Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Doing Everything Wrong -- and Refusing to Change

That is a fatal combination.  Not surprisingly, that is always and inevitably fatal. One could not expect anything different -- yet many people make up their minds, even at an early age, to do everything wrong, and refuse to change.  That is the process of dying, and before that,the slow dying we call "aging," because we refuse to change, for whatever reason.  One is set in their ways, and is no longer responsive, and meeting the challenges of their everyday living, appropriately.  One simply waits, for the inevitable end -- paralyzed in thought, deed and action.  Waiting for the end.

It doesn't have to be that way, and isn't, for those who remain responsive to life -- at every age.  But that is the difference -- whether one is responsive, and responds appropriately, optimally, beneficially -- and not just indiscriminately, as though nothing makes a difference, but one keeps on doing it anyway.  Obviously, if something is not working, doing more of it, is not going to make the difference one desires -- but only give them the same result -- time after time, after time.

The obvious is that one must do something different, to get a different result, and eventually, the desired result -- but one cannot achieve that, by doing that which doesn't work -- no matter how much more times.  Fortunately, there is not just one way things can be done -- but many ways, until one discovers what works wonderfully -- and can move on to the next challenge to a better life.  That has always been the challenge of living in any age.

So the solution must solve the problem -- and not just keep it going, and getting worse.  The easy answer then, is that one must be doing the opposite of what one is doing, and not just the opposite of what would make perfectly good sense to do, and would actually solve the problem, rather than perpetuating it for all time.  That is the culture of dysfunction -- and not a more perfect society, which of course, must be composed of more perfect individuals.  It doesn't just happen because people wish it so.  They have to do things that actualize that reality -- even if they are the first, the pioneers in doing it that way -- that leads to a better way for others.

But first, it has to be discovered and manifested by one, to make it a reality and choice for others.  Until then, we don't know we have that possibility -- until someone actually manifests it -- and not just say that someone (else) should.  Few are conditioned to think this way.  Most are conditioned to believe they have no choice -- in all the thoughts and actions of their lives.  Somebody else is always responsible -- for solving the problems of their lives.  But they themselves, think that they cannot solve the problems of their own lives -- in that direct and obvious way, in being the way one lives their lives successfully.

Seldom is it the case that there are "no results."  Much more likely, is that there are not the results one desires -- rather than that it is acknowledged that one is getting the wrong results, and the desired results, require different actions -- beginning with the understanding of the problem, and the conditioning that makes it so.  One is never simply "doing nothing," but always "doing something" -- even if for a wrong and disastrous result.

Then one sees the cause and effect -- or karma, of actions leading to results.  It may not be what we intended, or would like others to believe is true, but it is the result of our actions.  Some would have us believe that there is no link or consequence between what we do, and what we experience -- as the result of our actions (exercise), which largely explains (determines) the person we are.  That may be a prematurely old and dysfunctional person -- but doesn't have to be, not just because one wishes it were not so -- but doing differently to make it so.  That will make a difference.  That is the only thing that will.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Taking Better Care of Ourselves

If things don't change, the coming crisis will be the lack of caregivers to take care of other people -- caused greatly, by people not taking better care of themselves -- first and foremost.  If people did that, the need for others to care for them, would diminish greatly. 

There is nothing inevitable about decline and deterioration at any time in life -- except that it is an accepted "normal" in many -- especially those who were never very good at it at any point in their lives.   Naturally and predictably, they just got worse -- as the only way they knew how to live out their lives, because they didn't see good role models of anything else.  They saw only self-destructive types, who inevitably self-destruct -- but there is nothing normal, or desirable about such a path -- no matter how much help from others -- that might entitle them to. 

Such individuals do require greater guidance and assistance throughout life -- not only in harming themselves, but others around them -- creating a path of destruction in their wake.  It used to be much worse -- but is improving with time.  The progress and evolution of human society, is that people become better -- even if they have to make themselves so

That doesn't necessarily create more jobs -- in the traditional sense of doing something for someone else, of which caregiving is the ultimate manifestation of.  "Caregiving" may be necessary for babies -- but the object in life, is to become more self-sufficient, self-reliant, and self-sustaining -- rather than increasing one's dependence on others, even if that is socially approved, condoned, and provides many jobs for others -- even as the fastest growing industry.  That is not a good measure of progress.

