear becomes a virtue -- while the desire to improve one's lot and fortune in life, is regarded as shameful.  Some even claim their poverty as a sign of their virtue -- rather than vice and sloth -- and the wages of sin, that rob them of their own prosperity.

As long as they hold that mindset, they will continue to be poor -- thinking that the accumulation of wealth, should never happen.  Such people, are always at the mercy of forces beyond their control -- because they have no margin for error.  At the first whiff of something not going exactly according to plan, they are ruined -- and may not recover.  They have no resources for resilience; every challenge sets them back.  And so it seems, everyday finds them farther behind.  There is no pulling even -- much less pulling ahead.  Such people, obviously have no confidence -- in the future, themselves, anything else.

They live in fear of every next thing -- being totally unprepared.  Of course, that is not a winning strategy -- or outlook on life.  It's somewhat a matter of money, but it is mostly the lack of confidence to take on anything new or different.  They will continue to do what they've always done before even if it has brought them nothing but heartache and failure.  They prefer the comfort of that familiarity -- to discovering anything new.

There are many different reasons for doing anything -- as there are many different ways of doing anything.  It depends on what they want out of it.  For some, it is just the entertainment -- of winning and losing.  For others, it is to avoid loss as much as possible.  Better yet, one weighs the benefits against the risks -- and goes with the winners, rather than hoping the losers will turnaround.  Those are the winning bets -- by far, as well as the most obvious.  However, many are convinced that all outcomes must be equal -- eventually, if they live long enough, which they hope to be forever.  That too, is not a winning bet.

It is commonly believed, as well as taught in many schools of political correctness, that given enough time, a room full of chimpanzees can type out the complete works of Shakespeare -- just by chance.  That is not the proper understanding of randomness -- for any practical (real world) purpose -- which is the world most people live in.  A few, undoubtedly, live in a world of endless illusion and delusion.  Things are only what they wish them to be -- and so they have a distinct problem, meshing with others.  They may actually in fact, promote "social distancing" as a virtue.  Anything to get people not communicating with each other -- as they don't.  That is the only way they can see of leveling the playing field -- dragging everyone down to their level, or seeing that nobody is allowed to do better than they do.

Of course, that is the mindset of the ghetto -- and anyone trying to climb out, must be pulled back into the hopeless vortex.  That is one kind of social equity -- but it doesn't allow for any greater possibilities -- only the tyranny of the masses.  The mob rules.  Fortunately, individuals are forced out and so have to find a better way.

That is the story of Jesus, Columbus, Martin Luther, Socrates. etc.  They questioned that authority -- and discovered whole new worlds.  That requires confidence and not greed -- and vanquishes fear.  That confidence, is the beginning of everything -- while fear is the signal that the end is near.  Life and growth prevail, no matter how often it has been suppressed, oppressed and persecuted -- by those hoping to remain on top forever.  Life is not that way.  They too will pass -- and life can go on.

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Power is Getting Others to Believe Whatever You Want Them To

One does not need to think too deeply on it to see the obvious truth of the matter.  If one can exhibit superiority in any way, that is their claim to power over all the others.  It could be in athletics, knowledge, money, "friends," or any manner of confirming that impression.  It is not necessary to eliminate all the other opponents -- but actually leave them around as testimony to their great prowess.  Otherwise, their legend cannot grow in the retelling.  Then one would have to convince each person anew of one's superiority, rather than resting on one's laurels, and with every fresh challenge, the risk is high that one may not be victorious, but suffer a fatal wound that is the end of their reign -- and eventually life.

Given a thousand chances, even the impala can deliver a fatal blow -- even by accident.  But it is no less a mortal wound.  Better then, that after one has become king of their herd, they let the pack do the hunting, and they just come around when the feast is ready -- and the pecking order is well-established and known.  So contrary to myth, the leader is seldom -- if ever, the one leading the charge, but the one who shows up after all the dirty work has been done -- to claim victory and credit.

If they have a skill, it is in being able to play all the others against each other -- to keep them preoccupied and never suspecting what is being done to them.  The only defense against such "operators," is to call their "bluff," and see if all the cards don't come tumbling down based on that faulty premise.  Do we all die -- if any one does?  Or is it just the normal, healthy course of life?

