Thursday, January 16, 2020

Refusing to Change (Learn)

The fatal error in every life -- is refusing to change when everything in life is telling them they must change, and adapt to the new -- because life is always changing.  Instead, they will insist that life (the world) must change to accommodate them -- and so things do not work out so well forevermore.  Their fates have been sealed -- and only await the inevitable predictable outcome.

It always begins predictably enough -- with one thing going wrong -- and then another, yet they refuse to change -- thinking the outcome will be different.  Of course that is the very definition of insanity -- doing the same thing over again -- thinking the outcome will be different this time.  The world doesn't work that way.  There is a reason why things happen -- and not just because one wishes they would otherwise.

That is the point of no return -- when a person is not coming back.  They may have gotten lucky a few times -- but mistake good luck for a reason, and one day run out of luck -- and that car that never appeared before, does show up at the most inopportune time.  It doesn't matter how many times nothing happened before -- because all it takes is for it to happen once -- to alter their course in life, or even to end it.  So they adopted no precautions or preparations -- but hoped that they would always be lucky.

There is a silver lining when bad things happen without fatal consequences: it is a warning to be better prepared for the next time when one might not be so lucky -- and to be well-prepared for even worse -- by creating an extra margin for safety, to ensure that things do not go fatally wrong.  Yet even despite one's best preparations and planning, there is no guarantee that nothing can go wrong.   One just hopes that they fall within one's range of tolerance and preparations -- as the best they could have done -- and logically had reason to expect.  Living forever, is guaranteed to no one -- and in fact, remaining youthful throughout one's entire lifespan would already be a remarkable achievement -- but forward-looking people, are working on it -- some more successfully than others.

The proof is in the living -- that is to say -- that it does not matter what one thinks they know about achieving that, but how they manifest and embody that in their own living of of that truth and knowledge.  Otherwise, to claim to know much -- or anything at all, is the proof of one's living -- and livelihood.  Obviously, to give health advice but be in poor health and condition themselves, gives one very little credibility -- despite how many others claim it is true also.  What matters is that they manifest that truth of which they claim has merit -- and not that it works but none of its adherents and practitioners have yet to manifest and embody it.

Their knowledge is just theoretical and academic -- and we should just leave it at that -- that they have all the answers -- because they have all the certifications that that is so.  So there is this world of knowledge which is never demonstrated and manifested -- that they are insistent must be believed, and never bother to look beyond -- to find out how this information is related to actual living and experience.  It may even be in fact, that everything they believe to be true -- is not how they live and actually experience life and reality.

That is pretty scary to contemplate -- but explains why things go monstrously wrong, when one expects that everything is going right. 

Monday, December 16, 2019

The Way of the World

Once upon a time, people and organizations thought it was enough just because they said so -- to make it so, and any who said otherwise, was not "certified" to do so by them -- who should remain the sole authorizing agent from God Himself -- or so they wanted everybody else to believe.  The biggest casualty of such a deception, was the media itself -- who claimed to know everything worth knowing.  My, how the mighty have fallen -- but in their stead, many shoots have arisen -- that provide far more accurate a picture of what is actually going on -- then the one often manipulated to seem so.

That is usually obvious in the many con-artists seeking to propagate their exclusive vision of the world -- with only themselves at the top.  But in this time and age, many more have access to the printing presses and broadcasts than the few who formerly owned them exclusively.  They may have even claimed that those rights were specifically guaranteed to them in the constitution of that civilization -- as a special class of citizens -- above all the rest.

So when the century began with the Internet available to all, it did not occur to them that the world had shifted beneath their feet -- and they were no longer exclusively in control of what the rest thought to be true.  That is a long way to fall.  But from the few that have fallen, many have sprouted and risen -- which is the relentless story of evolution and progress.  Things just don't keep repeating themselves endlessly -- but move on to ever higher levels of realization and revelation.  That's not to say that many will not rise to the defense of the status quo -- no matter how inappropriate and irrelevant they have lately become.

