Friday, October 16, 2020

Sometimes the Worst that can Happen

 Is the best thing that can happen -- because then,  the worst fears are realized -- and overcome.  Until then, the fears become the limits of what we think is the unthinkable, but only when we are forced to confront it in the actuality, and not just academically and theoretically, we really never know anything with any certainty, and discover the truth of the matter.

It was formerly thought that the world was flat, and if one sailed far enough to the edge of the world, one would simply fall off -- and never be heard from again -- when the truth of the matter, was that there were worlds that existed that one could not imagine -- as the New World yet to be discovered.  So it was realized, that the only thing we had to fear, was fear itself -- and not the realization of any actuality, unless we were forced to make that desperate leap.

Otherwise, one can never sufficiently be motivated just by curiosity and intellectual satisfaction to go far enough beyond the present known -- with all its fears and trepidations.  That is often the case when young birds are finally forced out of the nest -- to learn that they can fly -- when they have to!  Those are the essential lessons of life -- without which, one is crippled, and will not survive for long -- and that is the way of Nature that has gotten us this far, so well.

Could it have be done better or even differently?  Time makes up for a lot of mistakes.  When one has all the time in the world to get it right, eventually one has to get it right -- and that is the only thing that matters, but until then, we never know for certain -- as many presume to.

But as has been pointed out many times before, the thought is not the thing itself -- but always only an approximation of what we are actually dealing with.  What we think we are dealing with, may not in fact be what is -- and that is the root of most misunderstandings and the problem.  The problem is other than we thought it to be, and until that is understood properly, is the reason the solution fails, and all one has  done, is created more elaborate explanations of why everything goes wrong.  Obviously, the problem is not the solution -- but merely multiplies the problem into a bigger one.

At the present time, it should be obvious to most people considering a future, that crowded big city environments are not viable on their present course -- nor are settlements in pristine forests -- so the answer might lie somewhere between those extremes -- as the best of all possible worlds.  That is still a choice for most people -- rather than to live a horrible life where one presently is, and so the greatest task of organizations and individuals, is to find that optimal for themselves -- and not just settle for their dismal prospects remaining where they are.

In a previous time, the best advice was to go West -- until everyone took that advice and those areas became too popular and crowded as well.  But now, the best advice to increase one's prospects, would be to move inland, away from the overcrowded coasts, where many places are offering attractive inducements to move there.  What has one to lose?  One has a chance for a fresh start -- and that should never be taken for granted, or overlooked.

Nobody ever had the right to be overwhelmingly successful being where they are -- no matter what.  Ultimately successful people, had to move into the void of greener pastures to make their lives and fortunes.  It won't happen living in their parent's basement.  They have to be forced out of the nest -- to fly, otherwise, they will simply soil their own environment until they are drowning in it.  That becomes the problem of hoarding on the other end -- when one is simply holding on to everything, and letting nothing go.  Then one is buried by all that trash.

So what is the world telling us now?

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

The Freedom To Be

Before we discuss sickness, one should inquire into what is health -- and not merely presume that everything one does is right -- or wrong, without first considering, what is health?  For many, especially in the health care professions, that means enabling sickness and dysfunction -- which makes them vulnerable to all kinds of catastrophic events and challenges.  The presumption is, that the way we already are -- is normal, or healthy -- when the truth of most lives, is that it is mostly a deteriorating condition, beginning with as soon as they reach their full maturity -- and then it is all downhill from there.

Seldom does one heed the information that they might simply be doing things wrong -- or badly, while even thinking they are living optimal lives -- when for many, if not most, that is obviously not true -- if one thing after another, seems to go wrong, and eventually, nothing seems to work right -- forevermore.  Even most exercise -- thought to be healthy unequivocally, is often what causes that damage and injury, and if not recovered, leads to permanent dysfunction and disability.

As often as not, ceasing one's normal activities, results and allows a full recovery from injurious efforts.  That phenomenon is experienced by nearly everyone in hard training -- who make most of their gains in a brief experiment that is not sustainable for longer periods of time.  That is the familiar boom and bust cycles of training -- particularly notable in competitive bodybuilding activities -- in which those short term gains are achieved by fanatical obsession for short periods of time, doing everything possible and even dangerous, and after 6 weeks, experiencing a breakdown of some sort.  A natural break from those activities becomes imperative and inevitable -- but the more desirable model, is to be able to do something and be capable daily, when one needs to.