While it might be alluring to some to think they can live forever -- that they are "immortal" -- the fact of the matter is that we all have our own time on earth, and then we pass away.  That doesn't make it nothing, or meaningless if it doesn't last forever.  It is good for however long it lasts -- and then life moves on -- giving more a chance at it.  There has always been the few, who if they could not live forever, then were determined to take everybody else down with them -- as the Pharaohs, Emperors, and chieftains of old.  That was the elixir of their immortality -- that if they go, everyone must -- so therefore, everybody else should work to see that that does not happen.

That was the master mind, and master plan.  "All for one."  Everyone would die -- unless the king could live forever.  There is no such Magic Pill.  At best, one can live to 100 -- without looking like they are 100.  Beyond that, only the charlatans promise humans can become immortal -- and live forever -- even as badly as they've lived so far.  It doesn't work that way.  Each subsequent year, is earned by each present moment -- and how one does with that -- and even all the billions in the world, cannot change that.

Of course there are always those old before their time, who assure us they have the fountain of eternity they drink from daily, yet at the rate of their deterioration, why would they live forever?  But if they have a way of reversing that deteriorative process (aging), they are good to go for as long as that is happening.  That doesn't happen sometime in the future -- but in each present moment.  One is either getting better or worse -- and that trend, over a long time, are their present circumstances and capabilities.  It can't just happen out of the blue -- no matter how hard one wishes that were so, and how much money they have.

Death is the Great Equalizer -- and how we come to grips with it.  That is the story of Easter -- and how we prepare for it.  The best is to live one's life as though each day is one's last; the worst, is to live as though one will live forever -- no matter what.  Of course one promises to do better in the next life -- or the one thereafter.  Anything but to escape the consequences of this life.

From that lesson, life is reborn.  Those who live well, always seem ready to go -- or stay, while those who live badly, just want one more lifetime -- to do right.  And so a natural passing is always a terrible thing -- and all they think to avoid.  They won't do anything promising unless it is 100% guaranteed -- as though anything in life was that ironclad.  All one can do is improve the chances -- and that is good enough for most.  Some would settle for any chance at all.  Those people usually make the most of it.  They don't demand unlimited chances just so they can waste them.  That is an allegory in every bible everywhere.

So when people have these unrealistic expectations of an equal chance as though they were never given any, one has to ask, "What is this world coming to?"  Unhealthy people will die in greater numbers than healthy people.  That should be understood -- as a large part of the reason we live.  It is not a random walk down Main Street -- but a very deliberate path to that reward.  It doesn't just happen -- or should it.  So it behooves one to do the best they can -- and not just hope that everything equals out -- despite anything one does.  It is very fashionable to believe that is so -- and the way the world is.

There is no vaccine for Immortality.  You have to take your chances.  And life goes on.

Monday, March 16, 2020

The First Line of Defense

Life has always been precarious; one wrong move, and one could be dead -- in a lifetime of chances.  Eventually, everyone gets it wrong -- and is no more, but in the meantime, there are virtually unlimited chances to get it right -- until finally, there are no more chances.  But chances, are all one can ask of life -- for it is the opportunity to do something with it.  Many young people think life is to piss away as many chances as they can -- before their untimely and premature (tragic) end -- rather than increasing their chances and opportunities in a notably long and thriving life.  And that is what a healthy life and lifestyle is all about -- and not simply pissing away as many chances as one gets -- until the predictable end, they only hope doesn't come too soon.  But what are they doing about it -- besides hoping that things will go well?

That's where lives, health and fortunes diverge greatly -- and not that every life is just a random statistic (as the epidemiologists presume) -- so that it doesn't matter what one does individually and personally, because the outcomes are handed out randomly -- no matter what one does.  Obviously, this flawed view of life and the universe it presumably takes place in, is the major handicap that many do not grow through and overcome -- but get stunted and retarded in a predictable short and miserable life.  But what can they do about it?

That is the beauty of it -- that every life matters, and makes a difference what one does -- individually and personally.  There is no other reality -- and the one that generalizing everything to minimize such differences and distinctions -- causes such calamities and crises, because one insists there are no differences, when obviously, they make a huge difference.  Thus, drinking, smoking and overeating all one wants, is not going to result in the same outcomes as those paying diligent attention to such matters -- and ever making finer and more valid distinctions and discriminations throughout their long and successful lives.