The old ways will not return -- no matter how insistent they are.  That is not the way of the world.  It moves on relentlessly towards the future -- sweeping everything in its way.  To try to simply restore and rebuild is folly -- waiting for the next disaster to hit, and celebrating their luck -- until one day it runs out.  One hopes to have moved on to higher ground -- before they are engulfed by the tides of change.  What can one say to those who live in such denial?

The greatest tides now, are the tides of information -- washing away what is no longer true.  Of course there are always those who pride themselves that everything they know, is knowledge that was believed to be true since the earliest of times -- even before recorded history, and so that makes it even more true.  There is no record, or evidence even, that such a thing was ever true -- though they believe proven a long time ago.  But lately, it explains and predicts nothing -- and as such, is useless information -- and not proof that one is the first to know anything worth knowing.

Information that only explains why everything is not working properly -- with no remedy for how they can go right, is not worth knowing -- and certainly should not be accepted as the gospel truth.  Far better, to know something that makes a difference -- in that knowing.  Unfortunately, much of what people know, and is reported, cannot be proven by independent observers -- but are embraced and propagated as though it was true, and proven -- when they are merely the sales pitch they can get anyone else to buy.  Frequently, they are successful, but more often than not, does not stand the test of independent corroboration.

It is enough just to have their "true believers" -- those who will believe no matter how much evidence and experience to the contrary.  They will just organize and shout it louder to bully everyone else into believing -- as well.  They believe that might makes right -- and that is all the proof they need.  To make anything fit, all one needs to do is apply unlimited more force -- even if it breaks completely.

So then, nothing works -- and they are quite justified in their belief that the world has ended, or is coming to its end -- when it is only so for those who refuse to change and adapt.  Instead, they demand that everything in the world change to accommodate their world view -- because no matter how compelling the evidence otherwise, they're not going to change.  They will also not long endure.  That is the way of the world.

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Treat Each One as though it Matters

Many people think they have a thousand chances to get it right -- rather than understanding that they have one chance to get it right, and when they do, may earn a thousand more chances -- further on in life, but if they get it wrong one time, may never have another chance.

That is the simple lesson of life -- that one earns all their future chances -- or may be eliminated entirely from the game of life by just the one bad choice.  So it behooves one to err on the side of caution and prudence -- rather than being overconfident that luck and God will always be on their side.  That's not how the game of life is played -- and plays out.  That's why it is often noted in a bad end, that Darwinism has once again proven itself -- as some survive, and many perish -- even at the same challenge.

The proper understanding, is not that one has a random chance of anything happening for them, but that each decision and choice, predetermines the next.  So even a baby step, well done, can lead to many others, and then, to a bigger step -- but one thinking only to make a giant leap without any practice, never learns how it is done.  Instead, they will think that it is sufficient -- just to imagine that success, and enjoy the fruits of victory -- without ever putting in the hard work to get anywhere.  Invariably, they think somebody else should do all the work -- but they should share equally with the fruits of that success -- equally, and even, a little more -- because they cannot do it for themselves.

The wise teacher would then offer to show them how it is done -- systematically and methodically -- so they can achieve it for themselves, as well as for others.
But unfortunately many, do not want to achieve it for themselves -- or any others, but are only interested if it is "free," and costs them no money, time or effort.    That is the world they were raised in -- and think explains everything -- that all that is required, is to press one's demand for an equal share -- regardless of their contribution.  In fact, often, they try to discourage everyone else in making those efforts --  as foolish because everyone is entitled to the same, in the end.  In such a world, nobody makes a difference -- and it is the same outcome, no matter what.

Of course, that's not the real world -- where everything makes a difference, and has significance -- though some argue mightily that nothing does, and nothing ever has.  Clearly that is a wrong understanding of effort -- and its ability to make a difference.  And for that reason, such people live in constant despair, hopelessness, and dysfunction.  Nothing seems to turn out right for them, and they have no idea why.  That is the mystical outlook -- that nothing happens for a reason, and there is no cause and effect relationship.  Bad things, as well as good things -- merely happen, and so life and its outcomes, are just one big crapshoot -- and one can waste all their chances, because it doesn't make a difference.