Thus like in achieving wealth, one progresses slowly, steadily and relentlessly -- rather than the boom and bust cycles requiring frequent breaks and timeouts for "recovery" -- which then seems to be most of the time, and eventually, all the time.  Frequently it is noted, that one cannot even do -- what they formerly were the best in the world at doing.  Many end up prematurely dead or disabled by their practice -- and for some, it is inevitable, and they would have it no other way.  It is said of such people, that they died doing what they loved to do -- which in the minds of many, is the perfect scenario.

However, even better, is knowing when that threshold and margin for error is not breached, and one can safely live out a long life enjoying all those things they like to do -- without an overly premature end.  That is the frontier that needs to be explored, expressed, manifested -- and not simply living in fear of doing anything, and taking any chances.  That would not be healthy -- and the difference in outright dysfunction and disability, is difficult to determine.  

Thus individuals, as well as societies, often swing a pendulum from one extreme to the other, trying to fine-tune the balance -- but never presuming what those ultimate limits are -- until they actually find out.  That is largely what life is about -- and not simply repeating a pattern or protocol mapped out by the so-called "experts," claiming to have perfect knowledge of such things.  Most only know what they know, but the far more valuable thing to know, is what they don't know, and are eager to find out.  That is the real miracle of life.

Unfortunately, most of those claiming to know it all, are more intent on profiting off of that claim -- rather than finding out whether what they know, is truly worth knowing.  That is often compounded by another's attempts to claim that knowledge or any other, as their own invention and authorship -- which is the root of authority and authoritarianism.  The latter, is the claim to know everything that can be known -- and all others must be brutally suppressed, censored, intimidated.  That observation, should be the premise in the study of every subject -- as the limits of the known, and what is essential to explore.

We always live in such times -- and so the greatest books ever written -- is invariably about that timeless story.  The best one can know, is what they don't know -- and will then embark to find out, otherwise, one is too full of their own knowledge, and never bothers anymore to even question that what they know, is worth knowing.  Far more can be known, than can be applied practically and productively.  The rest is sound and fury -- signifying nothing of importance.  In this, "many are called, but few are chosen."  One mistakes what they know, for all that can be known -- which is the greatest catastrophe of all -- in every field and endeavor.

One doesn't want to be "that guy" -- so full of their own knowledge -- that destroys civilizations and societies because they cannot allow that they do not know everything -- as though that alone, is their exclusive jurisdiction, and all others must be eliminated.  That is the only way they can assure their own victories -- and are interested in no other.  Such people are endlessly engaged in turf wars -- as the only thing they know what to do -- and it does not matter how many others have to be "sacrificed" to prove their point.  

That is the perpetually self-aggrandizing ego -- devoid of any humor and perspective -- who thinks that only their way, is the only way -- and there is no room for any discussion about that.  That is always the danger to a civil society -- that a few coerce the others into believing only their way.  That is also a deranged mind -- who thinks others exist only for their own self-aggrandizement.  

So real health is also this relationship with everybody and all else -- not to be employed ruthlessly only for the benefit of the one -- even if all the others must be sacrificed.  It is not the most good for the greatest number -- but for only the one, at all costs.  Such costs are regarded and justified as a necessary means to the end -- and morphs quickly into the necessary evils to those ends -- which they will be the exclusive judge of that.

Such absolute power corrupts absolutely -- and doesn't matter what their station in life is.  In fact, it is invariably an inverse relationship -- of the least, feeling fully justified and entitled to their delusions.  They think life is only about winning and losing -- and never about just being -- as fully as each individual is capable of doing.  That is a mind that is always comparing and competing with everyone else -- and can never recognize that life is not that brutal, relentless and endless struggle against everything and everybody else.

That outlook destroys everything in its path.  It builds nothing -- for any future; it argues only with the past -- as though that can change anything.

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Health Matters

 If all deaths with pre-existing underlying health conditions are ruled out, then the recent virus pandemic, would have had virtually no impact.  Those who invariably died, were those who were dying already -- in long term care centers, nursing homes, 55+ complexes, etc.  That's where they go to die as comfortably as possible -- and it is miraculous when they do recover from their latest health crisis.  It will be one thing or another until that fatal time.