One is doing nobody any favors, telling them they ought to do whatever they want to do, because somebody else will probably suffer the consequences -- because it just gets put into the giant pool of epidemiology and despair of never being able to distinguish any meaningful and substantial difference in one's entire life -- with all the studies on their side -- that average out into meaninglessness.

That world view plays itself out in every sphere of human activity -- so that investors thinking to beat the market -- think that the chances of a bad investment are superior to the prospects of a good investment, because reality will see that everything balances out in the end -- if they simply hold on long enough.  So as long as the universe doesn't come to an end, they still can maintain hope that all will be well -- if they simply live long enough -- but of course, they never do.  Life is too short, for everything to devolve into entropy.

But what matters, is that they are right -- and that is inconclusive, as long as there is still time (for miracles to happen).  Meanwhile, the ants plug along -- doing whatever they can, no matter how their paths are deterred.  They simply find a way to overcome -- and if the end comes for them, that is it -- and life goes on.  They did what they were born to do, and when the end came, the life of the colony carried on.  Every challenge and happenstance was necessary to evolve to what they had become.  That march is relentless -- even if at times, the less fit are culled out.  We just don't know when that will come -- or in what manner.  That process has not been revoked, no matter how much wealth one accumulates otherwise.

Obviously, those with the greatest chance of survival, are those who do everything possible to increase those chances -- not taking foolhardy risks, but taking the prudent ones -- and discerning the difference.  It is not just a matter of who gets to the intersection first -- regardless.  Hopefully, one learns that lesson early and often so that it will not be fatal the first time out.  Ultimately though, we all get to go around life once -- and behooves us to get it right as much as possible.  But thinking it doesn't make any difference, is always the fatal error -- that catches up to one in its own mysterious time and fashion.

Often, that which we study and measure, are simply the easiest and most convenient things to measure -- and not the most significant and meaningful.  It might be that we coincidentally have a heart monitor to sell -- even if it isn't the greatest indicator of health and robustness.  Or a drug, or snake oil for that matter.  Or unneeded, though costly, medical interventions.  In fact, in the present hysteria, those with the least successful outcomes, are those requiring 24/7 intensive care -- and receiving it!  Meanwhile, the homeless are dying unattended in their regular numbers.

All kinds of alarm bells should be going off.  One would think that the poorest are the most vulnerable -- but that does not seem to be the case.  The most vulnerable, are those who are the most affluent -- and can afford the exposure of 24/7 care.  That constant and persistent exposure -- is one's vulnerability to infection -- which can even become fatal.  That gives new meaning to the term, "toxic people" -- even as much as they are well-meaning and good-intentioned.

That is the unique challenge of people requiring the assistance of an army of caregivers to sustain their lives -- for as long as possible, and affordable.  From this, the truly destitute, are virtually immune -- because nobody cares, and the attention goes elsewhere.  That is end-stage affluenza.  In previous times, they would have perished long before -- but now can be sustained indefinitely by extraordinary means.  But the lowest threshold disease, could be fatal.  That seems to be the inescapable lesson of the present health crisis.  Those with a borderline fitness and health, have a hundredfold greater risk of succumbing and being pushed over the brink -- and nothing can be done to help that.

But the critical mass of humanity, is evolving to greater health at this time, by invoking the knowledge of intermittent fasting, the ketogenic diet, and an increasing appreciation of the autophagy (self-healing) that makes possible.  That is what prevents one from getting into the compromised underlying health problems in the first place.  That's where we all need to go.  That is better than all the cakes, candy and ice cream -- especially, all one can eat.  That is not the door to the good life -- but only a downward slope to a lot of chronic health problems of which we now know the end-game.

The fate of humanity is not 100% obesity and diabetes, and all its medical complications, but in a change in the course of that evolution towards greater baseline health for everyone.  That entails cutting out the drinking, smoking, excessive eating, and deteriorating into a condition requiring caregivers to sustain everyone.  That paradigm of contemporary health and living, is unsustainable -- with good reason!  One needs to return and sustain a life of greater intelligence -- from the earliest years or face a dire future -- now that the old plagues, wars, famine, no longer kill off huge swaths of the population -- before they get to old age.