Contrast that with one who tries to do the best they can -- as though their very life depended on it -- and their future -- even the future of the whole species.  Meanwhile, the masses are merely preoccupied with where they stand in line for all the goodies.  Instead, they castigate those taking the risks and doing all the work to produce that bounty.

That is the groundwork for societies and conditions that don't work -- emerging on the fringes of societies to greater prominence, because societies cannot discriminate that essential difference.  Instead, they are totally self-absorbed in things that do not matter -- like whether they can control what others think of them.  That has become the major disease of these times -- that people want others to think of them as more important than they actually are.  So now, everyone is an award-winning something or other -- and is a major influencer on thought, even if they have nothing to say, or contribute.

They are totally delusional -- and simply become more so with age.  So is it any wonder that they become deranged and demented ultimately?  It is only revealed more clearly and obviously, because they become more helpless and unable to support themselves in their delusions of competency.  It may strike one at any age -- and some in the prime of their lives.  Most battle back, but some never do -- and just go completely off-track, into their own private worlds.  That is the darkness of mental illness -- that most are largely buffered from.

But as many more survive who in previous times would have perished, that population becomes naturally more evident -- with all its problems.  However, the road back is to get them to do one thing right -- and then another.  That is the essential skill-building exercise one needs to grow stronger and more competent.  That should be encouraged -- and not vilified.   The answer is not how much more others can do for them, but how much they can do for themselves -- and are given those opportunities.

Basic hygiene and self-care, are primary skills -- even in the apes and other animals.  That keeps them healthy and competent -- beyond any other.  If all they do is look very good, they are well on their way to restoring a mainstream life.  Mere appearance is the objective -- actually manifested, and not just trying to convince others of that competence and ability.  That is not superficial -- but the actual -- particularly as people get older and care less and less about those things.  The person who at 100 still looks good, has achieved something everybody else has failed at.

Many simply give up trying -- altogether, and those who should know better, think it shouldn't matter.  But otherwise, there is no measure by which to shoot for -- and verify their progress.  A person who is just expected to get worse, will most assuredly do so -- because there is no standard for achievement and distinction.  Many cannot take care of the basics of their own hygiene, and are not expected to do so.  They simply require caregivers to do it for them.  Predictably, they lose those capacities -- and capabilities, and go on that way for years.

Those insisting on maintaining their own competence in self-care -- are admonished from doing so.  That is what the professionals of every stripe are for.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Seeing the Obvious

The hardest thing to see -- is what is plainly in front of us -- that we simply take it for granted, that there is nothing there.  Yet that may be precisely what the problem is -- and not seeing it, is to solve every other problem, but the one in front of them -- and thus, nothing can ever be solved.

That is particularly true, when those who are telling you they have a solution for the problem, have created the problem -- because they have the solution.  It doesn't matter that there needn't be the problem -- because they have a solution to sell.  They have a drug to lower blood cholesterol -- although it is not necessarily a problem.  But they have the solution if it was -- regardless of whether it is a problem.

Meanwhile, high blood sugar, cannot be caused by eating sugar, and the foods that break down to sugars.  No, that would have to be caused by cholesterol -- in some mysterious transmutation.  One should simply go on eating sugar -- and instead, lower the cholesterol that is a cure for the inflammation caused by sugar.  But one must continue to consume the sugars, because the very livelihood of many, depends on it.  There is too much at stake in upending the status quo of rapidly escalating metabolic disorders -- caused by eating too much sugar.

Any attempts to quash sugar consumption, must be undermined with the full weight of authority.  Instead, they must do the impossible, in order to avoid that conundrum -- and attempt to burn it off by exercise -- knowing full well that one is defeated in that task before even beginning -- because exercise is not effective for that purpose.  A far better exercise, would be not putting the sugar (carbohydrate) in their body in the first place -- but that makes so much sense that it could not even be considered, because any fool could do that.

