Thursday, July 18, 2013

The World IS Changing (Last Man Standing)

That's what the world is -- change.  It is people who don't change -- while everything else is.

There are a lot of changes one can make to their life -- that will improve their fitness for continued viability.  The problem is that people don't want to change anymore, and because of that rigidity, they perish -- as every life has to.  That's why the wisdom is that one must remain constantly changing, and going with the flow of change and challenges that life brings -- and not to, is death and dying.  That should be the obvious lesson from our lives up to this point.

But many by then, have already decided, that they're not going to make any more changes in their lives -- but that now, with their "seniority," the world has to change to accommodate them -- and it is never like that.  They will be vanquished.  So sometimes the best thing(s) that happen, is to be forced to change.

Does one ever change voluntarily?  Very rarely, and usually, that is unnecessarily -- because change is only meaningful when it is a response to a real (actual) challenge -- and not just theoretically and academically.  

Of course, that is the familiar problem of dying in today's world -- with all those issues yet to be confronted by many Baby Boomers, as well as their parents who haven't done it so well up to now.  Often, it is the most successful in life up to then, that will experience failure for the first time, and be totally unprepared to handle it.  That is the value of failure -- if one learns to overcome it, and beyond that, is learning to deal with success as well.  Many people are not prepared to handle success, and so they will be their own undoing.

That's why the path of moderation is often advised -- in dealing with the swings of success and failure, and how to meet those challenges.  If it has only been one way all their lives, most don't know how to adapt, adjust, overcome, and move on to the next level of higher challenge -- but remain bogged down, by the first obstacles that become their torment throughout life and finally their end.

Most people's conditioning is just to maintain the status quo -- and not to improve; they in fact think that maintaining the status quo, is improving it -- and without improvement, progress, evolution, there can only be dewrterioration, decline, decay and ultimately death.  That is the fact of life -- its distinctive quality.  It is always changing and improving -- and if it is not, it is dying.

So how does one program into their lives -- this drive to improve -- and not lose it when one is 30, 40, 50, an increasing number will surely do?  Instead of high growth with high risk of injury and catastrophe, one needs to plumb the line of sustainable growth -- that makes it possible to continue throughout one's life until the inevitable end.  Even the healthiest person in the world, will not be invulnerable, or immortal.

But one can improve the odds considerably,  There's no rule that says that one can't eat only the good foods -- and eschew the rest.  or do those movements that doesn't cause them injury.  That is why most people have to stop exercising -- because what they are doing is injuring themselves -- rather than doing what is healing themselves.  One shouldn't be deliberately breaking the body down to rebuild it stronger, because eventually the recovery ability is exhausted -- and there is just the continued breaking down, with no hope of recovery.

One has to recalibrate to the level of actual recovery -- and not just persist in the wishful-thinking that it can be anything one wills it to be.  That might work when one is 20 or 30, but then at 40 and 50, one goes into the irreversible freefall decline of a lot of even world champion athletes -- who have not learned that they cannot risk their all -- indefinitely.  There will come a time that even the king of beasts, will suffer the chance injury that topples them from that invincibility -- and so the enduring ones, are more selective at choosing their battles.

They are not the juveniles who feel an obligation to prove themselves at every opportunity.  They only do what is absolutely necessary -- but they always do that.


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