Obviously, it makes greater sense than ever, not to get into that condition of ill-health and the unrelenting downward spiral -- that offers no hope for recovery -- only to keep one alive at the lowest level of functioning for as long as possible.  I think most people would prefer not to live their lives in that prolonged declining state -- especially if that is purchased at the cost of all the vibrant and viable lives being sacrificed -- for the dying.

So it is not surprising when a nation that has the most people living longer with essentially terminal conditions and prognoses, has the highest mortalities of such people.  They would have long perished under more subsistence cultures and societies -- as part of the normal life expectancy.  So it should come as no surprise, that those who are healthier, have a much greater prognosis for continuing vibrancy and robustness -- which is the possibility and inevitability of health in the 21st century -- and not simply living longer lives in continuing and accelerating deterioration.

Those outcomes are not automatic -- nor random, but what each individual does to make themselves better and more fit to take on anything they may have to face in life.  Of course, the great advantage goes to those who remain and attain greater health -- and not simply more comprehensive health care coverage.  That won't offset the increasingly poor underlying health -- because that is not the doctor's job.  Their province is just to treat one's sickness -- and not to achieve optimal health, which is a possibility just now stirring in people's minds as an actual possibility for the future.

Especially for us 70 or older, who really have nothing to lose by diverging from those norms -- in which people continue to get worse with age, as the age-related diseases, including death. I think it would be preferable to live 30 healthy, vibrant, robust years, and then die suddenly by not waking up one day, than to die slowly and obviously over the whole 30 years -- and dragging everybody else into the grave with them -- but that's just me, and I don't presume to speak for others, and how they think they have a right to everybody else's life as well.

I spent the first half of my life around world-class athletes and performers, and then my second half around the senior, disabled and dying -- and wondered if there could be an Olympics just for being as healthy as one can be at 100 -- as the finish line, and that was all that was required to achieve the title of First Citizen (to reach 100 without looking like 100).  That to me, is the milestone we have to achieve before it is meaningful to speak of increasing life spans any further -- as a few astute in other arenas of life also recognize.

That achievement would not be simply a random event, but a very deliberate one -- and after initially breached, would then become the template for everyone else -- as what we have to do to live a healthy life, as long as possible.  That should make uncommon good sense to everybody -- and not just the people peddling panaceas for every conceivable condition. 

Usually, if one thing improves one health, it works for many other symptoms as well.  That is one's underlying health condition -- which can be favorable, as well as unfavorable, and eventually hopeless and terminal -- if not reversed.  Unlike time, health can go either way -- to get better, or only to get worse -- depending on the health model and paradigm.  It's not too early in the 21st century, to note a trend to improving health -- with age, rather than just the familiar deterioration from here on out.

Obviously, the problem has been the invariable accumulation of toxins and waste products, rather than a healthy life's rejuvenation and renewal processes -- in eliminating and even recycling those resources.  Such people seem to have a fountain of youth within them -- so that when one day they pass, there are no regrets for a life not fully lived.  They always did their best -- for however long that was to be.  But eventually, even they too will pass -- because that is the nature and reality of life.  Unfortunately, many have not come to grips with those realities -- but demand that they should live forever -- even in an induced coma until a cure for whatever ails them, can be found.

However, more often than not, they could have cured themselves -- by mastering their understanding of the factors that have gone into their condition, and entertaining the alternatives -- diet, exercise, and lifestyle, and not just the ones that don't work, and don't make a difference -- but are highly marketed, and repeated.  Mere repetition, is not proof of any truth.  It needs to be proved in the actuality of each life.  That is not the anecdotal, but the real -- the actual individual experience, and outcome.

That those outcomes are not equal -- should tell us something, and not that we can just mandate that all races should finish in a tie -- no matter how much we have to handicap all participants to ensure that result.  Much effort and all the resources can be diverted to approximate that effect -- or one can examine more closely, why each experienced a different result, and what they could have done differently -- for a different result.  That is the real world most of us live in -- and not the bureaucratic one of one-size-fits-all, no matter how badly.

That is the world of greater discrimination -- and not less, or none.  The ability to tell those differences, is our highest achievement, and not simply repeating what one is instructed to do unvaryingly -- despite none of the desired results and favorable outcomes.  If that doesn't change, then everybody just gets wiped out -- indiscriminately.  However, when 99% of the people do survive, then one wants to be among that majority, rather than the dying -- though at that point, it seldom matters, and makes a huge difference.  One percent of the population can always be expected to die -- with or without any complicating factors.