That would not require a Ph.D. in the highest of sciences -- and firmly establishing the hierarchy of authority -- which is what they are there for.  Their self-serving public service announcements proclaim as much.  We must consult with the properly designated authorities (experts) before even considering to cure ourselves.  That is the world they live in -- and wish to convince everybody else, is the only world possible -- and not that anybody should ever think outside of those possibilities.  They and only they -- have the exclusive truth for all humankind.

So naturally they feel quite threatened when anybody challenges that exclusive authority -- as their God-given turf -- to be exploited only for their exclusive benefit.  They are the rightful defenders of that status quo.

That is the story played out through the history of humankind -- of the divine right of a self-selected few, to exploit the masses of society -- for their exclusive benefit.  It works as long as everybody buys into that vision -- as people felt they had no choice in previous times when only a few could control the press, print and publication -- or knew how to do it.  Now, they don't like the level playing ground for everybody else -- and demand a return to their good ol' times -- when only they could be on top.

All of a sudden, that is not right.  People have no right to cure themselves -- or better, not be troubled in the first place.  That is quite possible, if they are free to see the obvious in front of them -- rather than the alternative universe the experts demand, is the only way to see things.  But invariably, that was the problem.  The choices often were not choices at all -- but the demand to see things only as prescribed by them -- under penalty of inquisition and torture -- that was the "political correctness" of their times.

It is less obvious when we now see so many images -- to know with certainty which is the true and which is the fake -- but that is also the beauty of living in these times, for those who can tell those differences and act on them.  That is living in the truth of that moment -- and every other.  The less fortunate, live in the truth of the past that somebody else told them -- as though they experienced it for themselves, and determined those truths.  They have no way of knowing the difference -- and so are completely at the mercy of others to do all their thinking for them.

But they grow overconfident and slip up -- thinking nobody can see the obvious anymore -- because they have been so conditioned with the false.  How does one know?  It obviously doesn't work -- but they will explain, that is how it is supposed to work.  It creates the problem -- which they alone can solve.  In the case of modern medicine, they recommend the diet sure to cause metabolic disorders.  It is no secret -- but a sure-fire formula for all kinds of disorders and dysfunctions.  But assuredly, they have the cure -- or at least the treatment for the rest of one's days.  That is the best one can hope for -- but other complications may arise.  And assuredly they do, because the root of the cause, is never addressed -- only the symptoms, expected to last a lifetime.

That is the state of modern medicine and treatment -- which we all are expected to just get worse.  Nobody is expected to get well -- and better with wisdom.  Quite the opposite, we can almost be guaranteed to lose our minds and all our faculties.  And it will also cost everything we have. 

So one is wise to ask, "Is there a better way?"  Can there be another vision of the future?  Is it possible for even one to continue to improve throughout their lifetime -- and then for many more to follow?  Surely, that is the next frontier.  That is the limit to happiness -- how long can it last? -- and even get unprecedentedly better?

All the money in the world cannot guarantee that.  So obviously, health and well-being are the limiting factors -- that determine all the rest.  First we have to see the obvious -- and then we can go a little deeper -- if necessary.  But not maximum employment of full resources at the start.  If we do things right, we may never get there -- or need them.  If we're doing things right, and are on the right path, people should be getting healthier -- rather than worse, with full blown epidemics on the horizon.  Something is not right with that scenario.  But that is the picture they paint.

So what's in it for the rest of us?

Monday, September 16, 2019

Don't Do Something Else Instead

Insanity is doing what doesn't need to be done -- in preference for doing something requiring urgency and priority.  That is like filing one's fingernails, while the house is burning down around them.  It would seem rare that such a thing should happen -- but it is the commonplace rather than the exception.

We condition ourselves in precisely that way -- of going through a preprogrammed exercise routine -- rather than addressing the point of our momentary greatest concern -- thinking (hoping, actually), that we will eventually get there -- in good time, if at all.  Invariably, we usually run out of time, because all the things not necessary and urgent to do and consider, never got finished -- and so get put off for the next time, or the time thereafter.  In short, we never get around to doing what we really have to do, because all the distractions prevent us from getting there.