Nature finds its own way of ensuring the survival of the fitness.  The most self-sufficient and self-reliant, have always been most prized and selected.  It doesn't matter how good their health insurance is.  What really matters is their baseline health -- and doing all the good things.  Nobody can do that for anybody else.  That is everyone's "underlying health condition."   Some have it better than others because they spend their whole lives making it so.  But what else is more important to do?

Live responsibly.  Nobody lives forever.  Make the best of it.

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Seeing the Obvious

It doesn't take a brain surgeon to recognize when someone is in obviously declining health -- as well as recognize the exceptional few who are becoming more robust and vital.  One can see it in their posture, body language, expression and articulation of the most visible parts of their body -- which is the head (face and neck), hands and feet.

That deterioration is often mistaken as the product of age -- rather than consequences of neglect and disrepair.  It doesn't take a cosmetologist to recognize that almost everyone can be dramatically transformed using care and products that optimize the appearance of those most highly visible areas -- but always beginning with a base foundation of health and inner dynamism.

Of course the present political correctness is that there is no difference between good health and bad, left and right, up and down, black or white, male or female -- and so it is futile to try to make any difference.  It is considered merely luck that some are rich, and some are poor, and nothing one can do will ever change that -- as though that manner of thinking was some kind of intellectual genius.

For the rest of us, we recognize that what we do influences our outcomes and experiences -- and not that we just want to be "right" -- despite all evidence to the contrary.  There is a reason things don't work as they think it ought to -- and that is because everything they know, and refuse to learn anything else, is just plain wrong -- no matter how much they believe they are right.

It is not age that tells -- but time -- doing either the right things, or doing the wrong things -- that differentiates.  It doesn't merely come out the same -- no matter what one does.  That is the hardest thing for most people to accept -- that the reasons things come out badly, is because they're badly mistaken -- and that is the consequence.  But it doesn't have to be that way -- the inevitable, no matter what one does -- or usually just gives up in that despair.

That happy outcome and result, may require one to change all they currently do and believe -- to achieve the better life.  In fact, that is the inescapable story of every successful human being -- that they had to completely reinvent their lives -- even dying completely to the old, in order to be reborn in an entirely unprecedented new world and life -- nobody could even have imagined before.

But it's not enough just to do it in one small and isolated aspect of life -- but to change wholly and totally, in every aspect of their being.  That is a profound change, and not simply one small modification -- while everything else remains largely unchanged -- which is really, no change at all.  And that is why most people fail to change -- because they demand that everything else, remain the same -- and that is not possible.  When there is real change, of course everything will change -- because that is the very nature of life and reality, and the story of evolution and change.

Thus those aspiring to wealth, are misguided in demanding that everybody else remain the same -- except for themselves.  Either everyone becomes richer, or nobody does -- the same as now.  So one can only hope that the tide raises all boats, or everybody remains stuck in the mud.  That's simply how the world works -- and nobody single-handedly, and unilaterally, gets all the good, and leaving the bad for everyone else less entitled.

So one needs to have this much larger picture of life, for anything to make greater sense -- and be inevitable.  It is not the struggle of the little to become the big, or the weak to become the strong, but for all to make a greater sense beyond the petty struggles of one against every other -- and each individual's ambition to overcome all the others -- by ruthless force.  That's been tried many times before -- and has not worked.

In the field of exercise, such a mentality is still being cultivated and enforced -- with no success of achieving health to the very end.  At best, a few delude themselves that they are still as they were 50 years ago -- and mistakenly believe that simply by doing the same things, they will get the same results -- which is obviously not true.  Yet few think to change -- radically, to solve the challenges of their present conditions.  They think it is enough simply to do what they did 50 years ago -- despite how much everything else has changed, including their own bodies.

And it is not that their bodies no longer work well -- but that they have not bothered to learn how it is working now, and program for those capabilities and enhancement.  The body still works -- but very differently now even if it worked before -- but the new possibility, is that it can work even better than before -- with a better understanding of it.  That would indicate that one was older and wiser -- and not simply thinking that forcing something that isn't working, or doesn't fit beyond its breaking point -- is the only thing possible.