It is obviously moving in the wrong direction.  When it takes ten to look after one, or even one other to look after one, that is a zero-sum game, no matter how much time, energy and other resources are put into such a scheme.  Then those caregivers, haven't the time, energy and resources to devote to themselves,  and the most dependent and/or dysfunctional, call the tunes -- for the rest of society to dance to.

Therefore, the only thing that makes sense, is for everyone to become more proficient at caring for themselves -- so that they don't require that attention by others.  The obvious cases are bicyclists who believe that it is everybody else's job to watch out and ensure their safety -- as though they don't have that primary consideration for their own.  Criminals and other social deviants are a similar drain on everybody else's resources.  They think that is the primary reason for everybody else's existence.

That is an immature (erroneous) view of the world, and the place one has in it.   The question then, is not what one should do for another, but what can one do to better themselves?  That is the most meaningful action any human can take.  But that does not mean exclusively for one's own benefit -- and nobody else's, even to being in conflict with everybody else -- for everything.  Even to thinking that one is in competition with everybody else, for everything, all the time -- which is even thinking about being in competition with oneself -- to justify and disguise such ignoble intents.

The most productive action, is that which benefits many others -- as well as oneself -- as the first and prime beneficiary.  But if one cannot provide that benefit even to oneself, it is a stretch of imagination to think that they are providing that benefit to everybody else but themselves.  That was what they called, "sacrificing" oneself for another.  A healthy world and outlook, does not require such "sacrifices."  The healthy world is where no one sacrifices and subjugates themselves to another -- especially by their own choice and deliberation.

That would be a sustainable and growing society -- and not one consumed by the obsession, "Where will all the future caregivers come from -- when it is my turn to become the chief beneficiary?"
Hopefully, that day never comes, and one dedicates their lives to ensuring that as much as possible.  That would be especially true in retirement -- when people have to justify their lives beyond the usual affiliations and occupations.  At that point, many lives implode because they've never thought of these things before -- and have to justify their own existence.  Life then, is what every individual makes of it -- but their entire life before then, has preparation for.

For many, that will be a disaster -- as they realize they are totally unprepared, and everything they have done, has been a dissipation and waste of every opportunity that ever presented itself -- even to the most underprivileged.   That is to say that even privileges, have become everyone's entitlement.  Unfortunately, reality is seldom as generous as to be fooled by such sophistry.  It demands real results.

The world hasn't seen such actualizations before -- because that is the work of the present generation.  That is why we live.

Friday, May 29, 2015

The Greatest Danger of All

Comparing smoking to vaping, is like comparing raisins to watermelons. They operate by two totally different mechanisms. Smoking is much more offensive to non-smokers because the burning of tobacco (marijuana, etc.) is not inhaled by the user primarily but is lost to the environment by a ratio of more than ten to one, whereas the "smoke" produced by the vaper, is only what they draw into their lungs -- and then blow into the air, which is actually a miniscule amount, and that is why it can hardly be detected.

So even if vaping is as harmful as smoking, it has much less of an impact on the non-smokers (and environment), which rightly, should be the primary concern, because it is the innocent we want to protect first, and not those bent on exercising personal choice -- whether that is BASE jumping, climbing Mt. Everest, drinking, overeating, not exercising, blowing through stop signs on a bike, etc.

The just society is to protect the innocent, and not the guilty as though they are the innocent, and the victims of society -- as has come to be the fashion among the nondiscriminating. And that is the big problem in any society -- of not making the valid discrimantions from the arbitrary, and then passing laws that only permit the arbitrary -- as in many "progressive" states.

Anybody who has ever visited a chain-smoker's residence, knows that the walls and furnishings of that environment are coated with brown, sticky tar and residue -- which is also going on in the lungs of the smoker, impacting health tremendously in that fashion -- rendering the debate on whether nicotine itself is harmful, as a much smaller risk.

That's why the argument that smoking marijuana having no impact because THC itself is not harmful or even medicinal, has to weigh the process of smoking itself as a huge impact -- that is largely ignored by the usually same "progressives." In fact, one notes that the resin and tar produced by marijuana, is considerably more, by the very nature of the subtance.

