Friday, May 31, 2013

"Successful" Aging

 It's really about successful living -- at every age and stage.

People who solve the challenges of their lives, succeed at every age and difficulty -- while those who only depend on others to solve all their problems for them, are at the mercy of the "health care" system, and other professionals who charge handsomely for their services -- and advice, whether they in fact, help or not.

"Aging" is really all the failed adaptations coming home to haunt them -- the morbid obesity, the improper diet for one's own constitution, addictions and compulsions, attracting toxic people, and of course, the utter dependency on others to do all their thinking (and ultimately their personal hygiene) for them.

Everyone in a failed circumstances, has made some irrevocable decision that dooms them in that way.  The most common, is a person living in a multistory house they have to go up and down every day -- until they fall and break their hip.  They continue to live there because they want to die in the home they grew up in -- rather than move into a modern ADA provisioned studio -- that mollifies those handicaps.

It should be obvious by now that aging is greatly dependent on the individual choices people make -- some more wisely and successfully than others.  The first thing people have to do when they "retire," is to get into the best shape and health they've ever been -- because the rest of their lives (and activities) depend on that, and failing to do that, impacts everything else they do negatively -- until their lives become only worse, and never getting better, which is what defines life and vitality -- and not just dying a little more each day, and dragging as many into the grave with them as possible, because they've never successfully solved the problem of being/standing alone.


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