It seems like such a simple and obvious thing, but this capacity to deceive and distract ourselves, is a huge part of our conditioning -- that keeps us from getting to the point we absolutely need to get to.  In fact, many are conditioned to believe that is the point.  We must simply never get there -- but engage in all manner of distraction and entertainment -- and in the end, one simply runs out of time and money, or anything entertaining to do.

In the meantime, all the problems never attended to, have piled up -- into what seems to be an insurmountable mountain of hopeless debris one doesn't know where to begin -- and so defers it once again to another time.  Of course, things never get done in that manner -- but instead, one is always on vacation or at the bar, escaping from all those problems.  For unfortunately many, that is their lives and existence -- and so it is no surprise that they often end up homeless, and jobless, and not doing anything productive -- but escaping into their world of entertainment, illusion and addiction -- and having no idea how to escape it.

What would one expect?  How could one expect anything else?  So all the talk about grandiose goals, are merely another distraction from the basics that go unattended -- yet again.  To go far, we have to begin near -- and each step, gets us closer to our ultimate goal -- and not simply wishing it harder, while doing nothing to move in any direction.  Movement is change -- while no amount of wishful thinking -- makes a difference.  It is not enough to wish it were not so.

Yet many experts give such advice -- because it grows their business -- and they are all about.  Solving any problem, is not the answer.  Only increasing the magnitude of the problem and its hopelessness, ensures their future prospects.  What is a rare problem, must become an epidemic and flood of hopelessness, if they are to be successful -- whether that is obesity or diabetes, or all the other conditions for which it predisposes one greatly.

In fact, organizations must be established to promote its equality and acceptability -- and not that we should have a preference for any other condition.  But miraculously, a few started questioning that premise of non-discrimination of anything, anymore.  Some differences do matter -- even as much as they try to convince us that trivial things do -- but it is only "entertainment" anyway -- which are the only differences one should entertain.  A lot of people get lost in such worlds -- no longer knowing the difference, and in fact, preferring the illusion for all realities.  That is their drug of choice -- their preference for the arbitrary and needless, over the basic necessities.  It is all an indistinguishable blur.

Obviously such people need to be brought back into focus -- and with such practice and sharpening, they relentlessly move in the direction and preference of improvement -- as the driving force in their lives and the only thing that matters anymore.  Improvement are the means, and not the ends -- by which one gets anywhere.  Those fixated only on the ends, don't realize that those goals may change in the doing of anything -- which is the natural development and measure of any practice and productivity.

The ultimate objective is to change -- and movement makes that possible.  Change is the measure of movement -- and that is why we practice and cultivate movement.  It is what gets us there.  We are what we practice and cultivate.  That is the greater story of civilization -- and not that any great culture got there by staying stagnant and inert -- hoping that if they simply hang around long enough, life will rotate them to the top, by some mysterious, random process.

That's not how any one of us got here.  Always, somebody was trying to do better -- by their own understanding and circumstances.  That is the best one can do.  It doesn't guarantee any particular outcome -- but prepares us better for many different scenarios -- and not just the one.  The one, may not be the ideal, or even the preferred -- but the best reveals itself in the process.  The process is life working itself out -- in having all the information, and not simply the knowledge in each head -- often working against each other.

Thus the sum of the totality, is always much greater than just the sum of the parts -- but every individual, must still do their part.  It is for the greater (collective) wisdom and intelligence, to sort it all out -- and not for individuals to proclaim their all-encompassing wisdom -- in knowing better than any other part.  That is childish -- and the wise are always occupied in learning more than the little they know.  They do not presume that what they know, is everything that can be known.

Friday, August 16, 2019

Making the Best of What You Already Have

Most people can be doing far more with what they already have -- rather than incessantly needing more -- without end.  At some point, one should come to realize that one has all they actually need and use, and make very little of it, but to fuel their insatiable need for "more."  Such people actually do very little with what they already have, and feel the problem is always that they need more.  So it is an endless, vicious, corrupting cycle -- of never being satisfied with whatever one has -- but always demanding insatiably more.