The base of e-juices is glycerin, which actually has favorable effects -- usually as the base for most cosmetics, topicals, theatrical effects (to produce "smoke"), which also leaves a thin film in most air purifiers, which is a lot less sticky and thick than the residue produced from smoking.

Unfortunately, a lot of people expressing opinions and notions comparing smoking to vaping, haven't given it any thought or investigation at all -- in any real world experience and experiment, which is the greatest danger of all.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Beating the High Cost of Living

The only way I've ever figured how to beat the high cost of living -- is to move to a lower cost market.  That of course, means identifying how the markets perform relative to one another.  It's not unlike finding the better performing stock -- from those that are underperforming.  Values have always been relative as a general rule -- but beyond that, highly individualized by personal tastes and judgment.  

Many people believe that they have to buy only what one particular seller wants to sell -- and not that they can go to another.  Sellers of course, will try to convince their potential customer, that they are the only game in town, and there are no other sellers -- anywhere, at any other price.

But one of the distinct advantages, if not the greatest, of living in these times, is the realization that there are virtually endless markets, as well as exchanges, that merely require one to locate those agreeable to such an arrangement -- which is very unlike lives in an earlier time, when marketplaces were much more limited, and the weight of tradition forced one to believe they had no choices.

Critical to this development, was the availability of information, and the ease of obtaining it.  Despite that, many will simply deny the real possibility of making choices other than the only one they have always made -- rather than has been satisfactory and fulfilling or not.  They may be conditioned to believe that all variance from the "normal," is futile, and always leads to a greater disappointment and disaster than their accustomed course.  If the denial is great enough, they may even convince themselves that they are living in "Paradise," and there can never be any better -- as punishing as their present situation is -- with its endless toil and dimming prospects that it can ever get better.

They don't want to even believe that life could be different -- other than it has been, even as they keep getting worse.  The golden years to them, is always a greatly embellished past -- that has almost no resemblance to any reality.  They're even convinced that though life for most was abject and miserable for virtually everyone in those "glory" years, they would have been the king or queen, because that was the literature (legends) of those times was all about.  Even better and more convenient if that history was unwritten, and fabricated by those who are the most self-serving and self-aggrandizing -- because there is no record that can be verified.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion -- by which they mean theirs -- and not each their own.

Again, it is information that rues the day.  If one is taught to deny the new, life will predictably be very difficult -- with no possibility of any other.  That is simply rejected from the beginning.  Instead, they want improvement -- but the cultural imperative, is that there be "no change" -- because everything is perfect in "Paradise," or we wouldn't be calling it that.

But those who stray from the "political correctness" and mass conformity at any cost, discover whole new worlds waiting for them -- oftentimes, with no one else even aware of them.  Do such places still exist -- or will one be the last one buying a microcondo in San Francisco or New York as the only possible alternative?

That is the beauty of being "retired" at this particular time: one can live anywhere -- and not just begin a second career in retirement, but begin a second life -- with the advantage of Social Security and Medicare -- if one is up to that challenge their previous life has been merely a preparation for.  The younger, the better -- at realizing that.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

"Exercise" in the 21st Century

The bottom line is that we have to change our thinking -- as well as the way we talk about conditioning activities.  The "old" manner of talking about exercise, is a huge part of the problem -- that one has to run three miles every other day, or have to bench press our bodyweight as indicative of greater fitness.  Exercise doesn't work "even" for older people; it works "especially" for older people -- and people in deteriorating conditions.

But those "exercises" can't be ones that increase one's risk of injuries disproportionately to any benefits.  That's as preposterous as the health experts advising people to stand up all day -- as though that is the best thing for sore feet, aching knees and backs.  I don't know how many times I've heard a 100 year old frail and blind person explain that they fell trying to follow their expert's advice to walk a half hour each day.

That's not an appropriate activity for such an individual.  And any running would be worse.  But one can create movements they can do in bed, sitting, or standing in one place -- when they realize the really meaningful movement, has to take place at the critical joints of the head, hands and feet -- rather than the attention to the autonomic functions of the heart beat and breathing -- which is the problem when they persist, when movements (and activities) at the head, hands and feet, are no longer exhibited in any meaningful and responsive action.