The reality is that nobody lives forever -- but most people live long enough to achieve whatever they set out in life to accomplish.  Far fewer still, can reinvent their lives to sustain themselves longer -- for another generation.  If they can, then they rightfully should live forever.  They've certainly earned it.  That means relearning everything at least every generation -- because what limited previous generations, was not that they had perfect knowledge -- but an imperfect one.  That is no reason to quit and give up -- and resolve never to change again, because that has dire consequences.

Many have not changed -- for the last 50 years, but continue to think they are at the forefront of the consciousness revolution.  All they think they need is one more reunion and revival -- to keep their lives going.  But life is not like that -- endlessly repeating itself.  It moves on -- with or without you.  Each can simply do their best -- if they are so disposed, or their worst, if they are so disposed.  But in any case, the outcomes will not be the same -- but differ according to merit.  Good ideas are rewarded, while bad ideas are punished -- and extinguished.  They don't work no matter how lavishly funded.  That which works, takes on a life of its own, no longer requiring our nurturance, but carrying us towards a great future -- if we simply let it.

That is the familiar rise and fall of civilizations -- which have a life of its own -- greater than the sum of its parts.  Underneath it all, is the unifying theme that there is a reason things happen -- or don't.  Finding that out, is what science is -- and not just what authorities say is the truth that should never be questioned, even if they have to censor and suppress all the alternatives themselves.  There have always been people like that.

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Thinking for Oneself

Probably the greatest challenge of any time, is learning to think well for oneself -- as that quality, is the greatest predictor for success in life.  It is also the means to that end -- and no other way will bring them greater happiness, meaning and purpose. 

Otherwise, one is simply in a coma -- sleepwalking through life -- with no idea how they got there, and where they are going.  One just follows what everybody else is doing -- and never takes the leadership and ownership of their own lives.  They simply believe what they are told to believe -- which is a very sad way of living, and feel they have no other choice. 

They are told what to believe, repeat, and even impose -- as though that was their greatest social duty.  That's life as one of the mindless masses -- awaiting instructions on what to believe, and repeat as though one thought of it themselves -- and they go through their entire lives that way -- never having an authentic, original and unique thought or experience in their lives.

They even think that is the ideal -- of a life written for them -- and not that they are writing it as they are living it.

The virus is not the problem. 99% of the people who get it, don't die from it. 99% of the people who do die from it, had metabolic syndrome comorbidities -- associated with the diabetic process -- including those who seemed to have no "diagnosed" underlying medical problems -- as many "prediabetics" do. They're not considered diabetic unless they have high levels of sugar in their blood -- but they can have high levels of sugar in all their other tissues -- causing their organs to rot. That's why many diabetics eventually have to have their toes and feet amputated, and other organs malfunction -- including the liver, kidneys, brain and heart. That condition is caused by the advice given 50 years ago to avoid protein and fats, and instead to favor carbohydrates which break down into sugar -- and then is stored in the body -- until there is a demand for it, or the body is not being triggered to store energy in this way. That is what the body has evolved to do -- store energy for the time when food may not be accessible, but instead of the Malthus hypothesis becoming true, food became abundant -- particularly plant-based food, which the human bodies are not so well designed to metabolize. Infectious disease was basically eradicated in the 20th century with the 1918 flu, polio, tuberculosis -- and replaced in the 21st century largely by these metabolic disorders -- and that's what people are dying from -- with any additional "load" pushing them over. As many scientists have noted, we live in a world of germs, bacteria, fungi -- and not that they live in our world. So the suggestion that we have to completely eradicate them before we can continue on with life -- is really idiotic, even if promoted by Fauci, Gates, WHO, CDC, Surgeon General -- who largely got us into this mess with their advice to make everyone a diabetic -- with their advice to eat a high carbohydrate, low-cholesterol diet -- which a few pioneering researchers realized is the cause of most of modern day diseases. That is lifestyle, diet, and exercise -- which Fauci, Gates, WHO, CDC, and the Surgeon General is totally missing in action from. And the media writers, are hoping to win a Pulitzer prize reporting on the end of the world -- and can no longer "discriminate" significant differences and facts from political correctness of repeating what they are told to. That is where we are -- because we are living in a politically-correct, non-discriminating society -- that can no longer discern relevant discriminations -- and so all must be treated randomly, as though there is no difference. But it does make a difference -- if one is metabolically compromised in this way. It is not not just fat-shaming, and disease-shaming, and all that other politically-correct nonsense -- that says we have to let the Faucis, Gates, WHO, CDC, Surgeon General do all our thinking for us -- as though they knew better, when in all practicality, they know less -- and are still fighting the last war. History only repeats itself because people don't create a better future -- but only think they can rewrite history with themselves as the heroes. That won't make a difference.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Exercising without Movement (Isometrics Reinvented)