The worst, is that they never get rid of anything -- but hoard everything they have, even if they've never used it once.  The acquisition and retention becomes ends in itself -- rather than just serving one's actual and real needs.  In fact, their cup runneth over, spoiling everything they have to uselessness, which they never realize, because they never actually use anything they have.  They simply like the idea of possessing things -- whether people, places, or things.  Even their memories are regarded that way.

It's not so much that they actually have anything useful to remember, but they just like having those memories -- whether they serve any real purpose or not.  More often than not, they are false memories -- of what they would like to remember, than anything that actually happened to them.  Information can always be retrieved -- if it is actually needed for a task.  But just to hold on to everything, refusing to let go of anything, never allows the space to learn and do anything new or different -- because they are always replaying their memories rather than devoting themselves fully to each present moment.

And that of course, is where a person needs to be -- fully and totally, to live their most productive lives.  All those reliving of their memories, is a de facto admission that they no longer are living in each present moment -- and may never have.  In every moment of their lives, they were reliving a previous moment -- and so quite naturally, life passed them by -- as being too preoccupied to do anything real and meaningful, let alone, significant.

The present moment implies the past, and the future -- which are not valid concepts in themselves, but are always dependent on what one actually does -- and not what they think and say of the past or future.  That is meaningless -- their entertainment, because they cannot think of anything more important and productive to do.  They become "experts" on the irrelevant and inconsequential.  They debate endlessly among each other and with themselves, so that nothing useful can ever be done -- and priding themselves that others are doing worse.

And that is their only concern -- that others are doing worse than they are -- who are doing nothing.  They might even write about it extensively to anybody who will listen to them -- and claim all kinds of awards, as though that was another achievement in itself.  But it is a totally fabricated existence that takes on a greater reality the more times they tell it.  It is their own self-fulfilling prophecy of faking it until they make it -- which they never do.   They are living entirely in their own echo chambers.  The fantasy is preferable to any reality -- and even coming to know themselves as they actually are -- and that is the whole point of life, and any existence.

That is the whole meaning of life -- to find out what it is, and what one is capable of.  Of course many demagogues will tell them what that is -- and their place in the scheme of things.  From that point on, all one needs to do is repeat whatever they say -- as the only truth they need to know.  Many prefer such a life -- of never thinking for themselves, and allowing others to do all their thinking for them.  They like that safety in numbers -- reassured that that is what everybody else is doing.  But assuredly, it is not -- and at all times and places, there are always a few, determined to find out on their own -- what is actually happening.

Culture and environment produce such individuals -- and are the measures of such success.  Societies that don't produce such successful adaptions, must go extinct -- not just because they are killed off by others, but the culture is not viable, cannot stand the test of time and challenge.  The rest of the world cannot wait for them -- it must move on.  That is the story of evolution and civilization.  There will inevitably be winners and losers -- because not all actions are the same -- producing the same result.  The world just doesn't work that way -- no matter how much they try to engineer it.

Some ways work, and some won't -- and not that everyone can just do their own thing -- with equal results, no matter how much education they have.  That should be very reassuring to know -- for those who can know the difference, and make a difference.  The vast majority, just would rather not know -- but let others tell them what to think -- as though they thought of it themselves.  They have no way of knowing the difference -- so what the heck.  As long as they are on the side that's winning -- but they only know what others tell them -- as the truth.

So it is good to take stock and inventory, of what one actually has -- rather than the promises of what others will deliver -- if given enough time and money.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Squatting Meditation

At this time and stage of life, it is increasingly being recognized that the major themes involved in optimizing health and well-being, are lifestyle, diet and exercise -- all resulting in a greater integration with one another.  Improving lifestyle, boils down to increasing mindfulness (meditation) -- but not apart from the doing of anything else.  It is most valuable and productive, when that mindfulness is integral to the doing of anything -- and everything for that matter.

Then life is not this constant struggle against oneself -- but all the parts, are moving in unity and unison.  Then the parts magnify each other with greater synergies and effectiveness -- resulting in the more productive life.