And reviving 5,000 year old understandings of the human body and health -- as the latest and greatest new insights, are moving in the wrong direction -- towards a 21st century vision of actualizing lifelong health of extended durations.  The parameters for these measurements and discussions focus on the wrong things -- and simply doing more of the same things, is not the answer but the problem.  People won't do them because it doesn't make perfectly good sense.  When things make perfectly good sense, there's nothing more important or effective for them to do to begin each day.

That is the clarity they have to begin each day with -- or no amount of coercion masquerading as "physical education," will overcome.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Exception is the (Greater) Rule

Some "highly educated people" think that the object in life, is to see no difference in everything -- rather than the uniqueness in everything.  And so they think they've seen everything, when they have not even begun to see anything, or to look earnestly.  So even when something is new and different, they will only see it as the same, and are quite content to confirm that it is what they already know -- even thought they have not even begun to inquire and investigate.  They just know they are right -- and there is nothing more to know.  That is the end-all and be-all of any inquiry -- just to confirm what they already know, and have done -- repeated one more time.

In that manner, nothing new will ever be discovered -- but only the ancient wisdom confirmed, reasserted, repeated -- as though nothing new can ever be discovered, or will ever be.  And of course, for such people, nothing ever will -- though they will claim to know many things, because they have been the invariably same thing repeated through the generations.  Such minds, and therefore bodies, become old before their time, and there is nothing they can do about it -- because that is the way it is -- and there is nothing they can do about it, etc.

People just age badly, because that is what they were meant to do -- and there is nothing to do but commiserate, as the fate all must endure -- and not that life and fate could be any other way, as it must be, for the few who will be the successful exceptions to the rule of failure.  One will invariably know only that failure, until one discovers the success against it.  That is what individuals who are successful, eventually do.  They find a way to overcome and prevail, against the rule of failure, that thus far prevailed and ruled life until that point.

That is what changes life -- and the world, and not just repeating the failures and mistakes forevermore.  Individuals find a way to win, and prevail, when the collective wisdom and "the averages" say they can't, and suggest they should not even try, or even think about it.  All must simply acquiesce, or give in, to what those who claim to know all, and better, say is the rules for all time -- just as they have always been up to now, and nothing more is possible -- because all knowledge and wisdom, was perfected long ago -- by their chosen ones, and it is heresy to believe anyone can do any other, more, or differently -- under threat of even death, which they feel comfortable and justified to enforce.

That is invariably "the news," just as it has been for all time before -- and not that the real news, is the unveiling of the challenge to the rules revealing a greater underlying truth -- formerly dismissed, as only an exception to the rule, and an aberration not worth knowing about.  Thus the "law of averages," remain inviolable and sacrosanct, as laid down previously by "the authorities," which are the self-appointed few of every profession and self-interest.  They are "the experts," and no further proof and demonstration, is required other than their say so, which must not be questioned -- or the gods themselves would be upset.

That was the old world order -- that new information revealed as the limits to thinking that retarded the progress, until it too was challenged and overcome -- and life became very different, for the next generations to come.  It has always been that way -- until it isn't, and becomes the critical failure, at which life ceases as we know it -- and something radically and unfamiliarly new and different, comes into being -- as the natural evolution of how it must be -- with or without us.  Life will go on.

But the question for every individual, is to remain a part of it -- and not the many falling by the wayside -- until we can't.  That is quite different, from the many who drop out, because they refused to find a way to go on -- but were discouraged and frustrated at every turn, until they simply gave up trying and waited for their end -- even for however long that might be.

For too many, that is sadly when one no longer has dedicated teachers and guidance for their improvement -- and they are "on their own," to provide it for themselves -- as the successful individuals, they are conditioned to be.  Instead, they learn all the wrong lessons -- that plagues them all their lives.  Society then has no recourse, except that they must enforce the rules for such persons, because they cannot mature as individuals -- discovering the truth for themselves, as the exception to the rules -- they are uniquely privileged to discover for themselves.  That is the reward, of their very living -- and not just what everyone is "entitled" to, regardless of how they live their lives.

That is the reason for their living -- and the meaning and purpose of their lives, they've given to themselves.  That is very different from those who think that "Shit happens," and because of that, they have no control over their own lives, but should control everybody else's -- for the same results, or worse.  What is important for such people, is that all experience the same results -- without variation, or individuation, because their golden rule, is that everything be the same, for everyone, for all time.  That is their "Paradise," and what they strictly enforce.