As some may be old enough to recall, a manner of exercise that became the rage very briefly in the 1950s, was what was called "isometric" exercise -- notable for its lack of visible movement.  However, a lot was still going on within the body that was not so visible -- nor easily measured.

But the downfall of its popularity began when trainees would suffer the valsalva effect of holding their breath too long -- especially under the pressure of exertion.  That notable effect was when trainees would pass out -- which made it a very perilous style of training -- particularly around heavy metal and purposefully unforgiving objects.

Often, it was after the isometric exercise ended, when the real excitement began.  It is not unlike many single attempt limits in which the trainee passes out -- with often disastrous results for themselves, as well as those assisting them, or merely innocent bystanders.  There were even times when a squat rack was placed right next to a plate glass window -- with as one can imagine, spectacular chain-of-events.  So such antics quickly fell out of favor -- and few have thought to revisit the validity of the principles invoked.

But such a manner of training (exercising) is not particularly novel nor unprecedented, because yoga is distinctive for its postures and poses rather than movements -- but deliberately cultivates breathing while maintaining a relaxed position.  However, even the most fervent yoga practitioner will note that that increased range of movement comes because of a lack of substantial muscular development -- which is an byproduct of optimizing circulation.  Muscles, as well as all the organs of the body, reach their optimal performance, development and appearance, because the circulation to those organs, tissues and cells -- are optimized to keep them as well-nourished and toxic-free as possible.  Under such conditions, muscles grow larger because they are provided the nutrients to do so, while just as importantly, removing the toxins that build up as a result of those expenditures (exertions).

If those waste products are not first removed, then there is simply no room for the new to replace them -- so understanding that sequence, is key to optimizing the circulation -- and not simply making the heart work harder into the resistance presented when the capillaries are not drained by the proper understanding of that process.  All skeletal muscles must contract back towards the heart (proximal), from whatever axis of rotation the joint is articulating at (insertion).  In most real world activities, that would be at the neck, wrists or ankles -- but in activities contrived just to increase the heart rate arbitrarily and unnecessarily, that movement seldom proceeds beyond the hips and shoulders -- and even then, not by much.

And that is the problem when people report exercising as hard as ever, with only diminishing returns -- eventually to the point at which they think it is even non- or counterproductive.  At which they give up and fall into despair about their future prospects for good health and survival -- and think nothing else is possible -- because they largely think that nothing else is possible.  Many physical instructors and even other health professionals will insist that it is either their "way or the highway," even though they exhibit no evidence that their way actually works.  It is just enough that they all recommend the same thing -- that doesn't work for everybody else either.

But the inquiring mind might ask, "Is that all there is?"  "Are we all doomed in this way?"  One hopes not -- but it is not likely to be what everybody is insisting doesn't work.  They have to look deeper for a way that does -- and makes perfectly good sense to do so.

One of the earlier ideas to improve upon the isometric idea came in the concept of negative-accentuated exercise -- in which instead of focusing primarily on lifting a weight (positive-accentuated), one devoted more time and energy to lowering the weight from full contraction to full relaxation -- as sort of an isometric with movement.  The problem with this is that it still requires breath-holding as the method by which one is hoping to hold and lower the weight as slowly as possible -- and so causing the muscle to "fail" in this way.  However, this also made any familiar exercise even harder -- and less rewarding (validating), because the measure of its success -- was this notable failure.  It was called "muscle failure," when in fact, it was the failure of adequate circulation to the brain -- that causes all other exertions to cease.