That is the knock against yoga and other traditional forms of exercise (practice) -- because doing it, is exclusive of doing anything else -- and the real power of any exercise, is the doing of it -- and not something else.  One becomes very good at doing what one actually does -- and not something else.  That's why it is less useful to run a marathon -- when really, one wants to solve another problem -- and would benefit more, with that focus and presence of mind.

To do otherwise, is actually to become more scattered (fragmented) -- and obviously, less focused and effective.  Yet that is usually what we condition ourselves to do.  That's why it will be noted among the most astute and observant, that there is no substitute, for actually playing the game.  No amount of mental projection or visualization of the desirable outcome, suffices for the actual doing.

This fragmentation -- of practice from reality -- causes us to do something else entirely -- than that we really want to become good at.  In fact, we might do everything else -- but what we directly want to do.  And that is a huge problem in our education and conditioning programs -- they never address the challenges and problems of our actual lives and living -- and we have no idea what to do about that.  Because instea of actually solving the real problem, we do something else entirely -- and observe, mindlessly, that we're too busy doing something else, than what would be most productive and necessary at that moment.

Life endlessly gets put on "hold" in that way, so at the end of the day, or at the end of life, one feels they have not lived or done anything -- they actually wanted to do -- even as much as they have done, instead of it.  So constantly, they live in that feeling, of never having lived their own authentic lives -- but only something illusory.  Then towards the end of life, they become hopelessly delusional -- but most think it is normal for them.  That -- they explain, is the normal process of aging -- after living a life that way.  What else would one expect?

So one asks, what is the best way to achieve and practice that mindfulness -- by which we learn to do everything that way?  It is rather simple -- but difficult, if not impossible for many -- and that is simply sitting in a flat-footed squat position -- as many elderly, indigenous people do -- while conducting and performing many of their daily activities with that proficiency.  Yet in modern, contemporary culture, that is frequently the dividing line between the most able, and those we regard as disabled -- by this inability to get up and down frequently, easily and painlessly in that position.

This is visibly seen in those who occupy one position throughout most of the day -- whether that is lying, sitting, or standing.  Their difficulty, is moving into any other position.  Thus, change becomes a very difficult, if not nearly impossible, concept to entertain.  And in this manner, they become increasingly divorced from the movement and vitality of life in all its activities, and the world seems to pass them by.

The sitting squat should be one's mantra -- practiced to one's end -- as the greatest indicator of one's continued vitality.  It seem like such a simple thing -- because it is -- but for many, seemingly impossible to execute -- even if they can run marathons and lift more than their bodyweight.

How to regain those capabilities -- one thought was lost forever?  The best exercise for doing so, is to master the squat -- which for many older and disabled -- seems impossible to entertain, but it is far more valuable and productive to practice -- than any other exercise, or movement.  Getting up and down, is worth far more than going any distance, at any speed.

The practice of yoga, is largely the mastering of individual poses and positions, and even the flow from one to another, but one position not suggested, is just the full squat -- as the king of all postures.  Bodybuilders and weightlifters get into and out of this position as quickly as possible -- while the real power of it, is sitting and relaxing in the full squat for as long as possible -- and improving the range of that posture -- by relaxing even more.  Thus the better objective is not to discover how much weight one can "squat" with, but finding out how relaxed one can get into that position -- that restores the best alignment of the muscle and skeletal structures that misaligned, cause so much joint pain increasingly without such practice and maintenance.

How to begin:  No matter what one's present capabilities in this manner of performance is, the best way to begin is to squat (bend one's knees) as low as comfortably possible while holding the back of a sturdy chair (supportive structure).  Then practice moving lower until one has reached the absolute bottom position -- and rest in that position increasingly longer.  Shortly, probably within a month for most, one will achieve the low position -- previously thought impossible starting out.  And from there, one can simply relax into a meditation -- or mindfulness, of anything else one wants to contemplate.

Getting in and out of that position should be made as easy as possible -- and not as difficult as possible -- as people are conditioned to do everything -- until ultimately, they fail completely.