Obviously when the heart is the only organ that seems to be working, the last thing any intelligent person would think to do is force it to work even harder -- rather than recognizing that the other organs, is what one wishes to engage and optimize.  Why would one think that the only well-functioning unit is the problem -- except of course, it is the easiest part to "fix" -- which is like looking for the lost keys where the light is best, rather than in the darkness where one dropped it?

That is the approach one needs to take with any problem-solving -- and work on the weakest link and critical failure -- rather than polishing the chrome on the space shuttle.  It is those who can best see these real needs, who discover the great inventions -- and not the many trying to reinvent the wheel.  And that is why most exercise does not work -- in preventing people from going into the hopeless decline they attribute to "aging" -- by which they mean, nothing can be done about it.  Yet they don't move on, and try to discover another way that specifically and directly addresses the notable failing at the head, hands and feet -- and merely try to strengthen and work the heart, as though that was its singular failing.

It is the articulation at the head, hands and feet, that are notably absent in those of poor health -- and not that the heart needs to work harder.  That is the failure to understand circulation properly -- which is the major effect of exercise -- that optimizes the functioning and development to anywhere that is directed.  That effect is best achieved not by making the heart work harder, but by the contraction of the muscles at the extremities  -- that pump (compress) blood back to the heart and organs of recycling and revitalization.  That is the fountain of youth resident in each body -- when understood in that way.

That is the key to ridding the body of the old -- and renewing itself.  Otherwise, the old cells and material just accumulate in the body -- eventually causing it to become overloaded with the old cells, and their toxins, destroying whatever remnants of responsiveness remains -- until it is overwhelmed with debris and dysfunction.  But that is not an inevitable process and development -- but the failure to see the big picture and significance of everything one is doing.

There's a reason why things happen -- even if we prefer not to see it.  In short, if you're not getting the results you want -- it's not because of age -- but you're doing all the wrong things -- and that won't get you there.  No way, no how, no time -- but doing all the right things, will.  It's always been that way -- no matter how many certificates testify to their credibility.  They simply have no idea what they are talking about -- and that is why what they are doing, doesn't work.  Age is just an excuse -- for doing all the wrong things with impunity -- no matter how much one wishes it were so.  That should be obvious -- and is manifested.  It is that lack of understanding things properly -- that manifests in time.  That is the reality of the situation.  Everything else works fine.

When there is a problem, denial is not a solution.

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Refusing to Change (Learn)

The fatal error in every life -- is refusing to change when everything in life is telling them they must change, and adapt to the new -- because life is always changing.  Instead, they will insist that life (the world) must change to accommodate them -- and so things do not work out so well forevermore.  Their fates have been sealed -- and only await the inevitable predictable outcome.

It always begins predictably enough -- with one thing going wrong -- and then another, yet they refuse to change -- thinking the outcome will be different.  Of course that is the very definition of insanity -- doing the same thing over again -- thinking the outcome will be different this time.  The world doesn't work that way.  There is a reason why things happen -- and not just because one wishes they would otherwise.

That is the point of no return -- when a person is not coming back.  They may have gotten lucky a few times -- but mistake good luck for a reason, and one day run out of luck -- and that car that never appeared before, does show up at the most inopportune time.  It doesn't matter how many times nothing happened before -- because all it takes is for it to happen once -- to alter their course in life, or even to end it.  So they adopted no precautions or preparations -- but hoped that they would always be lucky.

There is a silver lining when bad things happen without fatal consequences: it is a warning to be better prepared for the next time when one might not be so lucky -- and to be well-prepared for even worse -- by creating an extra margin for safety, to ensure that things do not go fatally wrong.  Yet even despite one's best preparations and planning, there is no guarantee that nothing can go wrong.   One just hopes that they fall within one's range of tolerance and preparations -- as the best they could have done -- and logically had reason to expect.  Living forever, is guaranteed to no one -- and in fact, remaining youthful throughout one's entire lifespan would already be a remarkable achievement -- but forward-looking people, are working on it -- some more successfully than others.

The proof is in the living -- that is to say -- that it does not matter what one thinks they know about achieving that, but how they manifest and embody that in their own living of of that truth and knowledge.  Otherwise, to claim to know much -- or anything at all, is the proof of one's living -- and livelihood.  Obviously, to give health advice but be in poor health and condition themselves, gives one very little credibility -- despite how many others claim it is true also.  What matters is that they manifest that truth of which they claim has merit -- and not that it works but none of its adherents and practitioners have yet to manifest and embody it.