What one wishes to do in any athletic or practical event, is actually to increase one's capabilities and perseverence as long as is required -- and not to prematurely and predictably fail.  At the wrong moment, that would be particularly disastrous -- and so the practicality of that manner of conditioning, is highly questionable, and of what use?  Predictably, that manner of training, while initially popular, was also quickly abandoned -- because conditioning with "failure," does not particularly make sense to those who wish to persevere long after the competition has dropped out.  They wish to be the "last man standing," and not the "first person out."

The problem with most static exercise modalities, is that they move from the presumably fully contracted position to the fully relaxed position -- and when they talk of increasing the range of motion, think in terms of increasing the range of relaxed position, rather than more productively, increasing the contraction beyond what they have thought to be the furthest extent in that direction -- yet that is obviously the movement that would have the greatest impact of forcing the fluid (blood) out of the capillaries at the extremities -- as the muscle contracts increasingly or momentarily as hard as it ever has.  That action forces the blood back towards the heart in the most powerful, obvious way -- creating the space for the heart to pump new blood into those areas.  Keep in mind that the heart is only an organ of less than a pound, and cannot overcome the resistance of miles of capillaries in which the blood is not moving.

But the evacuation always has to precede the inflow -- because the resistance in the capillaries, is too difficult to overcome.  It has to be pumping into a vacuum as much as possible to achieve -- by understanding the action of the muscles to contract back towards the heart -- and in that contraction, compressing the fluids in that direction -- towards the renewing and recycling organs of the body.  That's what most produces and assures healthful functioning of the body.  Nature has done the hard part -- in designing and evolving everything that way.  We still need to read the User's Manual to get maximum use out of it -- and volumes have been written to get even more.

But unfortunately, most settle for the minimal use of it -- rather than its fullest potential to upgrade our lives to much higher levels than ever thought possible before.  That's when the real magic is unleashed -- tapping the power of the unthinkable.  The position in which one thinks is the end position, is only the beginning -- and one can dispense with the rest.  The range that can be extended and articulated (expressed), doesn't end where most think it does -- but actually begins at that point at which most think further movement is not possible.  Further efforts in that direction, causes a super-contraction -- while seemingly producing very little discernible movement.  However, the resistance from further contraction, is maximal -- and that is the very powerful effect of producing the maximum internal compression pushing blood back to the heart.

Then, even the slightest relaxation, draws blood from the heart into that vacuum (space).  And so, it is not a steady, constant contraction that is most effective in achieving that circulatory effect, but rather, pulsing in very brief, but powerful supercontractions -- that only seems like a constant isometric contraction.  That alternation of muscular state would obviously produce a similar pumping effect as the heart -- which has to be an alternation between the contracted muscle and a relaxation -- even while an overt movement is minimal.  It is the movement within the body that is far more important than any outward show of it -- for the health benefit.

And the health benefit, should be the longterm objective of exercise -- and not just throwing a ball further, running faster, jumping higher, and lifting more weight, but in the doing so, prematurely shortening their life and well-being -- as is so often witnessed in using the highly competitive model to measure one's progress.  Thus, many training in that fashion, have a brief moment of fame, and then a much longer period of disability, and premature death.  Some are willing to accept that trade-off, but many more, would opt for a longer life, in good health as the overwhelming quality and quantity of life.

But as many people know, or recognize, movements become increasingly problematical with age -- so the trick is to attain the benefits -- without experiencing the pain and disincentives for doing so -- which brings most people to an abrupt stop in their activities, even as much as they've enjoyed it previously all their life.  There comes a time when even that is no longer possible, or bearable.  So how does one get around that?  Exercising with minimal movement -- but unprecedented effectiveness.  The exercise must now begin where they previously would have ended it.

A good example is to lay down on a surface and bring the knees up to one's chest as much as possible -- and once attaining that position, straightening the legs, and from that position, move the feet further towards the head, and even down to the floor if that is possible.  Every inch of moving in that direction, will produce an unprecedented muscular contraction -- most notably of the abdominals, but of all the muscles also -- in a way that moving the feet in the more conventional direction (back to relaxation), could never.  The quality and intensity of the contraction, determines the effective of the compression of the blood back towards the heart -- and on each momentary relaxation, the heart has space to fill with new blood.  Otherwise, the heart is totally ineffective -- because it cannot overcome the resistance of miles of capillaries with blood that remains in it.  That is not possible, but simply returns to the heart.