They simply do what everybody else does -- thinking "more" is all they can do -- and never differently, or better.  Such things are not possible -- to their way of thinking.  Only more or less -- in only one way of thinking.  And so their problems are never solved, but only get worse with time and age -- until the critical failure when it is impossible to continue any longer.  But that is not the one way it has to be for everyone.  That is the value of those who discover the "exceptions to the rule" -- that reveal the even greater truth lying undiscovered beneath it.  It was there all along too.

It was the "simpler" truth -- there for the taking, but nobody could figure out how to make their exclusive profit from it -- and so it languished, neglected and ignored, until impossible to overlook anymore.  It was the mountain overshadowing all the molehills people claimed as their exclusive turf and could work their own profit from.  That is the greater life beyond present imagination to recognize -- that transforms life immeasurably without such limits and preconceived notions of what it is.

Monday, March 02, 2015

Easy Does It

Most people who think that exercise has to be hard and difficult, end up not doing any -- because just the thought alone, is enough to discourage them. Eventually, it is not even a consideration, or an impossibility -- for some trivial reason. They just never "go there" anymore.  What do they do instead?

Exercise is what one actually does -- and not just the thought of doing something, that one doesn't. The human capacity is expressed in this manner -- or loses that capability for the lack of its actualization and expression (exercise).  One tends to keep and improve those capabilities they actually express -- as the requirement to keep them intact, fully functioning, and improving as long as one does so

Those faculties not exercised, naturally atrophy and are extinguished as unnecessary baggage particularly with diminishing resources.  That is just the way it has to be.  So at all times, one has to be choosing to do this or that, and not that by doing neither, all capacities remain in top form -- just because they ought to.

People become good at what they practice (exercise), whether it is beneficial to do so or not. That is their conditioning - and far from doing just one thing, an obviously better approach is to determine what range of movements and actions one wishes to become good at -- even if at first, they don't start off doing it perfectly.  A large part of any practice, is to simply become better and more efficient at it -- to make it easier and more disposed to moving in that way.  Those variations are not unlimited. -- but they are varied -- and not just one motion, repeated as the entirety of one's repertoire of movements -- enabling all whenever one has to.

The superior performer, has a greater range of movements than just the one done repetitiously and unvaryingly -- as many people's choice of the one capacity they wish to maintain, while the rest are neglected, and predictably atrophy. In this perspective, running alone would be a very poor choice of an adequate response to most real life demands  In fact, it is distinctly useless in contemporary life -- when the speed of transmission, is the speed of light and electricity.

The obvious and most visible places people deteriorate, are the extremities of the head, hands and feet, that even athletes who should know better, regard merely as stumps -- which they often become -- because those parts are never moved.  That has a catastrophic effect on doing those things most important and critical to do -- and not merely speeding up the autonomic functions of breathing and heart beat.  Autonomic means simply that -- that they don't require conscious thought and effort to effect or optimize, and as we often see, many can go on breathing and beating, for many years beyond any other willful motions of intent and expression -- which is the bane of lengthy lives -- with no other meaningful and willful capacities.

Fine motor coordination and capacities is the first thing lost, and is the most reliable predictor of declining health -- rather than breathing and heart beat, that can distressingly continue way beyond most resources to support in that state.  The appearance and functioning at those extremities, are the indicators (whether people realize it or not), of vitality and responsiveness -- that most people consciously ignore, and are never taught (or learn), as the highest expressions of human capacity and life.

That is what needs to be exercised -- no matter how much one runs, jumps, bicycles, walks -- without attention to those extremities of expression -- as in writing, drawing, playing an instrument, taking care of oneself as deftly and skillfully as possible.  It is a very serious disability not to be able to feed oneself.  Those abilities don't just disappear easily -- but have to be maintained, as well as perfected just as children are taught to do, as their basic conditioning (education) in life.  But as people get older, all that is taken for granted, and when there is serious dysfunction and disability, few think there is anything they can do about it -- like making that development the focus of their activities (exercise), rather than all the other things that are doing fine without that need for attention and attentiveness.

One has to address those needs and weakness -- and not simply divert all one's time and energies to doing what doesn't need to be done -- thinking that is all one can do.