Their knowledge is just theoretical and academic -- and we should just leave it at that -- that they have all the answers -- because they have all the certifications that that is so.  So there is this world of knowledge which is never demonstrated and manifested -- that they are insistent must be believed, and never bother to look beyond -- to find out how this information is related to actual living and experience.  It may even be in fact, that everything they believe to be true -- is not how they live and actually experience life and reality.

That is pretty scary to contemplate -- but explains why things go monstrously wrong, when one expects that everything is going right. 

Monday, December 16, 2019

The Way of the World

Once upon a time, people and organizations thought it was enough just because they said so -- to make it so, and any who said otherwise, was not "certified" to do so by them -- who should remain the sole authorizing agent from God Himself -- or so they wanted everybody else to believe.  The biggest casualty of such a deception, was the media itself -- who claimed to know everything worth knowing.  My, how the mighty have fallen -- but in their stead, many shoots have arisen -- that provide far more accurate a picture of what is actually going on -- then the one often manipulated to seem so.

That is usually obvious in the many con-artists seeking to propagate their exclusive vision of the world -- with only themselves at the top.  But in this time and age, many more have access to the printing presses and broadcasts than the few who formerly owned them exclusively.  They may have even claimed that those rights were specifically guaranteed to them in the constitution of that civilization -- as a special class of citizens -- above all the rest.

So when the century began with the Internet available to all, it did not occur to them that the world had shifted beneath their feet -- and they were no longer exclusively in control of what the rest thought to be true.  That is a long way to fall.  But from the few that have fallen, many have sprouted and risen -- which is the relentless story of evolution and progress.  Things just don't keep repeating themselves endlessly -- but move on to ever higher levels of realization and revelation.  That's not to say that many will not rise to the defense of the status quo -- no matter how inappropriate and irrelevant they have lately become.

The old ways will not return -- no matter how insistent they are.  That is not the way of the world.  It moves on relentlessly towards the future -- sweeping everything in its way.  To try to simply restore and rebuild is folly -- waiting for the next disaster to hit, and celebrating their luck -- until one day it runs out.  One hopes to have moved on to higher ground -- before they are engulfed by the tides of change.  What can one say to those who live in such denial?

The greatest tides now, are the tides of information -- washing away what is no longer true.  Of course there are always those who pride themselves that everything they know, is knowledge that was believed to be true since the earliest of times -- even before recorded history, and so that makes it even more true.  There is no record, or evidence even, that such a thing was ever true -- though they believe proven a long time ago.  But lately, it explains and predicts nothing -- and as such, is useless information -- and not proof that one is the first to know anything worth knowing.

Information that only explains why everything is not working properly -- with no remedy for how they can go right, is not worth knowing -- and certainly should not be accepted as the gospel truth.  Far better, to know something that makes a difference -- in that knowing.  Unfortunately, much of what people know, and is reported, cannot be proven by independent observers -- but are embraced and propagated as though it was true, and proven -- when they are merely the sales pitch they can get anyone else to buy.  Frequently, they are successful, but more often than not, does not stand the test of independent corroboration.

It is enough just to have their "true believers" -- those who will believe no matter how much evidence and experience to the contrary.  They will just organize and shout it louder to bully everyone else into believing -- as well.  They believe that might makes right -- and that is all the proof they need.  To make anything fit, all one needs to do is apply unlimited more force -- even if it breaks completely.

So then, nothing works -- and they are quite justified in their belief that the world has ended, or is coming to its end -- when it is only so for those who refuse to change and adapt.  Instead, they demand that everything in the world change to accommodate their world view -- because no matter how compelling the evidence otherwise, they're not going to change.  They will also not long endure.  That is the way of the world.

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Treat Each One as though it Matters

Many people think they have a thousand chances to get it right -- rather than understanding that they have one chance to get it right, and when they do, may earn a thousand more chances -- further on in life, but if they get it wrong one time, may never have another chance.

That is the simple lesson of life -- that one earns all their future chances -- or may be eliminated entirely from the game of life by just the one bad choice.  So it behooves one to err on the side of caution and prudence -- rather than being overconfident that luck and God will always be on their side.  That's not how the game of life is played -- and plays out.  That's why it is often noted in a bad end, that Darwinism has once again proven itself -- as some survive, and many perish -- even at the same challenge.