The blood has to be first evacuated -- and then the resulting space, creates a vacuum where new blood can readily flow.  It can't work any other way.  It is just physically impossible -- no matter how much one thinks it is so.  It just doesn't work that way -- or could it.  That's why the isometric contraction -- beginning with the conventional endpoint, is the most powerful way to effect this action -- because nothing else is possible.

This is a particularly useful way for those with movement limitations to exercise -- because it obviates the need for overt movement, while maximizing the internal movement, which is the flow of blood back to the heart.  In more primitive times, people would move their hands, feet and necks much more -- but now that is seen mostly in performers in dance, gymnastics, diving and other athletics -- but is less obvious in all the athletic movements -- that are overshadowed by other measurements of significance.  Many purely fitness activities overlook these critical and fine motor coordinations -- thinking wrongly, that gross movements are all that is necessary to make the heart work harder.  But the lack is not the dereliction of the heart but of every other muscle of sedentary contemporary living to do its vital part to complete the circulatory process and pathway -- particularly to the head, hands and feet, that are the familiar and obvious signs of deterioration and aging.

Understanding and focusing on only one part of it, does not make it a whole, or even complete understanding of this vital health process.  One needs to see the larger picture -- and not mistake a small part, as the whole story. -- yet thinking one understands anything at all.  People don't just die from one thing; they die from everything.  Similarly, life is not just one thing -- but everything.

Saturday, May 16, 2020

The Opposite of Fear is Not Greed but Confidence

There is a common belief that stock market prices are moved by the struggle between two emotions -- fear and greed -- as though desiring and working to achieve financial stability and peace of mind was an unnatural impulse -- rather than a natural and healthy impulse of every human being. In that reckoning, fear is seen as good, while greed is obviously bad -- implying avarice and envy.  In this way, fear becomes a virtue -- while the desire to improve one's lot and fortune in life, is regarded as shameful.  Some even claim their poverty as a sign of their virtue -- rather than vice and sloth -- and the wages of sin, that rob them of their own prosperity.

As long as they hold that mindset, they will continue to be poor -- thinking that the accumulation of wealth, should never happen.  Such people, are always at the mercy of forces beyond their control -- because they have no margin for error.  At the first whiff of something not going exactly according to plan, they are ruined -- and may not recover.  They have no resources for resilience; every challenge sets them back.  And so it seems, everyday finds them farther behind.  There is no pulling even -- much less pulling ahead.  Such people, obviously have no confidence -- in the future, themselves, anything else.

They live in fear of every next thing -- being totally unprepared.  Of course, that is not a winning strategy -- or outlook on life.  It's somewhat a matter of money, but it is mostly the lack of confidence to take on anything new or different.  They will continue to do what they've always done before even if it has brought them nothing but heartache and failure.  They prefer the comfort of that familiarity -- to discovering anything new.

There are many different reasons for doing anything -- as there are many different ways of doing anything.  It depends on what they want out of it.  For some, it is just the entertainment -- of winning and losing.  For others, it is to avoid loss as much as possible.  Better yet, one weighs the benefits against the risks -- and goes with the winners, rather than hoping the losers will turnaround.  Those are the winning bets -- by far, as well as the most obvious.  However, many are convinced that all outcomes must be equal -- eventually, if they live long enough, which they hope to be forever.  That too, is not a winning bet.

It is commonly believed, as well as taught in many schools of political correctness, that given enough time, a room full of chimpanzees can type out the complete works of Shakespeare -- just by chance.  That is not the proper understanding of randomness -- for any practical (real world) purpose -- which is the world most people live in.  A few, undoubtedly, live in a world of endless illusion and delusion.  Things are only what they wish them to be -- and so they have a distinct problem, meshing with others.  They may actually in fact, promote "social distancing" as a virtue.  Anything to get people not communicating with each other -- as they don't.  That is the only way they can see of leveling the playing field -- dragging everyone down to their level, or seeing that nobody is allowed to do better than they do.

Of course, that is the mindset of the ghetto -- and anyone trying to climb out, must be pulled back into the hopeless vortex.  That is one kind of social equity -- but it doesn't allow for any greater possibilities -- only the tyranny of the masses.  The mob rules.  Fortunately, individuals are forced out and so have to find a better way.

That is the story of Jesus, Columbus, Martin Luther, Socrates. etc.  They questioned that authority -- and discovered whole new worlds.  That requires confidence and not greed -- and vanquishes fear.  That confidence, is the beginning of everything -- while fear is the signal that the end is near.  Life and growth prevail, no matter how often it has been suppressed, oppressed and persecuted -- by those hoping to remain on top forever.  Life is not that way.  They too will pass -- and life can go on.

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Power is Getting Others to Believe Whatever You Want Them To

One does not need to think too deeply on it to see the obvious truth of the matter.  If one can exhibit superiority in any way, that is their claim to power over all the others.  It could be in athletics, knowledge, money, "friends," or any manner of confirming that impression.  It is not necessary to eliminate all the other opponents -- but actually leave them around as testimony to their great prowess.  Otherwise, their legend cannot grow in the retelling.  Then one would have to convince each person anew of one's superiority, rather than resting on one's laurels, and with every fresh challenge, the risk is high that one may not be victorious, but suffer a fatal wound that is the end of their reign -- and eventually life.

Given a thousand chances, even the impala can deliver a fatal blow -- even by accident.  But it is no less a mortal wound.  Better then, that after one has become king of their herd, they let the pack do the hunting, and they just come around when the feast is ready -- and the pecking order is well-established and known.  So contrary to myth, the leader is seldom -- if ever, the one leading the charge, but the one who shows up after all the dirty work has been done -- to claim victory and credit.

If they have a skill, it is in being able to play all the others against each other -- to keep them preoccupied and never suspecting what is being done to them.  The only defense against such "operators," is to call their "bluff," and see if all the cards don't come tumbling down based on that faulty premise.  Do we all die -- if any one does?  Or is it just the normal, healthy course of life?

While it might be alluring to some to think they can live forever -- that they are "immortal" -- the fact of the matter is that we all have our own time on earth, and then we pass away.  That doesn't make it nothing, or meaningless if it doesn't last forever.  It is good for however long it lasts -- and then life moves on -- giving more a chance at it.  There has always been the few, who if they could not live forever, then were determined to take everybody else down with them -- as the Pharaohs, Emperors, and chieftains of old.  That was the elixir of their immortality -- that if they go, everyone must -- so therefore, everybody else should work to see that that does not happen.

That was the master mind, and master plan.  "All for one."  Everyone would die -- unless the king could live forever.  There is no such Magic Pill.  At best, one can live to 100 -- without looking like they are 100.  Beyond that, only the charlatans promise humans can become immortal -- and live forever -- even as badly as they've lived so far.  It doesn't work that way.  Each subsequent year, is earned by each present moment -- and how one does with that -- and even all the billions in the world, cannot change that.

Of course there are always those old before their time, who assure us they have the fountain of eternity they drink from daily, yet at the rate of their deterioration, why would they live forever?  But if they have a way of reversing that deteriorative process (aging), they are good to go for as long as that is happening.  That doesn't happen sometime in the future -- but in each present moment.  One is either getting better or worse -- and that trend, over a long time, are their present circumstances and capabilities.  It can't just happen out of the blue -- no matter how hard one wishes that were so, and how much money they have.

Death is the Great Equalizer -- and how we come to grips with it.  That is the story of Easter -- and how we prepare for it.  The best is to live one's life as though each day is one's last; the worst, is to live as though one will live forever -- no matter what.  Of course one promises to do better in the next life -- or the one thereafter.  Anything but to escape the consequences of this life.

From that lesson, life is reborn.  Those who live well, always seem ready to go -- or stay, while those who live badly, just want one more lifetime -- to do right.  And so a natural passing is always a terrible thing -- and all they think to avoid.  They won't do anything promising unless it is 100% guaranteed -- as though anything in life was that ironclad.  All one can do is improve the chances -- and that is good enough for most.  Some would settle for any chance at all.  Those people usually make the most of it.  They don't demand unlimited chances just so they can waste them.  That is an allegory in every bible everywhere.

So when people have these unrealistic expectations of an equal chance as though they were never given any, one has to ask, "What is this world coming to?"  Unhealthy people will die in greater numbers than healthy people.  That should be understood -- as a large part of the reason we live.  It is not a random walk down Main Street -- but a very deliberate path to that reward.  It doesn't just happen -- or should it.  So it behooves one to do the best they can -- and not just hope that everything equals out -- despite anything one does.  It is very fashionable to believe that is so -- and the way the world is.

There is no vaccine for Immortality.  You have to take your chances.  And life goes on.