The proper understanding, is not that one has a random chance of anything happening for them, but that each decision and choice, predetermines the next.  So even a baby step, well done, can lead to many others, and then, to a bigger step -- but one thinking only to make a giant leap without any practice, never learns how it is done.  Instead, they will think that it is sufficient -- just to imagine that success, and enjoy the fruits of victory -- without ever putting in the hard work to get anywhere.  Invariably, they think somebody else should do all the work -- but they should share equally with the fruits of that success -- equally, and even, a little more -- because they cannot do it for themselves.

The wise teacher would then offer to show them how it is done -- systematically and methodically -- so they can achieve it for themselves, as well as for others.
But unfortunately many, do not want to achieve it for themselves -- or any others, but are only interested if it is "free," and costs them no money, time or effort.    That is the world they were raised in -- and think explains everything -- that all that is required, is to press one's demand for an equal share -- regardless of their contribution.  In fact, often, they try to discourage everyone else in making those efforts --  as foolish because everyone is entitled to the same, in the end.  In such a world, nobody makes a difference -- and it is the same outcome, no matter what.

Of course, that's not the real world -- where everything makes a difference, and has significance -- though some argue mightily that nothing does, and nothing ever has.  Clearly that is a wrong understanding of effort -- and its ability to make a difference.  And for that reason, such people live in constant despair, hopelessness, and dysfunction.  Nothing seems to turn out right for them, and they have no idea why.  That is the mystical outlook -- that nothing happens for a reason, and there is no cause and effect relationship.  Bad things, as well as good things -- merely happen, and so life and its outcomes, are just one big crapshoot -- and one can waste all their chances, because it doesn't make a difference.

Contrast that with one who tries to do the best they can -- as though their very life depended on it -- and their future -- even the future of the whole species.  Meanwhile, the masses are merely preoccupied with where they stand in line for all the goodies.  Instead, they castigate those taking the risks and doing all the work to produce that bounty.

That is the groundwork for societies and conditions that don't work -- emerging on the fringes of societies to greater prominence, because societies cannot discriminate that essential difference.  Instead, they are totally self-absorbed in things that do not matter -- like whether they can control what others think of them.  That has become the major disease of these times -- that people want others to think of them as more important than they actually are.  So now, everyone is an award-winning something or other -- and is a major influencer on thought, even if they have nothing to say, or contribute.

They are totally delusional -- and simply become more so with age.  So is it any wonder that they become deranged and demented ultimately?  It is only revealed more clearly and obviously, because they become more helpless and unable to support themselves in their delusions of competency.  It may strike one at any age -- and some in the prime of their lives.  Most battle back, but some never do -- and just go completely off-track, into their own private worlds.  That is the darkness of mental illness -- that most are largely buffered from.

But as many more survive who in previous times would have perished, that population becomes naturally more evident -- with all its problems.  However, the road back is to get them to do one thing right -- and then another.  That is the essential skill-building exercise one needs to grow stronger and more competent.  That should be encouraged -- and not vilified.   The answer is not how much more others can do for them, but how much they can do for themselves -- and are given those opportunities.

Basic hygiene and self-care, are primary skills -- even in the apes and other animals.  That keeps them healthy and competent -- beyond any other.  If all they do is look very good, they are well on their way to restoring a mainstream life.  Mere appearance is the objective -- actually manifested, and not just trying to convince others of that competence and ability.  That is not superficial -- but the actual -- particularly as people get older and care less and less about those things.  The person who at 100 still looks good, has achieved something everybody else has failed at.

Many simply give up trying -- altogether, and those who should know better, think it shouldn't matter.  But otherwise, there is no measure by which to shoot for -- and verify their progress.  A person who is just expected to get worse, will most assuredly do so -- because there is no standard for achievement and distinction.  Many cannot take care of the basics of their own hygiene, and are not expected to do so.  They simply require caregivers to do it for them.  Predictably, they lose those capacities -- and capabilities, and go on that way for years.

Those insisting on maintaining their own competence in self-care -- are admonished from doing so.  That is what the professionals of every stripe are for.